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Jogging in Tokyo – Top Places to Go

For some people, traveling may come to giving up usual activities for a short period of time and several factors can influence whether or not you will have to pause your daily habits. These may include the time of arrival to your destination, the intensity of jetlag, and not knowing where to do such activities. Another cause could be due to the amount of time spent in the final destination; however, there is one activity that you can continue to do. That is jogging. If jogging is in your daily routine here are eight popular places in Tokyo to go jogging.


1. Imperial Palace

One of the most popular places for jogging in Tokyo is at the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace grounds are located in a large park-like area. Around the palace and along the palace moat is a path many people use as a jogging track. Many people love it because it is about 5K in circumference, so it’s easy to gauge the distance that you run. Twice around the palace is about 10k and three times around the palace is about 15k. Foreigners also enjoy running here because the path is well marked so you won’t get lost and there are fountains and restrooms along the way.


2. Akasaka Estate

On a similar note, another popular place to go jogging at is the nearby Akasaka estate. It is a large green area that houses the Akasaka Palace also known as the State Guesthouse and the Togu Palace. There are also ponds which makes it quite an aesthetic place to do your jogging. Some joggers like to combine the Imperial Palace route with the Akasuka route which amounts to a half mile run. Some joggers might only run the Akasaka route which is great for a short run or stroll.


3. Meguro River

Paths along rivers are another popular place to go Jogging. Rivers like the Meguro River is popular especially during the spring when the cherry blossom trees that are alongside the river start to bloom. Joggers who like to jog here tend to start at Meguro station and go towards Nakameguro all the way to the end of the river and back. This route is about 6km so people tend to run this route a couple of times for a good hardy run. The only downside is that cherry blossom viewing is popular, so go early in the morning or face a lot of people on the path.


4. Tama River

The paths along the Tama River are popular among hardcore lovers of jogging and runners who’re looking for a long and tranquil session of jogging. Some trails that are mapped out along the Tama River run from 10k to 30k trails. Like the Meguro River trail, during the spring, you can get a great jog in while enjoying the cherry blossoms in bloom. Unlike the Meguro River trail, it is less crowded with locals and tourist who are cherry blossom viewing. The trail is also shared with bikers, too.


5. Sumida River

Those who are staying in Asakusa or nearby enjoy going to Sumida Park and jogging along the paths by Sumida River. The paths are wide and there are very little interruptions in terms of traffic signals making the run a smooth run. Sumida park also has a running station where joggers can store their belongings in lockers, rent towels at no extra cost, and enjoy baths to freshen up after a jog. The station also features a restaurant where joggers can get a drink and food. The running station, however, has a fee of about 2,000 yen (around 20 USD).


6. Ueno Park

Parks are also very popular places for runners and joggers to venture to when they want to get a good run in. Ueno park is a popular place as there are many things to do before or after a good run like go to a museum or check out a temple or shrine. During hanami season, the area is enhanced with blooming sakura and it’s a beautiful sight; however, this is also a downside of Ueno park. The park is relatively small and there are a lot of people out and about – a lot of people. Going early in the morning can solve this problem.


7. Yoyogi Park

At Yoyogi Park, there are a variety of dirt and concrete paths which offers a great view of nature as you run. The paths are surrounded by wooded areas and beautiful gardens. The outer loop running trail is about 3km and many of the trails are great for a short run. There is also a running station in Yoyogi park where runners and joggers can freshen up after their morning jog and continue with their day. The station is clean, modern, luxurious and very convenient to use for about 10 US dollars.


8.Meijijingu Gaien

Meijijingu Gaien is a very popular place and there’s no doubt you’ll recognize the famous Ginko tree-lined street. It is also a nice place to run or jog because of the scenic view of the Ginko trees when the leaves turn a vibrant yellow during the fall. However, like with parks during hanami season, the area is bustling and filled with people who also want to admire the photogenic Ginko. The best time to go jogging in Meijijingu Gaien is early in the morning when there are fewer people. Then, you are sure to have a great jog.


Jogging and running is an important part of staying active and being healthy, which many Japanese people want to achieve. These eight places are great, but perhaps there are other great places that locals may know. Try these places out and ask locals where they prefer to run. You might even be able to pick up a jogging buddy by doing so. Whether you want a long jog, a short jog, or a jog with great scenery, there is a convenient place in Tokyo to suit your preference. All that you have left to do is get up and go.