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Best Japanese Silverware and Kitchenware Brands

The Japanese are very well known for their ability to create great items for our kitchen and our tables. We probably all have a Japanese product in our kitchen without even knowing it. Go ahead and check your knives or electrical appliances and I can bet that you have at least one item. The most popular items that seem to be all over the entire globe is Japanese steel knives, cutlery or silverware and their famous ceramic and china tableware. So here today we are going to look at some cool brands that do some of the best of those things focusing on those three things so you know what to look for next time you need something in new in your kitchen or on your table.
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Silverware, Steel and Tableware

Japanese silverware is known the world over for its elegance and beauty. There is such a variety of different pieces of cutlery that has a unique use. If you thought the French had a lot of cutlery the Japanese have perfected the art of the dinner table.

The knives that Japan makes are by far the best in the world. There is no question about it. The top chefs, not just in Japan but all over the world, say that Japanese knives are of the highest quality and are second to none. The Japanese have perfected the art of steel making (a title that was once held by the United Kingdom) It’s this top quality steel and the fact that each and every knife from the big meat clever’s to the small fish knives and the world famous Santoku knives are hand made with complete intent and care.

Now when you think of porcelain tableware your mind may often wonder to the Chinese and that is no wrong thing because they make great things. But, the Japanese have been powering through for a long long time now making the best the world has ever seen. The place settings, bowls, plates, platters, sushi dishes, soup spoons, the list goes on. And you can be certain that these are beautiful pieces of work that are carefully made and often regarded highly the world over.

Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo Co LTD


So, we are going to start with the most famous silverware maker in the whole of Japan by far. I’m talking of course of Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo Co LTD often just named Yamazaki by most people referring to the brand or company. It is difficult to summarise this company because of the sheer size of it. It is huge and supplies restaurants and food businesses, from the high end to the fast food, all over the world and hugely in Japan since it was founded by Bungen Yamazaki in the year nineteen eighteen in Japan and then established as a world wide brand in the year nineteen fifty two. You can be certain to find their cutlery silverware in the highest of Michelin star restaurant’s right the way down to a typical families kitchen table. And as you can see from the images below they are so beautiful and valuable that in years to come these will become some of the most sought after antique items. Seek out this brand because you can not go wrong, you will be able to get anything from a simple dinner silverware set to the most amazing set piece box of silver beauty.

Chubo Knives

Chubo knives is one of the most popular of the many many knife producers in Japan. It is very wide ranging and chefs from the whole world use these knives. They have embraced modernity, not in the way they make the knives, that is still traditional, but in the way they market themselves. They have taken to social media getting young chefs and cooks being interested in their work. The knives themselves, if you take good care of them, should last a lifetime. Any knife with this stamp on them will certainly be worth the money.


Korin is a leading company that sells everything you may need for your kitchen and your table. You can get anything from knives to simple cookware and tableware. Their quality products that shine the most though are their steel cooking utensils. Japanese steel yet again plays a vital roll in every sing kitchen utensil you could possibly think of. From ladle’s to fine sieves to kitchen scissors to tongues to knife sharpening steels and the list goes on and on and on. Take a look at the images below to see just a minute example of the products they have to offer. A quick search on the internet will also show you how easy it is to get their products sent almost anywhere in the world.





Noritake is a tableware producer that originated in Japan and is still produced there but their company has reach world wide status as one of the leading manufacturers of porcelain and china tableware. The range is endless, anything you may want for your dinner table you will be able to find on their many websites. You can get anything from your single place settings to serving dishes and platters to ramekins and even oven proof cooking dishes. Take a look at the images below to see just three of the different design ideas they have.


Narumi is another leading brand in tableware. They have a lot of glassware products in their arsenal, which a lot of tableware makers seem to miss out, along with Japanese porcelain and china. One of the leading ranges of this brand is that of tea related products. As you can see by the images below they take great pride in their ability to provide Japan its national drink on a daily basis with beautifully crafted porcelain tea cups and serving plates. This one is perfect to look for if you are a lover of tea, i know there are hundreds of millions of you out there.

So, there you have it then. The best Japanese brands to take your kitchen to that extra level of beauty sophistication and quality. Whether you are looking to change your kitchen and table and silverware to Japanese products or are just simply looking for something of a change then you are most certainly covered. If you are a restaurateur who needs a little flare in the cutlery section then Yamazaki is the place to get those and you will never look back.  And if you are a chef please check out those knives, they are second to none. Happy shopping.