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Top 5 Japanese Sushi Items

There is without a doubt one type of food that stands alone without any other. That is Sushi. Where other quisines are represented by their country of origin (and Japanese is too) there is a stand alone on in that of Sushi. You and your friends may say you feel like going for Italian, Indian, Chinese or Sushi… It stands on its own. The reason for this is simple: it is so iconic, so fresh and so delicious that it takes skill, practice and an artists mind to perfect it. Yet with all this it still manages to be the closest to our ancient ancestors food that any of us could possibly get to now. So, here we are going to show you five of the top different types of Sushi items you can go out and try today. I know there are many Sushi lovers out there so enjoy your trip through memory lane or for people who have not been introduced to Sushi yet, you will definitely want it afterwards.

1.fish with red flesh

fish with red flesh3

Red fleshed fish is often considered a more meaty kind of texture. There is obviously one main thing we need to talk about when talking about red flesh sushi. Tuna. Tuna is possibly the most famous type of fish to make sushi with all around the globe. Whether it is yellow fin or blue fin tuna the possibilities are endless. One thing is for certain though, the highest of sushi chefs always make sure the tuna is the star of the show. So if you get some sushi tuna where you are from and it’s piled with lots and lots of other things, you must question the quality of the tuna.

2.fish with white flesh

fish with white flesh1

fish with white flesh2

fish with white flesh3

Shiromi in Japanese literally translates to white flesh fish. There are a massive abundance of white flesh fish for sushi and most of them are served simply with sushi rice maybe a little pickled young ginger that has a pink tinge to it which is very popular. The most famous types of fish in white fish sushi is probably Ara and Kara which are two different types of cod. These are possibly the ones you’ll most often sea in the west but primarily Tara which is Pacific Cod.

3.silver‐skinned fish

silver‐skinned fish2

Now not all fish that is prepared for sushi is without its skin. The silver skin of some fish is seen as one of the most delicious parts of it. After descaling the fish and preparing it miraculously it is often served with simple sushi rice and nothing more. Hikari Mono is the word used for this. It is so aesthetically pleasing that almost nothing except its initial preparation is needed. Then you are left to enjoy the beautiful flavour of the fish, the sea and nature in all its glory.





Many people in the west may not thing too much about shellfish as sushi yet tuck in to raw oysters straight from the sea on a regular basis. One of the most amazing types of shellfish sushi is that of Hamagari. Hamagari is a clam found around the Japanese coast around March time. This very early and short period of time this is available makes it hugely popular at the beginning of the spring. You can be rest assured that this clam tastes nothing like an oyster. It is a flavour all on its own.

5.Roll sushi

Roll sushi1

Roll sushi2

Now last but not least possibly the most famous type of sushi there is and the image people will conjure up when you say the word Sushi. This is the Sushi roll. There are so many different varieties of Sushi roll but the basics are a whole nori seaweed sheet, sushi rice covering it, perfectly cut sushi grade fish (any fish of your choice really) and finally a selection of fresh crunchy vegetables like cucumber and carrot. And do not forget to smooth out a little wasabi on the rice before adding your toppings. Some people also like to put a little pickled ginger or other pickles on there too. The world is your oyster, so to speak.

One iconic sushi roll is the Ikura Gunkan Maki. This is Salmon Roe that has been marinated with soy sauce and it very delicate and almost creamy. It is often served in a kind of battleship shape with nori seaweed and sushi rice. A very delicate and delicious meal

So, there you have it, the wonderful world of Sushi. If you are a Sushi novice then don’t hesitate to try out new and exciting flavours and discover what the whole world has fell in love with. I can guarantee there will be many of the things you will like. And if you are a Sushi connoisseur then keep hunting out the best of the best of Japan’s most famous type of food. Happy eating.