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Awesome Things to Buy in Japan

With holidays coming in shortly and winter cascading throughout the majority of the globe, a sense of tradition and a Christmassy feeling slowly starts to unveil upon us, with that comes a time of giving and peace and what better place to shop gifts than from Japan, well known for its abundance of quirky items unavailable to the rest of the world, and oriental traditional products come in plentitude as well as it’s well known to the world made by masters of the trade. So what should you get this year from Japan? We narrowed the list for you and be sure that whoever get’s the gift will have a smile once they open it.

cover photo credit:Simon King


1.Snack Subscription

Snack Subscription@snakku

What better way to treat your self or your loved ones than traditional Japanese sweats! For all, you connoisseurs of fine candy snack subscription will be a delight to have for anyone. Uniquely selected and packaged according to the season makes snack what it is: A monthly procurer of sweets based on the current season. Each box is beautifully wrapped in a traditional, washi-paper called furoshiki and with it comes to enough snacks to share with your friends. Once you subscribe it will be easy to cancel or skip a month, and to help you get started a delicious sample box is readily available for you.



 Chopsticks 2

Now the number one rule in Japan if western food is consumed it is so by using western utensils, everything else should be absolutely had with chopsticks, and by gifting someone with a pair you can certainly embellish them with an interesting new take when eating. The best thing about chopsticks is that they come in all sorts of variety so saying there are enough for everyone is a no-brainer. From typical wooden ones at the 100 yen store, you can find a variety of patterned sets down at the Ginza Natsuno. So take your time browsing the online stores for the perfect ones.


3.Sensu Fans

Sensu Fans

Sensu Fans 2

Although it’s winter and fans are not exceptionally useful they make for amazing gifts, and they come in great variety suited for both female and males alike with slight differences in size. Traditionally they were used in the eccentric Japanese Kabuki Theater made which were carved out of bamboo and held together and keyed by a pivot at the lower end of the fan. These were called Sensu fans and they were essential and most common props used for Kabuki performers. It’s interesting to know that long ago they were used as weapons but also to give signals during battles, today you can get them at a lot of places making for the perfect ornament to have in your household.


4.Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko 2

The Maneki Neko was known as the “beckoning cat” a type of figurine from Japan which is sought as a lucky charm. These adorable cat figurines made out of ceramic are completely hand painted and they will spice up any home in which they are brought especially if you like cats. They come in a variety of colors but usually are found in pitch black, red and white. Some of them feature adorable gestures like waving while some wash their face which in Japan culture often implies that a guest will come soon. They appeared somewhere in Tokyo during the Edo period and have been sold at temples and shops alike ever since.

5.Japanese Lacquerware

Japanese Lacquerware

 Japanese Lacquerware 2

Add some class to your home this year, with a piece made out of Japanese Lacquerware made with a wide range of decorative arts as lacquer is known for being used in urushi-e, prints and a vast array of objects from Budhha statues to boxes for food for animals called bento. The history of lacquerware in Japan reaches back to the Jomon Period and has been developing ever since. There are a lot of products made from it like ornamental bowls, stationery boxes and other amazing things which feature traditional Japanese symbol and drawings of folk tales. Guaranteed to make the perfect gift for any home.

To be completely honest there are a lot to choose from when it comes to gifts from Japan, from traditional products made with care to fluffy animals from your favorite Anime one thing is certain, Japan has something for everybody.