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Mt. Takao: A Dream Mountain Adventure For Everyone

Welcome to Mount Takao, one of the most amazing places in the world. Have you ever thought about visiting Japan and its world-famous mountains? Then this is the best place for you to start. You have everything you could ever wish for at this mountain – which is also the most visited mountain in the world. Of course, when you think of mountains and Japan on the same moment then you may think about Mount Fuji which is fair because it’s one of the most famous mountains in all the world but let me show you when this magnificent natural wonder has to offer for you.

cover photo credit:Dick Thomas Johnson

The Wildlife

The Summit of Mount Takao

Possibly the most spectacular thing about this beautiful piece of nature is its plant and animal life. Boasting tonnes of species of trees and plants (1,200 different plant species to be exact) and an eclectic mix of animals both land and air-born it is a wildlife lovers dream. So, any naturists out there you’re in for a treat. Amongst Mount Takao’s vast expansion in the national park Meiji no Mori Takao Quasi-National Park of just an hour away from Tokyo’s heart is the monkey sanctuary. A monkey sanctuary in the middle of a mountain range; a great surprise that will guarantee to please the children. There are also wild boars on the grounds and thousands of insect and bug species, be sure to keep your children a respectable distance away from the boar though, they do not like being angry.

Being in the region of japan that you can see both the effects of the warm climate and cold climate you can see an array of trees in just one view. There is also a tree in the grounds that is reported to be over 500 years old and is 6 feet wide.


Climbing Mt. Takao

Now for all you hikers in the world this is one of the most relaxed and easy on the legs climbs as it’s only 599 feet high at its highest point and relatively gentle compared to the steepness of mountains like Mount Fuji. It is fairly obvious then, that this mountain can be hiked by the whole family don’t worry if you get a little tired there are many walks to do that are gentle and ones with guided tours as well as a brilliant cable car to get you to the top of this mountain faster than anyone.

View of Mount Takao

Views from Around the Mountain

Just a mere simple search on the internet of Mount Takao will bring up thousands and thousands of images from the range. These vary from amateurs on their phones to world famous photographers. This is simply one of the most picturesque places in the whole entire world. From various parts high up on the mountain you could be looking out to snow topped Mount Fuji or back inland at the majesty of the city of Tokyo.

Views of the Vast National Park

Getting There

Getting to Mount Takao from Tokyo is one of the simplest travel journeys you can have. Take one train from Tokyo right through to the bottom of the mountain. It’s that simple. One moment you’re in the centre of Tokyo then 50 minutes later you’re at the mountain base.





The food at Takao is brilliant. For a national park you’d expect something simple like vending machines or maybe a little snack food at a gift shop and you’d be right they do have those things, but they also have something far more exciting: a top quality restaurant named Ukai Toriyama that serve a special dish with soba noodles.


So, there you have it, Mount Takao in all its glory. Now doesn’t this seem like the kind of place for a visit? Over two million people visiting it every year seem to think so. With your amazing wildlife and spectacular views any travellers or adventurers with a keen eye for photography will certainly fall in love with this mountain.

You can be rest assured; this mountain will not leave you feeling un impressed and if you’re not a keen hiker thn you can always catch a cable-car up and down to catch the views.