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5 Star Yakiniku Restaurants in Tokyo

Yakiniku is a term in Japanese that simply refers to grilled meat. It is said to have derived from a mix of a Japanese writers interpretation of western food and the ancient cooking method of barbequed meats from Korea. You may well be familiar with these kinds of restaurants if you pay a close eye to Japanese TV or movies. The modern style is a customer/diner will order some pre-prepared raw meat often in bite sized chunks that they cook on a grill that is situated at the centre of the table. So, if you are looking for the best Yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo then read on because here are the eight best five star spots for you to explore.






We are starting off with an amazing spot named Jojoen. Jojoen is very popular with non native people travelling to Tokyo. Here you will find the finest of ingredients to grill at your table. The beautiful salty lobster in sauce. Hot stone bowls of pibimpap and ox soup. A variety of beef ribs and fillet and not to forget one of Japan’s biggest food exports, Wagyu Beef. Jojoen has been around for over four decades and prides itself on its “second to none hospitality.” If you are looking for a hard to beat night of luxury food and treatment then look no further.

【Basic information】
Name : Jojoen
Address : 2F Remm Roppongi Building, 7-14-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : Monday-Saturday 11:30~4:00 / Sunday & Holidays 11:30~22:00
Phone number : +81 3-3478-8989
Official website : https://www.jojoen.co.jp/

2.Sumibiyakiniku An



Next up on the list is Sumibiyakiniku An. This place is a very moden interpretation on the original Yakiniku idea. The modern decor with lots of dark tones are offset by lighting. You will definitly feel you are somehwere special when you visit this place. Their menu varies and has some of the best quality beef in the whole of Tokyo. The concept is said to have been created by the famous Japanese chef and TV host Masaaki Sakai. This spot welcomes anyone to their restaurant from parties to couples to business lunches to even sole diners just wishing to try their amazing food.

【Basic information】
Name : Sumibiyakiniku An
Address : 4-4-8 Roppongi,  Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : Monday – Thursday 11:30~15:00・17:30~24:00 / Friday 11:30~15:00・17:30~29:00 / Saturday
11:30~29:00 / Sunday & Holiday 11:30~24:00
Phone number : +81 3-6890-0065
Official website : http://www.yakinikuangrill.jp/ja,

3.Yakiniku Toraji PARAM





Yakiniku Toraki PARAM is another different place. It is more casual in nature and caters for a wide variety of customer or diner. They have a large selection of different seating available ranging from communal tables to counter seats and even seats for couples. Prices vary but you are looking at a minimum of five thousand Japanese Yen which roughly translates to forty five United Stated Dollars. This price then goes up after that but a nice little touch is that it serves all you can drink beverages with your meal. If you are looking for a place to spend a longer evening out then this restaurant may well be for you.

【Basic information】
Name : Yakiniku Toraji PARAM
Address : 46F caretta shiodome, 1-8-1 Higashishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : Monday – Friday 11:00~15:00・17:00~23:00 / Weekend & Holidays 11:00~15:00・15:00~23:00
Phone number :  +81 3-6215-8555
Official website : http://www.ebisu-toraji.com/





Kintan is a chain of restaurants now that even operate on a global level with one particular flagship store (other than Tokyo) being in London. The Tokyo spot is amazing showing a nice and relaxed atmosphere and for your money you are guaranteed some of the best Wagyu beef in Tokyo. This spot is perfect for people dining out with a group as it accomodates them perfectly.

【Basic information】
Name : Kintan
Address : 1F/2F Trust-Link Ebisu Building, 1-10-3 Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : Monday 11:30~15:00・18:00~23:00 / Tuesday – Friday 11:30~15:00・18:00~23:30 / Saturday & Holidays 11:00~15:00・17:00~23:00 / Sunday 11:00~15:00・17:00~22:00
Phone number : +81 3-5428-8629
Official website : http://www.ebisu-yakiniku-kintan.com/index.html

5.Yakiniku Ushigoro





Next up we have Yakiniku Ushigoro. This place is perfect for all you young romantics that have a craving for Japanese Barbeque. The soft lighting and small tables make it the perfect intimate atmosphere for dining out for an aniversary or on a date. The food is brilliant and will not break the bank either and with very attentive staff you will leave this place feeling satisfied.

【Basic information】
Name : Ushigoro
Address : 1F Barbizon73, 2-24-14 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : Monday – Friday 17:00~24:00 / Weekend & Holidays 16:00~24:00
Phone number : +81 3-3406-4129
Official website : http://www.ushigoro.com/jp/

6.SATO Burian





Next up is SATO Burian. This place is the perfect communal place for a group of friends or business associates to enjoy the best quality meat that is simplistic and beautiful. The pride of this restaurant runs through every dish served. You can pick a variety of different seasonings for your meat and for anyone who isn’t as confident on the grill as some your server will offer to cook it for you which is a perfect touch and makes you feel very welcome.

【Basic information】
Name : SATO Burian
Address : 1F Arai Building, 3-44-2 Asagaya-Minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : 17:00~23:30
Phone number : +81 3-6915-1638


Kushiage, Osaka, restaurants (1)

Kushiage, Osaka, restaurants (1)

Second to last in this list is Yugentei. Yugentei has a feel of elegance to it in both building and in the food. They take great pride in the presentation of the items on the plates and bowls and allow you to grill your meats to place either on top of these or to dip in some of your favourite dishes such as sesame oil, soy sauce or egg yolk. Onced made the plates sing of quality with the best Wagyu beef taking centre stage around a variety of seasonings and fresh Japanese vegetables. You may even find an edible flower or two on some of the dishes. If you are looking for a little elegance then you may want to check this place out, it will more than likely leave you in awe and definitely wanting to come back again and again for more.

【Basic information】
Name : Yugentei
Address : Jojoen Building, 3-24-18 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : Monday – Saturday 11:30~4:00 / Sunday & Holidays 11:00~3:00
Phone number : +81 3-3796-8989
Official website : https://www.jojoen.co.jp/shop/yugentei/nishiazabu/






Last but by no means least is the magnificent Misuji. Misuji is world renowned as one of the best places in the world to eat. It combines all the things you want from a Yakiniku and rolls it into one nice neat little package for you to enjoy. It has some of the best views in the whole city and sources the best ingredients that are prepared by world class chefs. This is the best of the best in Japanese BBQ and one to add to your bucket list immediatly. You will need to book this well in advance to ensure yourself a table because it is in very high demand.

【Basic information】
Name : Misuji
Address : 2F Isesaiwai Building, 3-16-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : 15:00~24:00
Phone number : +81 3-5573-8929

So, there you have it, eight of the best five star Yakiniku restaurants in the brilliant city of Tokyo. You can be certain to find the right spot for you in this list. Whether you want something simple like a tray of grilled beef on its own or something a little more extravagent like a set menu with a variety of Japan’s most beautiful and decadent ingredients. Next time you visit this city you will not be let down by a visit to one of these spots. Or maybe more than one because when you try Yakiniku you will most certainly want more.