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First Tokyo Trip – Best Spots to Visit

The enormous appeal for Tokyo lies not only in its multitude of stores and amusement centers. It’s a mash of business and culture and the delicate balance between the two. From the upstarting fashionable districts of Shibuya down to the local fish markets of Tsukiji, one thing is for sure that the spirit of Tokyo and its livelihood is always present.


1. Asakusa

No traveler’s experience can ever be truly fulfilled without the homage to the great temple of Sensō-Ji in Asakusa, which happens to be the oldest Buddhist temple in all of Japan, hard to believe that the Asakusa district itself was once a refuge for its unwanted denizens, now it’s considered one of the most prominent and vastly visited places in all of Tokyo. The Nakamise Dory is paved with all sorts of trinkets and wonted Japanese snacks to keep you full of energy during your pilgrimage. Be sure not to miss out the Asakusa Sambi Matsuri festival which features many jaunty traditional Brazilian Samba Dancers lead by the Queen of the drums who is easily distinguished by her extravagant costume.


2.Cherry Blossom Festivals

Speaking of colorful festivals in Tokyo one should always keep an eye if visiting in spring in order to attend the many cherry blossom festivals held at several places like the Sakura Matsuri Bokutei or the Ueno Onshi Park the former mentioned happens to be really easy to get to from the Asakusa station. While the festival is on Geisha will be serving tea for a small fee while you enjoy the view and stroll around the park. The famous Cherry Blossom tree is considered to be a symbol of Japan and just like its smaller counterpart the Bonsai Cherry tree really helps to paint a picture of the gentle and beautiful Japan.


3.Shibuya district

The Shibuya shopping district which is adjacent to Shibuya station is certainly one of the busiest places in all of Tokyo. Plenty of shopping stores and fashion centers are incorporated and you can experience a rich nightlife and visit a few bars. If you are into anime and manga make sure stop by one of it’s Manga Cafes which can indulge you in all of your anime needs and you can even stay for the night.The Nonbei Yokocho is just brimming with cafes and restaurants providing a perfect night out. You should take a picture at the Hachiko statue which celebrates the bond between a man and his best friend.


4. Cat Caffe, Nekorobi Ikebukuro

Or maybe you are more of a Cat person? The Cat Cafe is home to many cute cats and you can socialize with them over a nice cup of tea. Video games and card games are there to help you relax while the furry mischievous companions keep you company and watch over you. All the cats are groomed by the staff and some of them have little cute outfits to match their overall fluffy persona! The vending machine offers free drinks while you kick back and relax escaping the sometimes noisy downtown Tokyo.


5. Tsukiji Fish Market

Located in central Tokyo, alongside the upmarket Ginza and the Sumida River lies Japan’s biggest seafood market which has the largest selection of Fish and Tuna perhaps on the entire planet, operating for more than 20 generations. More than 400 different types of seafood exist here and you can even participate in a Tuna auction which is held early in the morning and receive exotic tuna for a really good price. But if you are not that psyched about acquiring seafood there are other things to do here, perhaps make your way to Harumi Dori and hit the stores or visit the restaurants in the outer market which guarantees you’ll taste the best sushi of your life.


6.Tokyo Sky Tree

This one will be really hard to miss due to its enormous size. The Tokyo Sky Tree stands at a towering 634 meters attitude! If you are not afraid of heights perhaps you should visit one of two observation decks. The Tembo deck and the Tembo gallery can enlighten you with a spectacular view of Tokyo where you can see even mount Fuji, but if you are not a fan of heights taking a stroll down the Sumida river could prove to be the most romantic highlight of your journey. The tower itself is a radio and television station which is not open for tourists but the large aquarium on the bottom floor most certainly is! Near the vicinity of the tower, you can find a lot of shopping centers and even a Pokemon center.


7.Ginza shopping district

Ah yes, The famous Ginza district in Tokyo, no shopping district could ever encompass the magnitude of Ginza, it being one of the most expansive real estate properties in all of Japan, you can safely say that the fashion stores here only deliver top-notch merchandise at places like the Mitsukoshi or the intricate handmade wears at Takumi will certainly make you appreciate simple yet exquisite craftsmanship. The words luxury and elegance perfectly symbolize the district of Ginza which was named after a silver coin.


8.Meiji Shrine

We highly suggest getting a little insight into the vast Japanese history so visiting at least one impactful Tokyo landmark would mean a world of difference and yes we are referring to the tranquil Meiji shrine located in the proximity of the Harajuku station and the Yoyogi park. This ancient shrine is a monument to the late Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken who were important figures in the 1920s for Japan. More than 3 million people per year visit this great cultural place and if you stop by on a Sunday a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony will most likely be performing. You will certainly get a more quiet side of Tokyo if you decide to spend the day here and there are plenty of activities included for you to enjoy.


It’s pretty hard to experience the full spectrum of what modern Tokyo has to arrive in just one visit, however, we hope that we provided you with at least a couple of interesting sights that you can experience during your stay!