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How to Bake Your Own LeTAO Style Double Fromage Cheesecake!

Japan is home to many culinary delights, covering every part of the flavour spectrum. They have also adopted food from many different cultures and perfected them to such a degree that they can call it their own.

One such example is LeTAO (pronounced LuTAO), a brand well-known across Asia for their cheesecakes. The company is based in Hokkaido, an island of Japan famous for their dairy produce and LeTAO gained international fame thanks to their double fromage cheesecake. Double Fromage, means double cheese so you basically get two different flavoured cheesecakes in one. Sounds awesome doesn’t it?


For those who are dying to try this cheesecake or have tried it and are currently reminiscing. There is some good news for you, LeTAO has been expanding overseas recently but the bad news is they are mostly situated around Asia. So, for all the cheesecake enthusiasts outside of Asia, you might not get a slice for a long time to come. That is unless you make your own of course which is what I’m here for!

To begin with you need to prepare the following:


Cake Base
25g Cake Flour
25g Almond Meal
25g Sugar
25g Butter

Cream Cheese Mousse
200g Cream Cheese
60g Sugar
60g Whipping Cream
1L/XL Egg
1L/XL Egg Yolk
½tsp Vanilla Extract (Optional)
6g Cake Flour (Optional)

Mascarpone Mousse
200g Mascarpone Cheese
60g Sugar
60g Whipping Cream A
100g Whipping Cream B
5g Gelatine Sheets (Gold Strength/180 Bloom)

Oven & Flat Baking Tray
Baking Paper or Silicone Pad
Food Processor/Cutter (Optional)*
Large Bowls
16cm Diameter x 50cm H Ring Mould

*Depends on your baking knowledge. If you know how to sablage then you won’t need a food processor or cutter.

This recipe should make enough to fill the 16cm mould to the brim with a little bit of mousse left over.

Leave the mascarpone cheese and cream cheese out 4-8 hours before using to let it soften. It’s easier to whip up this way.



(1) First line your baking tray with baking paper or a silicone pad. Then place the 16cm diameter ring in the centre and place aside.

(2) Then pre-heat the oven to 150celsius.

(3) Lastly, fill a bowl up with cold water and submerge the 5g of gelatine sheets inside. Let the bowl sit in the fridge for at least 15 minutes before use. Make sure gelatine sheets are fully submerged in water.

Cake Base and Cream Cheese Mousse

a. While the oven is getting ready, start to the cake base, you can simply pop the four cake base ingredients into a food blender/processor and blend in pulses until ingredients are evenly mixed. You may need to scrape the sides in between blends because the ingredients may stick to the side making it difficult to blend evenly.

b. Once ingredients are evenly mixed, you can transfer the cake base into the 16cm mould on the baking tray you previously prepared. Press and spread evenly with a spoon or the bottom of a wine glass and then set aside.


c. Then we start to make the cream cheese mousse.

(1) first whisk the cream cheese together with the sugar, once it’s evenly mixed.

(2) whisk in 60g of whipping cream until evenly mixed.

(3) Next, we add the eggs and vanilla extract to the mixture and whisk until evenly mixed.

(4) Lastly whisk in the cake flour until the mixture is homogenous and pour it into the 16cm mould. By this point the oven should be ready, place the baking tray inside the oven and bake at 150celsius for 50minutes.

d. While the base is baking you can clean-up and take a break. I wouldn’t suggest making the mascarpone mousse now because you don’t want to risk it setting too soon.

(1) Wait until baking has finished, remove the baking tray from the oven and let it cooldown.

(2) Use a knife and trace around the rim so the cake doesn’t stick to the mould. Just leave the cake to cool like this and start making the mascarpone mousse. If the cake looks too big straight out of the oven, don’t worry it’ll deflate quickly.

Mascarpone Mousse


(1) First whisk up the 100g of Whipping Cream in a bowl until stiff peaks form, place in fridge until its needed for later.

(2) Next whisk mascarpone cheese with sugar until evenly mixed.

(3) Then remove the gelatine sheets from the fridge and drain excess water by giving it a slight squeeze. Warm the 60g of whipping cream in a saucepan and melt the gelatine sheets into the cream. Don’t let the cream boil it just needs to be hot enough to melt the gelatine. Stir with a spatula until evenly mixed then add it to the mascarpone and whisk until evenly mixed.

(4) Lastly, remove the whipped cream from the fridge and give it a little whisk before folding the mascarpone into the whipped cream. Once the mixture is homogenous you can proceed to the last step.

f. Check to see if the cake has cooled down. If the cake is warm to touch that should be fine. You just don’t want it to be too hot or it’ll melt the mascarpone mousse. At this point you can consider moving the cake onto a smaller flat surface such as a place or cake board as your baking tray might not fit into the fridge. If you see gaps, then you can consider using clingfilm to seal the edges on the outside of the ring to prevent leaks when your pour the mascarpone. When you’re ready pour the mascarpone mousse onto the baked cake. Level off with a ruler or palette knife if necessary and let the cake set in the fridge for an hour or two.


When the cake has set you can remove the ring mould by heating the ring mould with a hair dryer. Slowly heat the sides evenly until you can start lifting the ring from the cake. Lift gently with both hands and once removed you should place the cake back in the fridge and let it sit 8-24hours before serving. I just find the cake tastes better when it’s been left overnight.



If you want it to look like a proper LeTAO Double Fromage you need to cover the cake with crumbed sponge or biscuits. You can either bake your own sponge cake or buy it then make it into crumbs by grinding it against a sieve. I personally don’t care about the sponge but you’re welcome to try.

Another thing that’s great about this cake is it stores very well in the freezer. It’ll still taste just as good after it’s been frozen. Therefore, if you can’t finish the cake you can cut the cake into your usual servings then place them in an airtight box and freeze it. When you want to eat the cheesecake, you can pull out a serving and let it thaw a few hours in advance.


Happy Baking!