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Foreigners Best Bars in Shibuya

Bars, entertainment and brilliant food right in the heart of an amazing place? Well, look no further. Where else other than the one and only Shibuya, or the ‘Astringent Valley’ as people like to call it? This is one of Tokyo’s busiest commercial and business areas and a place of utter joy and happy gatherings. More so variety of food and drink.
Everyone loves the chance to chill with a beverage and some snacks after that long day. So what better place to do it than a bar right? Whether it’s for social time, that special occasion or to bring your home country to you, this list has it covered. You won’t be disappointed!



‘HUB –  Centre of hub wheel.’ Or more, ‘The place where people gather?’ There really is no better place to go than here if you’re wanting to hang out! If you’re wanting to bring a bit of Britain to Asia and maybe the addition of a dragon (which hangs on their sign,) then get yourself to the HUB. With its extensive menu of British grub, you’ll be feeling like you’re back in your English hometown in no time. Fish and chips, mushy peas, happy hour or maybe that good ole’ cuppa, either way, these guys have got it covered. Home really is where the heart is, no matter where you might be in the world. In this case, it’s Shibuya and with the added bonus of a fine ale intact.

Address : B1F ICHIGO FIESTA SHIBUYA, 3-10 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : Monday – Thursday 16:00~1:00 / Friday 16:00~2:00 / Saturday 14:00~2:00 / Sunday 14:00~1:00
Phone number : +81 3-3462-5881
Official website : https://www.p’#ub-hub.com/
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2. Abbot’s choice


With beers such as Guinness and Abbott Ale, there really is no better bar than here if you want that British drink. An absolute ‘must see’ if you’re an ale or beer drinker and a top effort from Abbot’s choice. There are near to one hundred kinds of bottled beer and that combined with their spectacular events is a massive hit with locals and foreigners! There are over 200 kinds of whiskey to compliment the palette, but do try to avoid them all in one night, yeah?
Aside from this pub’s masses of drinks, there’s also a great selection of food. However, not your British standard. The Abbot’s choice’s chef holds a wonderful talent in Italian food and dining, meaning that your experience mixes Britain, Italy and Asia together! PerfName:

Name : Abbot’s choice
Address : 1F, 1-11-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : 15:00~7:00
Phone number : +81 3-6809-0329
Official website : http://www.dinnerrush.jp/

3.What the Dickens!


What the Dickens! A bar just three minutes walk from Ebisu station full of character and charm. With its brand new designed website to show it off more, this place is a winner on the list and a popular favourite in Shibuya. Buzzing with music, top vibes and British home cooked food, you’re sure to have a great day or night! Their beers range from top winners like traditional stouts and ales, right the way through to lagers and beers. Bringing Europe closer to those here in Asia.
Their nights consist of a range of music from rock and pop, right the way through to blues with some of the top tribute acts featuring regularly. What the actual Dickens, right? Get yourself down for loads of fun and a feast to remember at one of Shibuya’s best bars.

Name : What the Dickens!
Address : 4F Roob6 Building, 1-13-3 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : Tuesday – Thursday 17:00~1:00 / Friday – Saturday 17:00~2:00 / Sunday 15:00~0:00
Phone number : +81 3-3780-2099
Official website : http://www.whatthedickens.jp/


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Being described as ‘rustic and warm’, this bar is set to be something to remember. We all love a good Irish dance right or a sing-song? So why not make it more of a reality wherever you are in the world! Irish bars triumph and Dubliners aren’t going to fail you.
Opening first in 2005, these pubs are opening all around Tokyo, with now five of them open to the public and with their beer pumps flowing. With hospitality set you keep you well looked after, there’s simply no reason not to head to this place and get a good ole’ giggle and enormous amounts of fun! Set in a warm, comfy and settled environment you’ll definitely feel at home. Not only are there Irish traditions, Dubliners also cater with Sake and Asian dishes on top. A bit of a mix for everyone.

Address : 2F Dogenzaka Center Building, 2-29-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hour : Monday – Saturday 12:00~1:00 / Sunday&Holidays 12:00~23:00
Phone number : +81 3-5459-1736
Official website : http://www.dubliners.jp/index.html




Garashu, one of the top bars for foreigners and Japanese alive. Open in 2012 and serving dinner, coffee and a wide selection of drinks it’s perfect to pop in and check out! It’s been rated one of the ‘top bars in Tokyo’ with their incredible staff and brilliant barmen.
More recently, they’ve exceeded beyond expectation with their varieties of whisky and have specialist choices for their specialist clientele. People are just dying to see and taste what Garashu has to offer. You can feel special with every sip and not feel guilty in the slightest, everyone deserves a treat day right? With their friendly atmosphere and classy interior, you’ll feel like your away and back in time sat in a luxurious bar. What more could you want for an afternoon of class and pazazz hey?!

Name : Garasha
Address : 1F M Buiading, 1-13-1, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hour: Monday – Saturday 18:00~2:00
Phone number: +81 3-3461-5070

If these descriptions, secret hideaways and bars aren’t enough to get to get you thirsty, why not try checking out their websites, following them on Facebook or going to see for yourself? There’s no better way of experiencing a place than going there yourself! Open most hours of the day and catering for all, you won’t be disappointed. Bring your home to you when in Asia and whilst you’re at it why not get a beverage or two in for you and your friends? I’m sure you’ll all have a night to remember…or maybe not depending on how long you’re tempted to stay in there!