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The Awesome World of Osaka’s Antique and Vintage Stores

The awesome world of Osaka’s antique stores is one to wonder at. There’s no better place in the world than Japan for antiquing and one of the best places to go is Osaka. Osaka is a big city of over 2 and a half million people. It’s a bright metropolis that exudes modernity.

But don’t let that fool you it has not forgotten about the brilliance of older beauties. It’s antique stores therefore are very eclectic and varied and you can find just about anything you desire there. So here we’re going to show you three of Osaka’s antiquing spots to whet your appetite before visiting this magnificent city.


1.Antique KIMONO Nanashi-Do

Antique KIMONO Nanashi-Do 1

Antique KIMONO Nanashi-Do 3

Antique KIMONO Nanashi-Do 3
This store is your average old-fashioned store. It is small and has a small handful of staff working there who are also the owners. They sell some amazing vintage (and new) Kimono’s. That is not all they sell, though, they also have some unique and fantastical antiques. You can get anything from Japanese Fans to tableware to vases. The possibilities are endless. You are guaranteed to be happy walking around this little store that makes you feel warm and you could get a bargain whilst you’re there.

【basic Information】
Antique KIMONO Nanashi-Do
1 Chome-7-11 Taishi, Nishinari Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 557-0002, Japan
+81 90-8751-6559
6 PM – 9 PM

2.Furugi-ya JAM Momodani

Furugi-ya JAM Momodani@jam_swag_store_umeda

Furugi-ya JAM Momodani 2

Now, this place will have a singular name but, translating from Japanese to English is difficult so I think this is its full name and you’ll be able to find it by typing this into google no problem. Now Furugi-ya JAM Momodani differs vastly from our first store, Nanashi-Do, as it is a vintage clothing store. Alright, some people in the antique world will be saying that clothing does not qualify as antiques.

But, in my opinion, they are wrong. Very wrong. Clothing can be bought and sold from many centuries and even modern decades for anything up to millions of dollars. They are antiques. Whilst this store will not try to sell you anything for a million dollars you can find some amazing vintage clothing from Japan and all around the world. It is packed to the rafters and holds a massive array of things from footwear right the way through clothing and accessories. If it’s vintage you like, then this is the place for you. Vintage clothing is huge in the west so any western travellers to Osaka MUST check out this place.

【Basic Information】
Furugi-ya JAM Momodani
1-3-19 karasuga-tsuji, tennoji, Osaka, 543-0042 Japan
12 PM – 8 PM
Official website: https://jamtrading.jp/momodani/


3.Colombo Cornershop

Colombo Cornershop@ryo5748

Colombo Cornershop 2

We’re straying into something completely different again, here. What a place this is for the hundreds of millions of book lovers there are in the world. This is a vintage bookstore that sells just about any kind of book you can think of. Even vintage comic books and we all know how HUGE that market is in this day and age. This store will even go one better and serve you up a coffee in their café. Book lovers you are sure to find one hell of a gem in this place and get lost browsing the extensive collection.

【Basic Information】
4-3-9 minami-kyu-houjimachi,chuoku,Osaka,541-0058,Japan
+81 6 6241 0903
12 PM – 8 PM


So, there you have it. Osaka and three of the most different vintage antique stores. What a better place in the world and indeed Japan to find such an eclectic range of things. If you are looking for a specific vintage book, then you are covered. Fashionistas, if you’re looking for some vintage clothing then you are covered. Traditional antique hunters you are also covered. Come on over and get yourself something worth calling home about.