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Take a Trip to Sweets Paradise

Every person has had a moment where they suddenly crave cake or something sugary or sweet. The craving may hit during an exam, after work, or while you’re going to the store. It’s bound to happen even while you’re traveling, but what is there to do when you crave sweets in Japan? Take a trip to Sweets Paradise, of course. This all-in-one cake shop, restaurant, and sweets stop is found all around Japan in places like Shinjuku, Ikeburkuro, Nagoya, Umeda, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and more. Aside from being an all-in-one cake shop, restaurant, and sweets spot, there is one other feature that sets Sweets Paradise apart from other shops.

Better Known As Suipara

Better Known As Suipara

Suipara Cake 1

Chocolate rum cake.
(Photo source: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/menu/regular/chocolate-cake.html)

Suipara Cake 2

Limited time strawbery cheese cake.
(Photo source: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/menu/monthly/shittori-strawberry-cheese-cake.html)

Sweets Paradise is also locally known as スイパラ (suipara), a contraction of スイーツパラダイス (suitsu paradaisu). Before getting into Suipara’s signature feature, it is important to go over the items that are offered on the menu. Cake, as you may have guessed, is at the front of the menu. Suipara offers fluffy strawberry shortcake called ふわふわショットケーキ (Fua Fua Shotto keeki), which is the number 1 cake in the franchise. Other options include limited-timers like strawberry cheesecake and raspberry chiffon, as well as regular options like chocolate cake, milk crepe, and souffle or baked cheesecake.

Don’t Like Sweets? Try the Food Menu

Other than sweets 1

Pasta and chicken soup.
(Photo source: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/menu/food.html)

Other than sweets 2

Pasta and Peperoncino sauce.
(Photo source: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/menu/food.html)

Other than sweets 3

Suipara Salad Bar.
(Photo source: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/menu/food.html)

For those who do not have much of a sweet tooth, you may enjoy the food offered on the food menu at sweets paradise. The menu offers pasta in sauce or in soup. Some of the options include pasta and tomato sauce, pasta and peperoncino, and pasta with meat sauce, mentaifu cream sauce, or akake neapolitan sauce. The soup and pasta options include broad (chicken soup) soup, wahudashi soup, tomato, curry, clam chowder, or vichyssoise soup. In addition to pasta, the menu also has a salad bar and fri fri snack, which is fried noodle and popcorn with 8 different flavorings.

Drink Creation by You or Your Favorite Idol

Suipara Artist Collab 1

X4 Custom Custom Food and Drink.
(Photo source: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/news/2016/12/break-out-x4-sweets-paradise-6.html)

Suipara Artist Collab 2

New Game Anime Custom Food and Drink Collab.
(Photo source: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/news/2017/09/new-game-1.html)

Suipara Artist Collab 3

AKB48 Custom Food and Drink Collab.
(Photo source: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/news/2017/11/akb48cafein-sweetsparadise.html)

There’s something for everyone at Suipara, but if you are not pleased by the menu, there is the option to create your own original drink. Suipara has an array of homemade fruit syrups and soda for customers to make their own unique drink. An interesting point, especially for anyone belonging to a fandom, is that Suipara also does collaborations with artists like X4, AKB48, and Silent Sirens and with companies, characters, and anime like My Little Pony and New Game. Suipara allows the company or artist to make their own special items that fans can enjoy for a limited time.


Sweets Paradise is a sweet paradise in the eyes of fandoms and people with a sweet tooth, but some may feel that Suipara is a bit expensive, which may be true compared to other places that serve similar things. This may be caused by the famous names attached and if it’s difficult to enjoy the very features that allow Suipara visitors to have a unique experience, why not just go to a regular restaurant? But the important thing is having a new experience, so give Suipara a try. You will never know how much you will like it (or hate it) until you try it.