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Best Websites for Buying Japanese Antiques

Sometimes buying Japanese Antiques can be as easy as walking into a store or flea market in the centre of Tokyo. And that is the way many people do buy them. But, what if you cannot travel to Japan? If your budget doesn’t stretch far enough for travelling or your schedule is just too full to take time off to holiday or vacation in the brilliant land that is Japan, then what can you do if you require some new Japanese themed antiques to add to or start your collection or simply decorate your home?

Well, we’re here with the answer. We have for you three amazing websites from all around the world that will allow you to view and order your much-wanted Japanese Antiques and deliver them to you in a safe and sound manner. All this without a plane ticket too.

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What will this cover?

This list will not just cover your basic Japanese statues it will also cover Japanese antique art and anything else you may want that can be considered as antique or collectible. So, be assured that whatever it is that you are looking for, you will almost certainly find it on one of these three sites.


1.Fuji Arts

Fuji Arts

 Fuji Arts 2

First up we have Fuji Arts. This website has the largest collection of Japanese woodblock prints in the entire world. These antique prints date back to the early 17th century right up to the 20th century. To say that these prints are beautiful would still be an understatement. If you are looking for something to brighten up your home. Or, maybe you are already a collector of woodblock prints. Either way, look no further, this is by far one of the best websites in the world for Japanese Antiques and collectibles. I urge you to visit their website and awe in the beauty as I did.


【Basic Information】
Name:Fuji Arts
Website: http://www.fujiarts.com




 Kogire-Kai 2

This website is a little different to most as it is set in the format of an auction. A silent auction to be exact. This is a great way to purchase antiques online (or indeed at physical auctions) as you never know what bargain lies around the corner. This auction site will give you a bit of everything. Now, when I say everything, I mean everything. It has the widest variety of objects up for sale at the auction and has new items arriving constantly. Don’t believe me? Then check out their catalogue. You will find everything from books to statues. From kimonos to furniture. The list is endless. Get yourself over to Kogire-Kai and grab yourself a deal while you can. After an item is sold it is more than likely gone forever.


【basic Information】
Website: http://www.kogire-kai.co.jp/





This site is again something different as it is very high and and upmarket. It is aimed at non natives and is presented in English with the currency in US dollars. The website, though, is direct from Japan with all of the artefacts and antiques residing in Japan also. This website will give you very detailed descriptions of the piece you are looking at. It will also give you the specifications and a good price. You will also find that most items on there have three or more pictures on to make sure you can see thoroughly what you are going to be purchasing. This is probably the best organised website of Japanese artefacts and antiques that there is. It certainly is my favourite. You can scroll through different categories to be looking at the things that you want instead of looking at the whole lot and searching for hours. You can also search by keyword making it very accessible. I’ve searched personally for a number of things and I have had no bad luck yet. Visit this site if you want an easy and yet professional antique purchasing experience.


【basic Information】
Website: https://tatami-antiques.com/


Buying Japanese Antiques Online vs Buying in Person

There is of course and obvious benefit to buying in person. You get to see the item up close before purchasing it. But, you then must be very careful of getting it back home. The main benefits to buying online is that it is shipped for you with no worries. If the item comes not as described, then you simply return it. It takes away a lot of the stress and travel costs. If you don’t want the hassle, then this option of buying Japanese Antiques may well be for you.


There you have it. Three of the very best websites to order Japanese Antiques from. You will be browsing these sites for hours in awe of the vastness and depth the world of Japanese Antiques is. Whether you are looking to brighten up your home or add to your collection, get browsing, get ordering and get enjoying these wonderful artefacts from one of the best countries in the entire world.