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Fuji Q Highland – A Beginner’s Guide

There are many things to enjoy in Japan including various amusement parks. If you are a person who enjoys the thrill and excitement of amusement parks, making a visit to Fuji Q Highland is a trip you should not miss. Sitting at the base of Mount Fuji, Fuji Q Highland is described as the most famous amusement park in Japan. The amusement park features over 40 different attractions from amusement park rides to thrilling roller coasters and there is something for everyone. It sounds amazing, but perhaps you aren’t sure where to begin? Here is a beginner’s guide to Fuji Q Highland Amusement park.

1. Takabisha and Eejanaika

Fuji Q Highland is an amusement park that held and still holds world record attractions. The Takabisha roller coaster is a new roller coaster that holds the world record for the steepest drop at 121 degrees. This ride is not for the faint-hearted as it finishes by taking riders straight up and dropping them at the 121-degree angle in a freefall. The Eejanaika is another “prestigious” roller coaster being the second 4th dimension roller coaster in the world to be built. Its seats can rotate 360 degrees allowing them to spin three different ways. Those who ride will have their feet dangling and will experience a sensation of being thrown around in the air.

2. Fujiyama and Dondondonpa

Once the highest roller coaster in the world and standing at 79 meters or 259 feet, the Fujiyama roller coaster is described as the king of roller coasters. It has a max speed of 130 km per hour or 81 miles per hour and a drop of 231 feet. If you love high and fast, this is the roller coaster for you. The Dondondonpa roller coaster is another park favorite. This roller coaster is the fastest roller coaster in Japan reaching 180 sm per hour in one second after launch. This is possibly why it is called Dondondonpa–named after the Japanese onomatopoeia for a pounding heart.

3. Nagashimasuka and Cool Jappaan

Nagashimasuka made a record for Japan’s first elevated raft ride. Like the popular water log rides in American amusement parks, the Nagashimasuka ride will take riders up then zip them down a slope splashing water along the way. Riders come to a Japanese shrine where they can clap two times to control the geysers and they will see the world biggest Manekinekos. The Cool Jappaan ride is another super soaker kind of roller coaster that takes riders up and down to make a big splash. Both the Nagashimasuka and Cool Jappaan are great for hot summer days.

4. Red Tower, Mad Mouse, and Tentekomai

The Red Tower takes riders up giving them a magnificent view of the park; however, many wait in anticipation to be dropped 52 meters. The Mad Mouse roller coaster looks quite adorable; however, this two-seater ride will take quick turns almost without warning. It is not recommended for the easily injured. The Tentekomai is a ride that many amusement park goers may be familiar with. It features two wings per seat that riders can control and the Tentekomai will take riders up into the air. during the ride, riders can move the wings and spin to their heart’s content.

5. Tondemina and Panic Clock


The Tondemina and the Panic Clock are another pair of rides that amusement park goers may be familiar with. The Tondemina is a 25-meter long pendulum ride with a huge circle or pizza shaped seating area that will spin and swing riders through the air in a thrilling back and forth motion. It will swing back and forth until it eventually makes a full 360. The Panic Clock spins riders around in fast spins, slow spins and even reverse spins. The unpredictability of when the clock will spin faster, slower, or in reverse makes for a thrilling ride. Both the Tondemina and the Panic clock are a lot of fun for spin lovers.

6. Ultimate Fort II and Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear

Fuji Q Highland also features the most difficult attraction there is–an impenetrable fortress for visitors to try breaking into. The fortress is equipped with security cameras and intruder prevention devices that visitors must get past in order to complete the mission. The success rate is 0 percent. An amusement park would not be an amusement park without a horror spot because what’s more amusing than watching someone get scared by their own reflection? The Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear may not sound scary at all, but this 900 meter maze is filled with sounds, sights, smells and sealed rooms that you must escape.

7. Anime Themes and Thomasland

An amusement park in Japan wouldn’t be an amusement park in Japan if there were no anime themes involved. Anime lovers can enjoy the Evangelion: World area of Fuji Q Highland. Visitors can see various things from the anime including a life-size model of the Cyborg Evangelion Unit-01 and a lifesized Evangelion cockpit. Children can enjoy Mizuki Shigeru’s Ge Ge Ge Haunted mansion to listen to GeGeGe no Kitaro’s scary stories. Children can also enjoy Thomasland where Thomas the engine and his friends await. There are many kid-friendly rides that the whole family can enjoy.

8. Wave Swinger and Tekkotsubancho

The wave swinger is yet another ride that amusement park goers may be familiar with. Similar to the Yo-Yo ride, The Wave Swinger is made of multiple swing-like seats that riders sit on. The Wave Swinger will begin to rotate and pick up speed. Due to physics, the seats will pull outwards and the ride will tilt back and forth giving riders the sensation of riding a wave. The Tekkotsubancho is very similar except it takes the Yo-Yo-like ride to new heights. The Tekkotsubancho won’t tilt but it will go 47 meters up a pole while swinging riders in a circle. If you love swings, this ride is for you.

9. Amusement Park Classics

The Shining Flower by name may sound unfamiliar, but once you see a picture of it you’ll notice that it’s just a very pretty Ferris wheel. Climb aboard to get a nice and gentle ride and a great view of the park. It’s great for taking pictures. You can also find the beloved merry go round. It features the traditional horse or horse-drawn carriage seats for riders to choose from. Last but certainly not least is the crowd favorite and family friendly teacup ride. Chose from pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel purple or pastel yellow teacups to sit in and spin yourself around as quickly or as slowly as your arms can spin you.


Amusement parks are great places to spend time with family, friends, or your significant other. Just like every place in Japan that is similar to what visitors know, there are unique features that you can find only in Japan. So even if you are looking for the Japanese experience and want to do things that you can’t do in your home country, you will still get a unique experience. So now that you know about some of the rides, take a visit to Fuji Q Highland and try these and the other attractions at the park.