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Six Japanese Marathon You Should Join At

Running has always been a fun activity, but it also has a lot of health benefits. This could be the reason why the Japanese love attending marathons races. Because of its popularity, a lot of marathons have been hosted in various parts of the country – from Osaka to Tokyo. If you are an avid runner or you love joining marathons, you should go to one of their marathons. To guide you, I have listed six of the many marathons that you could go across Japan.


1.Kyoto Marathon

Kyoto Marathon

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The Kyoto Marathon is a sporting event in Kyoto, Japan for both men and women. Held every February each year, this marathon aims to promote citizen sports while presenting the wonders of Kyoto to Japan and the rest of the world.

During the marathon, various events are held to cater to various people. These include the wheelchair race which has a distance of 6.1, the Pair-Ekiden which has a range of approximately 42.2 kilometers for both stages, and the marathon proper which has a distance of 42.195 km.

The Kyoto Marathon has been attracting more than 16,000 runners each year. In 2015, it became one of the world’s most expensive and biggest marathons.


Official Website URL: http://www.kyoto-marathon.com/en/


2.Okinawa Marathon

Okinawa Marathon@samanthina

Okinawa Marathon@samanthina

The Okinawa Marathon is an annual marathon activity held in the prefecture of Osaka, Japan. It runs through different cities and villages in the central district of the prefecture. The marathon aims to encourage people to enjoy running and keep themselves healthy while exploring the beautiful Okinawa.

The marathon has three different events. The first is the full marathon which is 42.195 kilometers long. The second event is the quarter marathon which ten kilometers long. The third event is the relay marathon.

This marathon has not only drawn runners from around Okinawa. It has also attracted runners from across Japan and around the world.


Official website URL: http://okinawa-marathon.com/eng/

3.Tokyo Marathon




Held in the capital of Japan, the Tokyo Marathon is an annual sporting activity sponsored by Tokyo Metro. It is recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) as a Gold Label Marathon.

The Tokyo Marathon has various events including a ten-kilometer race and the full marathon. These events are divided into various categories that would cater multiple groups of people.

Like the other Japanese marathons, the Tokyo Marathon has also attracted various runners from Japan and the rest of the world. As a matter of fact, there were more than 308,000 people who applied for the marathon in 2015. Due to its popularity, this marathon is dubbed as one of the six World Marathon Majors.


Official Website URL: http://www.marathon.tokyo/en/


4.Hokkaido Marathon

Hokkaido Marathon@chiiu

Hokkaido Marathon@esso_w

Hokkaido Marathon@angelvasa

The Hokkaido Marathon is also an annual running event in Japan, specifically in Hokkaido. Men and women of the age of 19 years and above could join the said marathon as long as they could run the full distance within five hours. The marathon could hold at most 17,000 participants.

This marathon is known to be the only running event in the country that is held in the summer. This is done to take advantage of the cool climate of the place. All runners will begin the course at Odori Park. They will either join the full marathon or the 11.5-kilometer fun race.


Official Website URL: https://hokkaido-marathon.com/


5.Osaka Marathon

Osaka Marathon@doyouknow_junoh

Held this time in Osaka, the Osaka Marathon is a road running event for both men and women that is done late October every year. The marathon hosts two events: the full marathon which spans 42.195 kilometers and the Challenge Run which has a distance of 8.8 kilometers.

The marathon has also been attracting local and foreign runners through the years. Most of the recent winners so far came from countries such as Kenya, Romania, and Belarus. More than 27,000 runners participate in this annual event.

The Osaka Marathon is hosted by the Japan Association of Athletics Federation and Yomiuri Shimbun, a national newspaper in Japan.


Official Website URL: http://www.osaka-marathon.com/index_en.html


6.Fukuoka Marathon

fukuoka marathon@fransiskaayuni

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fukuoka marathon@toyokinakamura

The Fukuoka Marathon is a sporting event in Fukuoka, a city situated on the northern shore of Kyushu island. It is composed of a full marathon that spans 42.195 kilometers which should be finished within seven hours. It has a capacity of around 12,000 people. The second event is the wheelchair sports which spans 5.2 kilometers. Around 20 people could join this half-hour competition. For 65 minutes, interested runners could join the fun run which spans 5.2 kilometers.

The marathon begins at the center of Fukuoka. The runners will run around the city where they will witness the beautiful sea and mountains around them.


Official Website URL: http://www.f-marathon.jp/en/


A marathon has proven to be helpful in terms of health and social aspects of a person. When you are in Japan, joining marathons will not only affect your wellness but these activities could also allow you to socialize with other people considering the number of goers every year.