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Recommended Japanese Snacks You Can Buy for Less Than 100 Yen

Japanese snacks are super tasty, and when you’re in Japan, or even outside of Japan, they are must-trys. But, some of them get a bit pricy, and it’s a bit of a hit or miss situation, since you might end up liking it, or not liking it. Fortunately, there are some cheap ones out here, which you can buy to help satisfy your cravings. In this article, we’ll go over the top five snacks you can buy for less than 100 yen in Japan.




These are literally called delicious sticks.  They cost about 10 yen each, and they’re actually super good.  now, normally this literally translates to “cheese stick” and is super popular in Japan.  These often have the character Doremon on them, and they come in a variety of flavors, both savory ones, and some sweet ones.  One of the most popular is the spicy cod flavor, which might sound weird, but it’s actually a popular treat that’s worth trying out.  For the price you’re paying, it’s certainly worth it.

2.Tirol Choco

Tirol Choco

This is a small, bite-sized piece of chocolate, but one of the fun parts of this is looking for the variants. The wrapper is what stands out from the rest of them. While there are a few standard ones, there are also limited-edition ones, so the fun of it is collecting it. Recently, there is even a chocolate store in Shibuya called DECO Choco Store where you can even create your own, with custom flavors, and even sweet packaging. They’re super fun to collect, and definitely worth taking a look at, that’s for sure.



3.Cabbage Taro

Now you might be looking at this and go “eww” when you read the name of it, but it’s not cabbage. Don’t worry, the snack doesn’t taste bad at all. It’s a corn-flavored sort of snack with an Okonomiyaki sauce and also a small hint of seaweed added to it. this is actually a great snack to have on hand if you’re looking for something small and filling. Plus, the packaging is super cute, and it does make a great souvenir. It’s the right number of cornballs to create a filling and hearty snack that everyone will enjoy. This is cheap too, so definitely worth taking a look a




This is a snack that’s light, and it comes with a vinegar-flavored dried kelp within this packaging. Now, if you’re looking for the rare healthy Japanese snacks within the market of overly processed and sugary foods, this is the one for you. Kelp is known as a super popular food in japan, and it’s also low-calorie. Not only that, there are a lot of health and beauty benefits as well, so it’s worth trying. There are many brands, but the best one to get is the Miyako kombu, which is the original. It’s a cheap, healthy snack.


5.Baby Star Ramen

This is a very popular fried noodle snack that looks liked ramen, but isn’t quite it. it’s super cheap, and it comes in many different flavors. They’re full of flavor, addicting like no other, and when you typically eat them, you can have them raw, or even add them to other recipes. Some people like to add them to salads, Monjayaki, and even Japanese rice balls. The application of these is endless, and this cheap snack is one that will rival no other, that’s for sure. So try them, and see if you like them.

Having quality Japanese snacks is simple to achieve, and you can get them for less than 100 yen. That’s right, for a little amount of money, you can get some quality food, and the best part, is that they taste great. So next time you’re strapping for cash and need something to tide you over until your next meal, or you just want a snack and don’t feel like spending the cash, consider these, for they’re great and diverse.