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Top 5 Japanese Fashion YouTubers


If you love the quirky and cool Japanese fashion quotient, chances are you are always searching for Japanese fashion tip videos on your favourite social media sites, including YouTube. And why not? Some of the most amazing Japanese fashionistas – male and female – have taken over the YouTube channels to provide their dedicated viewers with tons of useful information about the latest trends in fashion and style.
Whether you are looking for wardrobe makeover or just want to know what fashion brands are in vogue this season, these YouTubers have all the low-down you need. Many of these YouTubers post reviews of popular brands, give you useful fashion tips, help you plan an outfit, or even help you choose your accessories.
Just know one thing though… most of these influential YouTubers make videos only in Japanese, but I’m sure that minor detail won’t stop the most hardcore believers in Japanese fashion from following these cultural fashion icons on YouTube.
So, let’s get on with things, and make a list of 5 really really popular Japanese fashion influencers on YouTube today… 


Barely in his mid-20s, young Japanese YouTuber, Genji has clearly made his mark in the YouTube fashion sphere in the last few years. With over a 100 million view on YouTube, 400K subscribers on YouTube, and over a 110K followers on Instagram, Genji is most definitely one of the most popular fashion influencers on social media. He routinely gives tips on upcoming fashion trends, and helps viewers choose the best fashion outfits within a limited budget. Some of his most favoured fashion brands are LIDNM, Zozo, Auralee, Dr Martens and United Arrow. 


【Basic information】
Name: Genji
Official website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXrp0H7BPBHx2YTYMiiKEAA

2.Sasaki Asahi

This popular YouTuber routinely does video tutorials on make-up, fashion, hair and nails. With over 750,000 subscribers on YouTube, this part-time model and dancer definitely has a big fan following out there. The best part about Sasaki Asahi is that she has actually never formally learned any make-up or fashion techniques, but is completely self-taught, who has learned mostly from other fashion gurus on YouTube and from what she could pick up in popular fashion magazines.
According to her, every small thing around her can become an inspiration for the latest fashion trend. She also believes that not all great fashion needs to be expensive, so many of her videos promote reasonably priced products, which can be purchased by ordinary folks, without breaking the bank. 

Sasaki Asahi1asahisasakiSasaki Asahi2asahisasaki

【Basic information】
Name: Sasaki Asahi
Official website: https://www.youtube.com/user/sasakiasahi


Kaminishi is one of the newest entrants on the YouTube video blogging circuit, and in less than 2 years, has generated a lot of dedicated followers who turn to his video blog for advise on everything related to hair. His videos often show him trying out new hair styles, with the latest gadgets in the market.
His quirky and funny sense of video blogging is loved by his followers and he fact that he regularly changes his hair style and colour is also a great reason to watch his videos. He also highlights popular hair cream and skin care products on his channel, which is primarily focussed on the young people segment. He also provides tips on how to protect your scalp while trying out different hair styles and products, so if you want to rock some serious without causing any damage to your head, do check out Kaminishi’s YouTube channel.



【Basic information】
Name: Kaminishi
Official website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3GFTv-vZurvQ7p0_ovbj1Q


This popular YouTube video blog Choicerish, is run by beauty guru and artist, Chihiro. She is very famous for her “How To…” videos on the latest fashion trends. She wants to show the world that make up is not just a way of making yourself look beautiful, but it can also be a way of creating your own personal identity, and creating or redefining your personality for others to clearly see.
Chihiro is bubbling with creativity and a unique personality, which comes across very clearly in her YouTube videos. She is a strong believer in women putting their best image forward, in order to raise their own independence levels at work and in personal life. Some of her most popular video posts have been about her daily eye make up routine and her occasional reviews of 100 Yen fashion and beauty products.
She routinely sports affordable yet fashionable brands like Urban Breeze. One of the most popular segments on her YouTube channel is her year end review of her favourite cosmetics for that particular year.


【Basic information】
Name: Choicerish
Official website: https://www.youtube.com/user/Choicerish


The unassuming looking young lanky YouTuber, named Hazumu, is a big fashion blogger on YouTube. He routinely posts review videos of popular clothing and accessory brands. Hazumu is a great reviewer, and gives quite elaborate details of the products he talks about.
Since his style is quite friendly, it feels more like taking fashion advice from a friend who knows what he is talking about, rather than listening to a YouTube video. He is very focussed, with lots of information about product quality, pricing,  where to buy the best shoes and accessories. Sometimes, he takes out a lot of clothes – like denims – from his wardrobe, and model them for his followers. He also provides good commentary on what features work best for that particular item and what they can be paired with in the future.
For many fashion followers, who do not want to check out beauty related video blogs, but want to know more about trending clothes, shoes and bags, etc. this is the perfect YouTuber to follow.  


【Basic information】
Name: Hazumu
Official website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMvBOHekeyJQfF56PG01qhA


Nowadays, YouTubers are rising in popularity everywhere and Japan is no exception. Most YouTubers have collected a mass following, and are likely to only grow in popularity in the future. In fact, the word “YouTuber” is very popular in Japan, and many people have made it into a big career. These influential Japanese YouTubers are giving the Japanese an amazing view on how to remain trendy and fashionable.  They clearly indicate that you can be fashionable without going over budget. Or even losing your sense of identity or uniqueness in the process. These YouTubers are worth following even if you are not a big fan of fashion. It can give you a unique perspective on the Japanese culture and sense of style. Not to mention, it will also help you learn the Japanese language.

Happy viewing!