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Have a Great Time with some Fun Japanese Karaoke

Welcome to the wonderful world of Karaoke. Karaoke is one of the biggest forms of night-time recreational fun in the entire world. Here we are going to share with you exactly what it is and why this popular thing is so enjoyable to anyone of any age. Especially in it’s home country of Japan.

What is Karaoke?




Karaoke, put simply, is the act of singing along to a song that has the words cut out and in the process giving it your own unique twist. Have you ever fancied a go at being Katy Perry for the night? Then get yourself on a karaoke and give it a whirl. This form of entertainment and recreation is huge and was formed in Japan in the early 1970’s. It involves singing along to a popular song with the words appearing on a screen. Quite often groups of adults after work whilst having a drink will go to Karaoke bars for a fun and relaxing time and maybe have a few laughs.

Why is it so Popular?




The reason it is so popular is that it is a form of escapism that pretty much anyone can enjoy. There’s lots of people around the world that would really love to sing, and this gives them that satisfaction. Think of having fun at a karaoke bar in a comparable way as having fun bowling for example. A nice little form of escape from everyday busy lives. This is what makes this activity so popular in Japan.

World Wide Domination



It’s not just Japan though that have fell in love with Karaoke. The rest of the world has been overcome with this phenomenon and has cherished it since it broke the world market back in the 1980’s. You would be hard done to find a western country that hasn’t got a karaoke bar somewhere in it’s borders. There is also the rest of Asia. Like Japan they have adopted karaoke with open arms and have karaoke spots across their countries from bars to shopping malls and even small individual Karaoke booths. To put this into perspective the global industry of karaoke is worth an estimated 10 Billion US Dollars. It really is that popular.

How to Enjoy it?




You may be thinking that this all sounds brilliant, but you still can’t bring yourself to sing in the presence of others because, in your head, you “don’t have a good singing voice.” Well, I’m here to tell you that most people can’t sing to popstar levels yet people still flock to these places to sing their hearts out. It’s about forgetting any sense of shame and letting yourself go, it doesn’t matter what others think of you when you sing because everyone is singing the same way. It’s this mindset that will allow you to have fun in any karaoke spot.



You may be thinking that there shouldn’t be much of a procedure for going into a Karaoke place but in Japan there are certain etiquette rules in place that are pretty easy to follow. Karaoke places usually allow you to pay for an amount of time for however many people are there and you do this by talking to the assistant at the window. It’s at this point that you will head towards the room number the assistant gave you and most places will offer you a wide variety of drinks and even food. Now all you need to do is select your song on the Karaoke system, don’t be alarmed if you haven’t seen a system as sophisticated as this wherever you are from it is simple. You search the song you want and sing like you mean it. Some places may even offer you a shaker or tambourine to help with the whole experience.

So, there you have it. Karaoke and it’s wondrous gift of freedom bearing fun. Don’t hesitate to try it on your next outing, wherever you are in the world. Or, for a more authentic experience, visit Japan and find yourself that perfect spot for a fun night out with you and your friends. Don’t forget all who are travelling groups of people this is a wonderful way to bond without spending too much money – we all know travelling can be expensive. And for all the people who are wanting to visit Japan alone then you should seek out a booth and sing from the bottom of your heart with all your soul. Have fun singing.