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Awesome Maid Cafes in Osaka You must visit

Japan is all about restaurants with unusual themes. Since the early 2000s, maid cafes have taken countries by storm. Originally part of otaku and anime culture, the maid cafes are just what you expect: cute women dressing up in French maid outfits who are completely in character as your servant. Although it seems like something for lonely men, it’s become a cultural phenomenon, attracting people of all genders and relationship statuses. There’s even cafes where men crossdress as women, making it fun for the ladies, or anyone who is into that.

The maid café concept has spread across the world. Some cafes have made it to the states, while others come across as little pop-ups in anime conventions. However, Japan is still the number one place to go if you want girls cosplaying as maids and telling you you’re their master. Whether you want to feel rich, or just like seeing women in maid costumes, here are some maid cafes to check out if you’re in Osaka.



Maidreamin 2

Maidreamin Maid Café wows with its colorful interior and cutsey designs. The food itself comes in all sorts of cute shapes, including omelet rice and hamburgers shaped like bears. For 500 yen an hour, you can have maids cook all these cute foods for you. The website allows you to make a reservation and even lets you see all the maids, so you can feel familiar before you even step into the building. I had a lot of fun at this café, and I think you will too.

【Basic Information】
Address:4-16-15 Nipponbashi Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Business hour:Mon.-Fri. 11:30~23:00 / Sat. , Sun. & Holiday 10:30~23:00
Official website: https://maidreamin.com/multilp/




e-maid 2

E-maid is a small, yet nice little café. As the name implies, it’d good for the internet user, as it has wireless Internet and will charge your devices, all while maids come in and treat you like their master. They serve some great dresses, from sweets to omelets with cute designs on them. Also, every November 15th, they have Secret Garden Day, which you can read more about on their site. I personally had some fun relaxing and exploring the web at this little café.

【Basic Information】
Address: 2-3-6 Nanbanaka, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0011, Japan
Phone: (+81)6-6649-0620
Business hour: weekday 14:00~23:00 (Closed Thu.) / weekend & Holiday 11:00~23:00
Official website: http://e-maid.net/

3.Mel Café

Mel Café

 Mel Café 2

Mel Café has a bit more of a fancy interior compared to most café, but it still has the maid café tropes, including food with cute shapes, plenty of desserts, and scenery that will make you feel like the master. Mel Café is also always looking for more maids, so if you think you can make the cut, go ahead. The site itself says you don’t have to be an anime lover to be a maid, so there’s that. I thought Mel Café was a blast, and you will too.

【Basic Information】
Name:Mel Café
Address:4-9-9 Nipponbashi, Naniwa-Ku, Osaka-Shi, Osaka 556-0005, Japan
Business hour:weelday 14:00~21:00 / weekend & Holiday 11:00~22:00
Official website: http://mel-cafe.com/

4.Café Doll

Café Doll



Café Doll has been in the maid business for over 12 years, almost as long as the maid café concept has been in the mainstream, so you’re definitely in good hands when you go to Café Doll. This café has all you can drink soft drinks, karaoke requests, and much more. I visited it and thought it was quite enjoyable. I’m usually not a fan of karaoke in America, but in Japan, it’s quite fun.

【Basic Information】
Name:Café Doll
Address:5-4-20 Nipponbashi, Naniwa-Ku, Osaka-Shi, Osaka 556-0005, Japan
Business hour:11:00~22:00
Official website: http://www.cafedoll.com/

And with that, these are some cafes that are worth exploring if you’re in the Osaka area, or are making a trip there. Maid cafes do sound a bit weird if you’re an outsider to Japanese or otaku culture, but if you are an insider, it’s definitely a dream come true. Not just for you, but for your friends, spouse, etc. Even if you’re an outsider, it’s still worth checking out. Getting outside your comfort zone and exploring a different world is something people need to do more often, and maid cafes are a great way to start. Go into one and explore a world that’s weird, yet oddly satisfying.