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Personal Training Gyms in Tokyo – Our Top 5 Picks

Keeping healthy and in shape is probably the best things you can do for yourself no matter where are you in life and how busy you are exercising is very important. When it comes to longevity daily exercise is often linked with life expectancy and as you may know, Japan is among the top countries regarding life expectancy and exercise is a big part of that. Your best bet is that Japanese gyms in Tokyo are abundant and if you’d prefer training with professional we would like to incorporate some of the best private gyms in Tokio for you to visit.

1.Fitness Club Hiroo

Starting of with the famous Fitness Club Hiroo, which provides the most beneficial training you can have along with ballet classes, aerobic exercises, flamenco, boxing, stretching and other classes with a very pleasant Bedrock Spa Bath which strengthens immunity and and promotes detoxification, also a beauty salon is present which has many treatments for both facial and body massages and a pedicure.  Simple stating the Fitness club Hiroo has it all. All rooms are equipped with devices which monitor and maintain the perfect temperature at 38 C and the humidity is set to 65%  enabling muscle expansion and contraction easier and promotes perspiration which in turn helps you sweat easier and heightens the metabolism.  This place is frequently visited by high ranking officials of Tokyo along with executives who like to take the time and nurture their body and soul.

【Basic Information】
Name: Fitness Club Hiroo
Address: 2~4F Hiroo Complex Building, 5-7-35 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Working Hours: 9:00 am – 22:00 pm
Phone number: +81 3-5448-9970
Official Website: http://www.hillsspa.com/english/index.html

2.B Fit

B-Fit trainers are experienced personal trainers which will provide you with the best program available while being insightful into your daily needs and can help you maintain that healthy status while at the same time letting you keep your private and business schedule intact. B-Fit has it all over 125 various classes per week, everything from Zumba, Pilates and family Yoga, weight management programs as well as AirFit which you don’t quite see in every Gym. Air fit simulates exercising at high altitudes, you can to save time on your training while gaining a healthy lung capacity. Just like Ark Hills Spa, B-fit is equipped with an indoor pool as well as an outdoor pool. With a hefty dinner center which lets kids eat for free on Fridays, what more can you ask for in a gym?

【Basic Information】
Name: B-Fit
Address: 202 Plaza Azabu, Mita 1-2-16 Minato, Tokyo
Working Hours: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
Phone number:  +81 3 6279 3828
Official Website: http://b-fit.co.jp/

3.Club 360

360 gym

360 gym people workoutSource

360 gym

Club 360 is certainly no pushover when it comes to exceptional private gyms. Apart from having state of the art equipment their core philosophy entrails changing life through fitness and health and they are extremely good at it. Apart from the state of the art equipment for training, they offer their participants a full-service fitness center including boxing arenas, psychotherapy massages and plenty of group classes for kids and adults alike. The staff is highly motivated coming from all over the world and they offer the best degree of service available and are open 7 days a week so you are welcome to stop by anytime.

【Basic Information】
Name: Club 360
Address: Japan: B1 Cma3 Building, 3-1-35 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Working Hours: 6:30 AM – 9:30 PM
Phone number:  +81 3-6434-9667
Official Website: http://www.club360.jp/class-schedule/

4.Esforta Fitness Club


Stationed at the Roppongi metro station you will have no trouble finding it as the Esforta Fitness club is in the lively district of Ropongi. The Esforta Fitness club retains much of what every personal gym should have. Treat yourself to a Jacuzzi after your exercise in order to feel relaxed and serene after your training, apart from that you can take yoga lesson and pilates. Esforta has exclusive deals for its membership cards offering premium discounts for family members so you can save up as well as getting someone from your family to start exercising too. They also have a daily membership so you can try it out before settling in permanently.

【Basic Information】
Name: Esforta Fitness Club
Address: Japan: 2F Izumi Garden Terrace, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Working Hours: Weekdays 7:00-11:00pm; Sat 9:30am-8:00pm; Sun & Holidays 9:30-7:00pm
Phone number:  +81-3-3560-3466
Official Website: http://www.esforta.co.jp

5.Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym comes from America and they are a well-established chain of co-ed fitness centers originating from Venice Beach, California in 1965. Serving over two million people across six continents they operate in more than 700 locations across the world. Each gym has a variety of cardio and strength training as well as group exercise programs, however, we will concentrate on the gym in Tokyo. What’s great about Gold’s Gym, in general, is their absolute commitment towards their customers offering a smart app which will keep track of your exercising program and schedule it for you. If you happen to travel a lot you can use their membership across their many facilities around the world!

【Basic Information】
Name: Gold’s Gym
Address: 4F/3F/B2F Berocks Building, 6-31-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Working Hours:
-Open 24 hours(B2 floor 7:00~24:00)
*Closed Monday 20:00~ Sunday 7:00
*Open at 23:00 on the Third Monday
(Open at 7:00 if the Third Monday is holiday)

-Closed on the Third Monday
Phone number:  +81 3-5766-3131

Official Website: http://www.goldsgym.jp/

The importance of your program may be as important as the exercise you take, there is strong evidence backed up by science that 75% percent of people who regularly exercise are not getting the results they want but being coached by a trainer increase those odds to 90%, so choosing a private gym over a regular sport centers is a great way to get the best results available for you. We would also like to note that some gyms offer interesting things with their membership. Most gyms on our list offer free towels, shakes and other necessities you needed for your training so you don’t have to carry them when visiting. Also, most staff working here are very professional and speak English willing to help you out with everything you will need. Thank you for reading our top 5 picks for the best private gyms in Japan, and remember to exercise every day!