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Chubu Centrair International Airport Guide

Thousands of people pass through Chubu Centrair International Airport, one of the five off-shore airports in Japan. It is built on a man-made island in the Bay of Isle and serves as a main gateway to the bustling manufacturing hub of Nagoya. Chubu Centrair Airport is located less than 50 kilometers south of Nagoya, and is conveniently connected with the city and various places across central Japan by public transportation. This connectivity has also made it an easy access point for Kyoto and Mount Fuji. 

With a whole range of restaurants, shops and other services that are available for travellers passing through the airport, in a short time, it has grown as a very popular travel hub, and has already become the world’s first airport to receive a 5-star Regional Airport Rating.

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【Basic Informatin】
Name : Chubu Centrair International Airport
Address : 1-1 Centrair, Tokoname City, Aichi
Opening hours : 24hours open
Official website : http://www.centrair.jp/en/


1-1.Miso katsu Yabaton





Misokatsu, or pork cutlets doused with a thick miso sauce, is a Nagoya speciality, and one of the most popular places to have miso katsu is Miso Katsu Yabaton. Their speciality is the red miso sauce which is made from natural soyabeans, that have been fermented for 18 months. The restaurant at Chubu International Airport also offers premium quality of pork from Kagoshima, which has a lower fat content. However you like your pork cutlets, you can be assured that the meat will be deliciously crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. And the best part is watching the staff drizzle their speciality miso sauce on the meat, right at the table, so you can watch the sauce coat every bit of the cutlets.

I recommend the Teppan Tonkatsu, which is deep-fried pork loin cutlet, on a bed of cabbage. But, if you don’t eat pork, don’t worry. The restaurant also serves great fried prawns, fried crab meat and even fried veggies. 

【Basic Information】
Name : Miso katsu Yabaton
Address : Renga street, 4F
Opening hours : 10:00~21:00
Phone : +81 569-84-8810
Official website: http://www.yabaton.com/






Located on Renga-dori at Chubu Centrair Aiport, Maruya Honten is a great place to experience the delightful flavour of eel, another delightful delicacy of the Nagoya region. Maruya serves specially selected eels, which are available in the form of three meal sets. You can choose any of the set depending on how hungry and adventurous you are feeling. The sliced eel is presented, covered with a rich, flavourful sauce, and is served on a bed of rice. Trust me, you do not want to leave Nagoya without trying out the eel at Maruta. 

【Basic Information】
Name : Maruya
Address : Renga street, 4F
Opening hours: 10:30~21:30
Phone: +81 569-38-0803
Official website: http://www.maruya-honten.com/shop/centrair/






Kishimen are broad, flat noodles that are popular in Nagoya region and are served with broth and different types of meat. There are multiple explanations why the noodles are named kishimen. Some say it originally resembled pieces in an ancient Chinese board game, which were known as kijimen.  Others believe that is it called Kishimen because it originated in the Kishu region of Japan, while still others are of the opinion that the original recipe for the noodles contained kiji (pheasant) and that’s how it came to be called kishimen.

However, there is common agreement among most people, that one of the best places to eat kishimen noodles is at Miyakishimen, a traditional restaurant which serves the authentic Nagoya noodles, flavoured by the finest seasonal ingredients and special seasonings. Their outlet at Chubu Airport is very popular and is a perfect place to get some authentic Nagoya noodles, during transit. 

【Basic Information】
Name : Miyakishimen
Address : Renga street, 4F
Opening hours : 9:00~21:00
Phone : +81 569-38-7007
Official website : http://www.miyakishimen.co.jp/







If you are an air travel enthusiast, and love travelling by planes or your time spent at the airports, SORA MONO is a must visit store for you. It has tons of airline and airport merchandise as well as travel accessories. You can choose from the miniature toy models of the latest planes from different airlines, including models from JAL, Thai Airlines, Air France and many others. In addition to model planes, it also has on sale exclusive Airline Baggage tags for the constant air traveller, and even some airline themed toys for the kids. Visit this store, and you can buy yourself or your loved ones enough airline themed curios to keep them happy. At least, until the next time you pass by Chubu Airport!

【Basic Information】
Address : Renga street, 4F
Opening hour s: 8:00~21:00
Phone : +81 0569-38-0451
Official website : http://www.centrair.jp/enjoy/shop/1188720_1479.html

2.2 Hello Kitty Japan



Visit the Hello Kitty Souvenir Shop when you have some time to spend at the Chubu Airport, and pick up some cute souvenirs for your loved ones. And guess what? If you are travelling with kids, its a perfect spot to spend some time. The shop is filled with Hello Kitty games, toys, souvenirs to keep your kids occupied for a while, while you can relax and catch a breather. If you have forgotten to carry a sippy cup for your kids, pick one up for less than 800 Yen.  A tote bag costs less than 4000 Yen, while a plush toy here will cost abou 3000 Yen. If the pretty pink is not your preferred colour, check out their new Cinnamoroll Navy Blue coloured designs.

【Basic Information】
Name : Hello Kitty Japan
Address : Renga street, 4F
Opening hours :9:00~21:00
Phone : +81 569-38-7021
Official website : http://www.centrair.jp/enjoy/shop/1188714_1479.html

2.3 yb. Friend’s





If you want to buy some souvenirs, but want more choice than a single character, head for YB Friends. It has tons of different accessories and goods such as bags, socks, clothing, cups, tote bags, with different characters from big brands such as Disney, Pixad, Sanrio, and others. Here you will find the Minions from the Universal movies, Disney characters ranging from Mickey Mouse to Aladdin, and even Buzz Lightyear and Nemo from the Pixar movies. This shop also has several airline and airport themed goods, so you can pretty much pick up souvenirs from here for almost everybody you can think of.

【Basic Information】
Name : yb. Friend’s
Address : Renga street, 4F
Opening hours : 9:00~21:00
Phone : +81 569-38-8370
Official website : https://www.yamabun-co.net/

3.Fu-noyu (Airport Onsen)





Probably the most unique experience that Chubu Airport offers visitors is the chance to view the planes land and take off, while taking a bath in “the bathhouse with a view”. Fu No Yu, is Japan’s and probably the world’s only bath overlooking the airport. Undoubtedly, it is a great spa in its own right. But, the exhilaration of watching the planes land and take off at close quarters, as well as the rejuvenating breeze on the spa’s open deck area, is an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. After a long flight from across the globe, beat the fatigue with a warm relaxing bath in the most scenic setting, and get refreshed before you reach home.

【Basic Information】
Name : Fu-noyu
Address : Chochin Yokocho
Opening hours : 8:00~22:00
Phone : +81 569-479-0881
Official website : http://www.rebirth-tokyo.co.jp/hu_no_yu/

Almost nobody likes to spend transit time at airports, when they could either be travelling or enjoying their vacations in their favourite holiday destinations. However, Chubu International Airport has much to do and see and experience, that it has made transit fun and memorable for travellers. No wonder that many people actually look forward to their time spent at the Chubu Airport. So, the next time you are passing through Nagoya, plan your flights out in such a way that you have at least a couple of hours to explore Chubu Airport. You won’t regret it!