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Kitchen Tools Mecca! Top 5 Recommended Shops in Kappabashi!

If you ever find yourself in Tokyo looking for a nice way to spend your day or just browse for some goods, you should never under any circumstances miss out on Kappabashi-Dori or popularly known simply as Kappabashi a street which is filled with different tourist attractions and shops mostly incorporating kitchen-wares but there are a lot of other things to do. The etymology of the word Kappabashi has several different meanings in Japanese culture most famous is the Kappa which if you remember the old teenage ninja turtle movie stands for an amphibian human-like demon. So here we named some interesting places in Kappabashi for you to visit.


1.Kappabashi – Dogu – Gai

This street in east Tokyo is a great place to start. A giant statue of a moustached chef will welcome you into the shopping mecca of exclusive kitchenware items from chopsticks, cups, bowls, trays and other pottery, lacquerware Japanese kitchen knives to chopsticks is available for your browsing pleasure along a half a mile street with more than 150 shops each holding its own selection of delicate kitchenware, although this is not a store all by itself we felt it shouldn’t get excluded from our list since the chef has become the trademark of the Kappabashi street.


【Basic Information】
Name:Kappabashi – Dogu – Gai
Business hour:9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone number:(+81)3-3844-1225
Official website:http://www.kappabashi.or.jp


2.Kamata knife shop

At the Kamata knife shop located in Kappabashi your thirst for traditional Japanese kitchen blades will be quenched. It’s located on the premise into Kappabashi so you can’t miss it besides there is a giant knife painted on the door. With over 800 knives ranging in prices from ¥2,500 to ¥180,000 you are destined to find the right blade for you, their utility is legendary when it comes to cutting food paralleled only by they’re aesthetic. Should you decide to get a sashimi knife or any other the shop kindly offers to engrave your name onto the blade a process which won’t take longer than 3 minutes.


【Basic Information】
Name:Kamata knife shop
Address:2 Chome-12-6 Matsugaya, Taito-Ku,Tokyo,111-0036, Japan
Business hour: Weekdays and Saturdays : 10:00 AM-6:00 PM , Sundays and National Holidays : 10:30 AM-5:30 PM
Phone number:(+81)3-3841-4205
Official website:http://www.kap-kam.com/index_english.html



For all of you, connoisseurs of pottery and cutlery think of Tousyougama as pottery haven. This shop easily outclasses any other salesman along the street or other shop but of course, so do the prices. Their tableware comes from the potteries of Mino-Yaki and they are made in a contemporary fashion which is enticing for any age. If you love Japan and want something to reflect it’s beautiful culture on a daily level why not treat yourself with a nice table set from Tousyougama, you can choose any shape or color pattern to your liking! There were so many to choose from but my favorite was the Tengu cutlery set which looks out of this world with its coloring patterns and swirls which somehow inspired tranquility in myself and made my meals a whole lot interesting.


【Basic Information】
Address:3-17-13, Matsugaya, Taito-Ku,Tokyo,111-0036, Japan
Business hour:Mon.-Sat. 10: 00-19: 00 , Sun.&Holiday 10: 00-18: 00
Phone number:(+81)3-5830-7752
Official website:http://maru-katsu.co.jp/index.php




If you fashion yourself into antique designs made out of wood FU-WA-RI store in Kappabashi has all you need in that department. Wooden balls, mason jar cups, plates, and pans. The great thing about it is that they all are inspired by Italy, and the drawings on the cutting boards draw inspirations from barks as for the cups images of Cats and sometimes traditional folklore can be acquired. They simply are a great present for someone or great collectibles which will add culture to any room in which they are stored.


【Basic Information】
Address:2-6-6,West Asakusa,Taito-Ku, Tokyo, 111-0035,Japan
Business hour:Mon.-Sat. 9:30AM – 6 :00PM,Sun.&Holiday  10:00AM – 6 :00PM
Phone number:(+81)3-5806-8588


5.Propack Kappabashi

This tall six-story building specializes in supplying you with all of your basic needs for restaurants and bars. Everything from packaging materials and stationary to decorations and food, while the six floor factory offers a customisation service, it’s sort of a one service shop, on other floors you may run into disposable lunch boxes, knives, coasters, serving bowls and kitchen gadgets which is basically everything you will ever need when it comes to kitchen supplies.


【Basic Information】
Name:Propack Kappabashi
Address:3-7-5 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo,111-0035,Japan
Business hour:9:00AM – 5 :30 PM
Phone number:(+81)3-3843-2341
Official website:


So we only covered a few shops but never forgot that Kappabashi is so much more, ever since it’s transformation it has been growing and growing in size and there are so many interesting landmarks you should visit also, the Buddhist Seisuiji temple or it’s a long time neighbour the golden kappa statue which people consider to be the lifelong guardian of the district. The giant’ mustached chef will greet you with his warm smile as soon as you arrive so don’t forget have fun!