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Karate: The Awesome Sport & Japanese Martial Art

Karate is one of the most revered martial arts the world has ever known. Have you ever wanted to know more about this beautiful art form? Then you have come to the right place. Here we’re going to give you the basic details of one of the most amazing martial arts the world has ever seen. Let’s see if this is for you.

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What is Karate?

Karate is the martial art form that was born under the influence of martial arts in the Ryukyu Kingdom. This kingdom became part of Japan in 1879 and brought with it Karate to mainland Japan. It is an art form and sport that focuses on striking with the hands, arms, legs and feet. This is a discipline that takes years to master and many who seek to master it start when they are very young indeed.

Teaching this martial art is down to trainers named karateka’s. Like all forms of martial arts, Karate provides a way of life for most who train giving them zen-like freedoms found elsewhere by most in meditation or yoga. Unlike some martial arts Karate works on a belt grade system. You work you’re way up from the basic white belt when you begin taking most years to reach black belt status and eventually becoming trainers themselves if they so chose when they have mastered this beautiful art.

Some of the Grand Masters.

Some of the Grand Masters.


Karate’s Cultural Relevance

The relevance of Karate is ingrained deep in the Japanese culture. Whilst still practised by many before the 1960’s it didn’t reach astronomical levels until movies about martial arts became popular in Asia. The 1960’s and 1970’s birthed a cultural phenomenon and suddenly everyone wanted to try this. Some wanted to train their bodies and minds equally, some wanted to simply learn a defence for their own piece of mind. Whatever their reasoning Karate was hitting numbers that have more than likely never been matched. Many families grow in Japan with the notion that as well as school their children will also learn Karate.

Practising the Beautiful Art.

Practising the Beautiful Art.


World Wide Phenomenon

It’s these culturally iconic movies that helped spread the word of martial arts to the rest of the world. Particularly in the western regions of north America and Europe. It’s this that makes Karate still the no.1 martial art that is practised in the United Kingdom and most of Europe. When the Ryukyu people created this art form there was no way they could have imagined the giant world-wide anomaly they created all those years before. To put this into perspective there is a reported 50 million people in the world practising Karate to this day. A true art never dies.

World Wide Phenomenon


So, there you have it, Karate in all its glory. Does this seem like something you would like to try? Or do you currently practice it along with thousands (if not millions) of other people around the world? Either way it’s something to think about. For me personally it is the ultimate martial art and will remain one of the most culturally important things the human race has ever created.