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Hidden Treasures: Antiquing in the City of Tokyo

The past time of antiquing goes back to probably before the time the artefacts we think of antiques now were even made. It is a hobby of many people from all over the world. One of the biggest misconceptions of antiquing is that it is solely for people who are rich, this is not true. Whilst the rich tend to go for the million-dollar paintings, ETC… Antiquing and visiting flea markets can be done by anyone and Tokyo has some of the best places to do that.


Shrine Fair

Shrine Fair

 Shrine Fair 2

First, there are two main types of antique sports in Tokyo. The first of those is the Shrine Fair. A Shrine fair is an antiques fair that takes place usually in a temple or shrine of some kind. They primarily focus on the more traditional Japanese antiques and prices can go very high.

Flea Markets

Flea Markets

 Flea Markets 2

The second would be the flea market. The flea market is more of a free for all. They encompass everything good about second hand goods and at a very reasonable price too. This does not mean that they are full of poorer quality items, not at all, they are in fact a busier place. A place with lots of customers and lots of vendors. They’re there to sell things fast, that’s why you can usually find yourself some great deals.

The World VS Japan

Every part of the world has flea markets and antique stores. Every single country has their own version. I know in the United Kingdom other than your standard high-end auction houses and antique stores there are things called car boots which closely resemble the Japanese flea market. In America they also have a large community of buyers/sellers in many forms. Japan though seems to have a whole culture of its own that is like no other. It seems to have more of an element of wonder and fun about it that seems to be lacking in a lot of the similar spots that we have in the west. Therefore, the next three spots are some of the very best and interesting in the world.

1.Oedo Antique Market

Oedo Antique Market

 Oedo Antique Market 2
Oedo Antique Market 3

By far my favourite place out of them all. It has the widest range of items that I think I have ever seen. You are guaranteed to spend your entire day there. Be warned though, this place gets very busy as it is only open on Sundays. Make sure you get there early. And for all you Manga lovers out there you can be sure to find some old memorabilia that will make you very excited.


【Basic Information】
Name: Oedo Antique Market
Address: 3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, 100-0005, Tokyo
Business hour: Sundays 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Phone number: (+81)3-6407-6011
Official website:https://www.antique-market.jp/




 J’antiques 2

J’antiques is a place that sells a lot of higher end things. It appeals the so called ‘hipster’. The younger generations turning into early adulthood buying wonderful things for their first homes will often occupy this space. This is not to say this spot isn’t for everyone, it is. You are guaranteed to find something you’d like as the stock is very eclectic.


【Basic Information】
Restaurant name: J’antiques
Address: 2–25-13 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, 153-0051, Tokyo
Business hour: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Phone number: (+81)3-5704-8188


3.Antique Mall Ginza

Antique Mall Ginza

 Antique Mall Ginza 2

This is a more modern place. This is a wonderful place for anybody who is fascinated by watches or timekeeping devices as it has a specific dedication to such things. It ranges from mid-range prices to the higher end and has a plethora of other items.


【Basic Information】
Restaurant name:Antique Mall Ginza
Address: 1-13-1 Ginza,Chuo-Ku,104-0061, Tokyo
Business hour: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Phone number: (+81)3-3535-2115
Official website: http://www.antiques-jp.com/


4.Walking Around: Accidental Antiquing

Of course, these three are only the very surface of what you can find in the great city of Tokyo and it would probably be impossible for you to find every single place. But the only way to stumble upon a wonderful place is to literally stumble upon it accidentally. Many places move often or are not active online and therefore only gain popularity via word of mouth so try out one of the places above and talk to some vendors or customers and who knows you may discover somewhere new.


So there you have it, the wonderful world of antiquing in the brilliant city of Tokyo. Whatever it is about antiquing or flea markets that makes you excited, be it clothing, old artefacts, furniture or memorabilia, you are sure to find a place for you in Tokyo. Happy antiquing.