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Izakaya Bars in Shibuya You Should Not Miss Out!

Perhaps you are wondering what is an Izakaya? Well roughly translated it can be described as a traditional gastropub a quiet place where Japanese like to spend their time after work and have a drink in their tranquil surroundings. You can usually recognize an Izakaya bar by a red lantern which is usually kept in front of the bar. There are several types of Izakaya though depending on the ambient you can conclude what sort of Izakaya bar you prefer.


1.Rokunen Yonkumi Daiichi Bunko

The Rokunen Yonkumi Daiichi Bunko is an Izakaya Bar which will not only feed your belly but also your knowledge.Why may you ask? Well, the entire bar is themed like a school and the name is derived from a combination of two phrases: 4th Class 6 Grade, what makes this izakaya bar stand out among the rest it’s surely it’s unique Japanese elementary school theme which is an interesting concept.Things like a Globe, blackboards and school desks are sure to remind you of your Schooling days and there are multiple rooms all themed like a specific classroom!


【Basic Information】
Restaurant name: Rokunen Yonkumi Daiichi Bunko
Address: 32-12 Udagawa-cho , Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Business hour: 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Average payment per person(yen):¥3000-5000
Phone number:(+81)3-3496-6040
Official website: http://www.6nen4kumi.com/shibuya/





Gnsp is definitely the place to be. Its cordial appeal lies in almost urban gritty appeal. On the walls, there are pictures from all sort of urban cultural icons from just about any age. This place reminds me of the famous Hard Rock Cafes from America with it’s interior as its very much speaks punk and rock and roll. The Bar is filled with all manners of different drinks and it’s commonly known that the food portions come in large quantities making it great to share with other people. The seafood comes in large variety making it a very casual night out where you can always meet someone new.


【Basic Information】
Restaurant name: GNSP
Address: 2F,37-14 Udagawa-cho , Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Business hour: 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Average payment per person (yen):¥3000-5000
Phone number:(+81)3-6416-8806
Official website:http://www.ns-punk.jp/





 Kushizaru 2

Kushizaru will be hard to miss out due to the fact it’s lavishing outside is filled with large red lanterns. This relaxing haven offers a large selection of kushiage which consists of meat and vegetables which complimented with an all-you-can-drink offer which is not that expansive will definitely secure a good relaxing night. Kuzshiziru combines the love of deep-fried food along with a tranquil ambient creating a perfect serene night out for you!

【Basic Information】
Restaurant name: Kushizaru
Address: 37-10, Udagawa-machi, Shibuyaku, Tokyo
Business hour: 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM (Sunday – Thursday) 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM (Friday and Saturday)
Average payment per person (yen):¥2000-3000
Phone number: (+81)3-3465-0260
Official website:http://www.kushizaru.jp/index.html

4. Sai


 Sai 2

Sai bar is an elegant izakaya bar in the proximity of Shibuya Station. Housing over 250 seats you can count on almost always finding an empty table for you and your posse. Here you can also enjoy an all you can drink with a vast variety of Japanese seafood like tofu and sushi. There are amazing dishes you can split with your friends while you gather around large aquariums which portray beautiful exotic fish while you dine with your friends enjoying traditional Japanese meals.

【Basic Information】
Restaurant name: Sai
Address: 2-9 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Business hour: 4:00 PM – 11:40 PM (Weekdays and Sunday)4:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Saturday and National Holiday)
Average payment per person (yen):¥4000-5000
Phone number: (+81)3-3477-1431
Official website:http://www.sai-dining.com/index.html

5.Bucchigiri Sakaba


 Bucchigiri Sakaba 2

If you ever need to organize a large event with up to 80 people in mind Bucchigiri Sakaba is the right choice for you. This Izakaya proved time and time again as the perfect place to make everyone happy. First of all the prices at Bucchigiri are absolutely delightful, taken into consideration that the majority of items on the menu will not go above  ¥300 including the yakitori! Secondly, the ambient is pleasant and you are sure to meet a lot of interesting people here whether or not you are into socializing the establishment offers everything good to go, so you can order your meal and take it home with you. We highly recommend the Asahi Super Dry following a portion of kushiyaki then proceeding to some fried noodles and beef motsu-nikomi stew.


【Basic Information】
Restaurant name: Bucchigiri Sakaba
Address: 6F,13-7, Udagawa-machi, Shibuyaku, Tokyo
Business hour: 4:00 PM – 5:00 AM
Average payment per person (yen):¥1500-2000
Phone number: (+81)3-5728-4139
Official website: http://www.bucchigiri.com/index.html



Oh and I almost forgot, make sure to check out for special pamphlets or sometimes called lunch passports which can grant you a good discount depending on the izakaya bar for which it can be applied, also special events like Halloween or new year’s eve usually spice up special items and offers so try to inform on the site before coming in order to make the best of your visit. Now that you are more acquainted with how the izakaya tradition works we hope you will have a great time and plenty of pleasant memories from your visit!