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Temples and Shrines You Can Visit While in Osaka

Temples and shrines are said to be connected to the world beyond ours. It’s where the ancestors give their descendants wisdom and guidance. It’s where the gods grant people some favors in exchange for an offering. Whether you’re a true believer, or just curious about the sights, you don’t have anything to lose by checking out these shrines in Osaka.


1.Horikoshi Shrine


 Horikoshi Shrine 2

Legend has it that the great Prince Shoutoku, who helped shape Japan as we know it back in the 7th century, constructed this shrine. The prince’s power is said to still reside in the shrine, which is beautifully lit by some lanterns. According to local legend, a wish you make can be granted if you pray to the shrine. It wouldn’t hurt to make a wish, right? I made a wish there, but I won’t tell you what it is.


【Basic Information】
Name:Horikoshi Shrine
Address: 1-8 Chausuyama-cho, Tennouji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Official website:www.horikoshijinja.or.jp


2.Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine

Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine

 Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine 2

Another shrine that grants wishes according to legend. This time, a god, or kami, resides in the Grand Shrine, and will answer your wish if you pray hard enough. And if the wish does come true, go back and give your thanks to the god. This shrine is indeed grand, and I don’t care if my wish comes true. It was just a beautiful experience all around.


【Basic Information】
Name:Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine
Address: 2-9-89 Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Official website: www.sumiyoshitaisha.net/


3.Hiraoka Shrine

Hiraoka Shrine

 Hiraoka Shrine 2

Are you down on your luck? Why not check out the Hiraoka shrine? Filled with plum blossoms, this area is not only pretty, but there’s supposed to be a god there who can make your luck better. If you’ve been on an unlucky streak, the god is said to erase that. Alternatively, if your luck has been good, maybe he can keep that streak going strong. Either way, the Plum Grove is so beautiful that it wouldn’t hurt to ask for luck.


【Basic Information】
Name:Hiraoka shrine
Address: 7-15 Izumoi-cho, Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka
Official website: www.hiraoka-jinja.org/


4.Amaterasu Takakura Shrine and Iwato Shrine

Amaterasu Takakura Shrine and Iwato Shrine

 Amaterasu Takakura Shrine and Iwato Shrine 2

Both names for this shrine work, as they are connected. Plus, the power spot is a little obscure even for citizens of the town. It’s a great place if you want your body to be purified, or just want a place to visit. Check them out, and you’ll definitely feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.


【Basic Information】
Name:Amaterasu Takakura Shrine and Iwato Shrine
Address: 550 Kyokoji, Yao, Osaka
Official website: http://www.yaomania.jp/data/InfoDetail.asp?id=1436  /  http://www.yaomania.jp/data/InfoDetail.asp?id=1222


5.Osaka Tenmangu

Osaka Tenmangu

 Osaka Tenmangu 2

Are you struggling on your studies? Or just feel like you need a little more education? You’re in luck. The gods of knowledge are said to reside here. Since Japan values success in education, many come here hoping to have good luck on their entrance exams. You’ll see a statue of a cow, and by rubbing it, you may feel more educated. Check it out near the summer to see the Tenjin Festival. It’s a lot of fun!

【Basic Information】
Name:Osaka Tenmangu
Address: 2-1-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Official website: http://www.tenjinsan.com/


6.Imamiya Ebisu

Imamiya Ebisu

 Imamiya Ebisu 2

Are you an entrepreneur? This shrine helps businesses succeed according to the locals. It attracts millions, and for good reason. Everyone wants to succeed in their business, and even if you aren’t a believer, you may feel like you can succeed after visiting. It was not only a beautiful shrine, but now I want to start a business.

【Basic Information】
Name:Imamiya Ebisu
Address: 1-6-10 Ebisunishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Official website: http://www.imamiya-ebisu.jp


7.Inunaki-san Shippouryu Shrine

Inunaki-san Shippouryu Shrine

Inunaki-san Shippouryu Shrine 2

You better like waterfalls, because Shippouryu Shrine has you covered. This shrine have a whopping seven waterfalls, and you’ll feel like you’ve been cleansed after standing by them. They will also improve the fortune for the pure. Go for the cleansing, and stay for the pretty sights.


【Basic Information】
Name:Inunaki-san Shippouryu Shrine
Address: Ooki 8, Izumisano-shi, Osaka
Official website: http://www.inunakisan.jp/


8.Katsuo Shrine

Katsuo Shrine

 Katsuo Shrine 2

In ancient times, the Katsuo shrine helped warriors win their battles. In the modern times, the shrine has adapted to fight the modern battles of modern humans. From winning in elections to passing that exam, this shrine does it all. It’s also filled with cherry blossoms, so that’s a plus. Go to it, and like me, you’ll enjoy what it has to offer.

【Basic Information】
Name:Katsuo Shrine
Address: 2914-1 Aomatani, Minou-shi, Osaka
Official website: http://www.katsuo-ji-temple.or.jp/katuouji_e/index.html


If you’re in Japan, or are planning a trip there, you cannot pass the chance to see some of the shrines it has to offer. Map them out and plan your trip, and you’ll be filled with power!