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Best Bars for Foreigners in Sapporo


Sapporo is not as famous as Tokyo or Osaka, but is a great place to visit, and even to enjoy the nightlife, as relaxed as it may be. Susukino is where most of the action takes place in Sapporo, with many popular joints vying for your business. This amusement district in central Sapporo is has several entertainment options, including cafes, restaurants, bowling alleys, karaoke bars, girly bars and well, of course, the gaijin bars, catering to the foreigners. 

If its a good time in a bar that you are looking for, here are just a few of the many places in Sapporo where you can enjoy the local nightlife, in the company of other tourists and foreigners. 

1.Bar Locotonte

Bar Locotante is a popular Gaijin (Western-style) bar in Sapporo, and is a great place to meet just about all types of people, from foreign tourists, to ex-pats, to the locals. This foreigner friendly bar offers a wide variety of local and international beers as well as good food. However, its really a great place to hang out and listen to some great music played by the in-house and guest DJs. they play music ranging from dance mixes, to hip-hop, to R&B and even great club mix. Its a very popular club for live shows, so if you want to dance to some great beats, head out to Bar Locotonte.





【Basic information】
Name : Bar Locotonte
Address : 4F Susukino-kaikan Building, Nishi 4 Minami-7 jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business hour : 20:00~5:00
Phone number : +81 11-533-3728
Official website : http://www.locotonte.com
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The TK6 bar is very popular among foreigners and the local ex-pat community living around Sopporo. It is split across two floors, and can be easily identified by the goofy looking angler fish lighting up the entrance. Generally busy during most weekday evenings, TK6 is especially popular with people who want to grab an after work drink.

It has large screen TVs and projectors in multiple areas, that play different sports from across the world, especially big events. The atmosphere is quite friendly and laid-back, not surprising, since it is owned by an Aussie bloke. They also do live music gigs occasionally, but make sure you get there early, since it gets packed with people quite fast. The bar is open till late night, especially if there is a big game on, so if you are a sports fan who enjoys beer, TK6 is the ideal spot to be in. And the food they serve is quite tasty too. It has a Western styled menu, filled with burritors, burgers, pizzas, fish and chips and even meat pies.

Although it is mainly frequented by foreigners, a lot of Japanese locals do hang around here, so if you want to meet up some locals while in Sopporo, TK6 could be a great place to start.  





【Basic information】
Name : TK6
Address : Nishi 6-5-3, Minami-2 jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business hour : Monday&Sunday 16:00-Midnight/ Tuesday – Thursday 16:00-02:00/ Friday 16:00-03:00/ Saturday 13:00-03:00
Phone number : +81 11 272 6665
Official website : https://tk6.jp
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The first Irish pub to open in Hokkaido, a trip to Brian Brew is the most natural thing to do in Sopporo, if you have Ireland on your mind. Being Irish, it naturally has Guinness on tap, along with other great classics including some amazing Irish single malts and ales. They also serve some hearty meals, including fish and chips, shephards’ pies, grilled steaks, and even have a wide selection of cheeses. The friendly staff speak English very well, and is a great place to get to know with the locals, while watching a game of rugby, and enjoying the great food.

They have interesting days of the week, such as Monday, which is Whiskey Day, with great offers on whiskies on that day. Every Thursday is Kilkenny Day, and ladies get pampered on Fridays, with really cheap cocktails and they even do an Irish music night on the last Thursday of the month. 




【Basic information】
Address : 2F Silkroad Building, Nishi 14 Kita-11 jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business hour : Monday – Saturday 17:00~0:00
Phone number : +81 11-746-6696
Official website : http://www.brian-brew.com/bb/index.html
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This sports bar in Sapporo is a great place to relax and lounge out with some friends, while grabbing a beer and watching some sports on their large screen TVs. Like other bars, it has an amazingly laid-back and relaxed feel with low seater sofas in which you can sink in comfortably after a long day’s hard work. The walls are covered with sports team banners and flags, posters and other photos, giving the place a unique character of its own.

Jersey Bar has more than 30 different types of beer on offer. And they also serve different whiskies, cocktails and wines. They also serve snacks and finger foods to accompany the drinks, as well as Japanese meals for those looking for a quick dinner. The prices are quite reasonable, and a night out here with friends won’t cost you a bomb!





【Basic information】
Address : Nishi 6-10-4 Minami-3 jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business hour : Monday – Thursday&Sunday 18:00~1:00 / Friday – Saturday 18:00~2:00
Phone number : +81 11-242-4335
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With its Italian roots from Naples, Salvatore Cuomo & Bar Susukino, is arguable one of the best places to enjoy the authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Japan, while sitting in a bar, enjoying your favourite drink. More of an Italian cafe, than a bar, Salvatore Cuomo & Bar, offers a wide range of pastas, risottos, and other Italian classics.

However, the best thing you can order here is the pizza. Available in 3 different sizes, depending on how hungry (or greedy) you are, the pizzas here are just like the ones in Italy, simple, light and yet extremely flavourful. Their traditionally handmade pizzas have won numerous awards and pair up perfectly with a light wine or any of the other drinks that are on offer at the restaurant / bar / cafe. They have several great tasting wines at reasonable prices, making it an ideal spot for lunch or dinner. 




【Basic information】
Address : 1F Daiwa-Roynet Hotel Sappro, Nishi 1-2-1 Minami-4 jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business hour : Monday – Thursday&Sunday&Holidays 17:00~23:30 / Friday&Saturday 17:00~2:00
Phone number : +81 11-530-0965
Official website : http://www.salvatore.jp/restaurant/susukino/

Sapporo is a laid-back and relaxed town, but it has a lot of 24 hour bars and restaurants, ensuring that you can have a great time in the city. Also, unlike Tokyo or Osaka, Sapporo is not a very touristy destination. Keep that in mind when you are planning a night out in the city. Be nice to the locals, and ask around for recommendations, and you are likely to have a great night out.