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Best Coffee Shop Chains In Japan

In a busy growing industrial modern world productivity is the key to success in any field, and it all starts with a cup of coffee in the morning a pleasure shared universally across the globe. Japan like any other country is a busy interstate with millions of people going places, however, stopping at one of many Coffe shop chains across Japan you get to experience something a little bit different. So to save you some time looking for a particular one, we have listed some of the more popular coffee shop chains in Japan and not to worry as always Japan always has something extra to offer than just regular coffee.

1.Starbucks Coffee

Who hasn’t heard of Starbucks? With their internationally recognized brand originating in Seattle, United States their shops are popping out all over the world and surely Japan is not exclusion. The word Starbucks is almost universally synonymous with the word coffee and it’s not different in Japan. But what makes them so great? You can support various ecological causes with buying special brands of coffee and you will be glad to know that a part of the profit will go to a major charity cause, other than that free wi-fi will keep you entertained along with a free online book browser which was originally signed between Starbucks and Tsutaya. Unique drinks available only to Japan are beverages like Sakura or Matcha dessert are bountiful so visit soon.

2.Mister Donut



Mister Donut not to be confused with another popular Japanese coffee chain known as Doutor an equally popular chain, however, Mister Donut as it’s name suggests has a plethora of donuts of all sorts which are hugely popular across Japan, besides coffee you can treat yourself to a nice lunch like dim sum, pasta, and noodles. Japanese people usually call this restaurant Misdo and it’s open to people from all walks of life. You can find Mister Donut’s establishments all across Japan and we highly recommend them!

3.Tully’s Coffee

Tully’s coffee is another original Western established franchises like Starbucks, they also come from Seattle, with over 630 stores across Japan they have integrated quite well mostly due to their novelty specialized coffee containing high amounts of caffeine. This coffee beverage is especially popular among young people and Tully takes great pride in their quality control having their own coffee beans grown especially for their products promising that that rich coffee taste vastly superior to others, and to top it off Tully also like Starbucks offers free wi-fi to their customers but also official Pokemon stops for Pokemon fans who want to stock up on their items before going on a new pokemon hunt!

4.Excelsior Caffé

If you are looking for coffee in Japan which has a proclivity towards a more traditional Italian approach to coffee shops, look no further than the famous Excelsior Caffe, run by the same company which owns Doutor coffee and co, here at Excelsior they have certainly distinguished themselves from their usual menu. Excelsior offers great snack additions to your regular coffee such as pasta and paninis a type of great Italian sandwiches which can be spiced with brötchen. All in all a great place to relax and enjoy yourself as the serene surrounding of the coffee shop will provide for giving you time to think and reflect on your day.


Now Fuglen may not belong to a particular coffee chain but we felt that it should be included in the list due to its unique evocative thematic ambient reminiscent of Scandinavian style coffee houses.Everything here just makes you feel like you stumbled into a cozy rustic Norway lounge. The desserts here are simply marvelous like the cinnamon bun topped with salty nuts makes for a great appetizer. For all you coffee lovers this is a great place to stop by if you ever find yourself in Tokyo. The coffee shop is located just around the corner from Yoyogi Park and we should also mention that the prices tags are also very much Scandinavian so make sure you stock up on funds before you go.

6.Ginza Renoir

Ginza Renoir originated as the name suggests in Ginza. They own several coffee chains which all are individually different in their own way. Coffee Room Renoir is no exception, as you may know, Renoir was a famous French painter who was famous for his influential Impressionistic painting style. This coffee shop perfectly reflects that as it’s filled with black and white symmetries which are pleasant to the eye. Everything from the cushy seats and carpets simply drips art and the waiters and waitresses wear exclusively black and white uniforms adding to the mood. So sit down in a comfortable chair and spend the most Renoir time possible enjoying yourself with some great coffee.

7.Caffè Veloce


How about a great self-service coffee? Caffe Veloce is a heaven for people who want to enjoy their coffee and not worry about the price. You can get a coffee at 200 yen a cup which is really reasonable and feel free to add some coffee Jelly topped with soft serve ice cream which is really great! They are managed by the same people who operate Chat Noir co. And coffee Veloce which originated in Italy models itself after their customers who are usually busy go doers sort of people. Besides low prices, they serve an exquisite Tapioca Matcha Drinks which is Japan’s green tea ideal for that sunny afternoon.



No list of famous Japanese coffee chains would be fulfilled without mentioning coffee Doutor. They offer the ideal blend of quality and prices when it comes to coffee and related products. Starting in Harajuku with just one establishment they quickly moved nationwide and are now all over the country. You can usually find them near stations in metropolitan Tokyo. Some people feel right at home in Doutor due to Its peaceful atmosphere and quietness. If you ever stop by we happily recommend taking a Milano sandwich with your coffee as they are not too strong nor fatty.

So there you go. On our list, we certainly covered the most varieties possible and tried to include price range, variety, and ambiance as our 3 most important factors when choosing the ideal Coffe Shop Chain in Japan. It’s up to you to choose which one suits you best but we recommend as always trying a few different ones before settling for one permanently. Don’t forget to try matcha tea once in a while some people claim it’s as good as coffee for you!