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Top 5 Japanese Idol YouTubers

The world of Japanese Idols sure is fascinating, albeit a whirlwind. With a very competitive market, a lot of hopeful youngsters vie for a place in the industry. Usually, the only idols we know are those who are set to go onstage as タレント (tarento) or celebrities, based on their singing, dancing or comedic skills. However, there are also lot of people who have begun venturing in the digital world, mainly on Youtube. They are nowadays called Youtube idols. May it be for additional exposure, artistic freedom, or just as a personal hobby, these idols have definitely mastered the ins and outs of being a Youtuber.

1.Sekine Risa

Working as a full time nurse, Sekine Risa juggles both her day job and being a Youtuber. She made waves as a beauty vlogger in 2012 when she uploaded a makeup tutorial on how to achieve “larger” eyes. She said that this video dramatically increased her followers by an average of 500 new subscribers per day during that time. From then on, she gained a much larger following by regularly uploading beauty content such as makeup tutorials and product reviews. Just last February, she became the first Japanese beauty Youtuber to reach 1 million subscribers. She was also crowned as the most viewed beauty channel in Japan last 2017. Currently, her videos have reached a stunning 335 million of total views.
Sekine Risa also released a documentary on her life as a Youtuber and a nurse. Here, she showed her everyday life and poured out her thoughts on being a Youtube personality. She said that while Youtube is a great opportunity to earn money, it is never easy as it does not offer stability. This is the reason why even though she is already famous, she still identifies herself as a full time nurse who just does Youtube on the side.

Sekine Risa1sekine.risaSekine Risa2sekine.risa

【Basic information】
Name: Sekine Risa
Official website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__AsSnEuyVgO9TWvZE_ziA

2.Kinoshita Yuka

If you’re looking for some crazy yet fun content, Kinoshita Yuka will surely deliver. Yuka started an eating channel in 2014 after winning several eating competitions nationwide. You might think that her concept is just an ordinary eat-in-front-of-the-camera type, but wait until you see the humongous amount of food she devours. She eats meals ranging from 5,000 calories to an insane 20,000 mark! From 10 servings of ramen to 48 pieces of fried chicken, it will surely blow your mind how Yuka is able to take on these challenges. She literally spices up the challenges by eating tons of spicy food as well. Her most popular video is her spicy noodle challenge where she ate three servings of the famous hot Korean noodles. This single video gained her an impressive 13 million views.
Her mukbang/eating videos are surely a hit as she has gained a smashing count of 1.4 billion views and 4.3 million subscribers. While her videos are surely enjoyable, many viewers have expressed their concern over Yuka’s health. Yuka was quick to reassure everyone that her body is doing well despite the insane amount of food she regularly intakes. Just this year, she even showed her medical report with straight A’s!

Kinoshita Yuka1yuka_kinoshita_0204Kinoshita Yuka2


【Basic information】
Name: Kinoshita Yuka
Official website: https://www.youtube.com/user/kinoyuu0204


E-chan or Ogawa Etsuko in real life, is a 24-year old Youtuber who is originally from Bonbon TV. She joined in 2011 and started uploading videos of various content. She mostly does “try it” challenges, but also shares a lot of her drawings tutorials and beauty routines. Most of the challenges she tries are trends and viewer requests. One of her popular uploads is a challenge where she needs to enter a men’s bathroom. Talk about crazy fun! This video earned her an amazing 1.4 million views. She also plays games/challenges with friends which her viewers find entertaining.
Echan currently has a growing number of 300,000 subscribers and 53 million total views.


【Basic information】
Name: Echannel
Official website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3LAEwEhZ0Yn3l4-WatZo2Q

4.YUN channel

Another young and free-spirited Youtuber is Yun. She also uploads videos of various topics, from food to travels and daily life. She also does a lot of skits or role playing with different Youtubers. Her collaborations with them are always anticipated by her viewers as they find their interactions cute and entertaining. Some of the Youtubers she collaborated with are Momohaha, VAMBI and Shina Narumi. These videos are her most popular uploads with more than 1 million views each.
Yun is 24 years old and half-Filipino. She just recently joined Youtube in 2016 and now has 293, 000 subscribers. Although new in the game, her popularity is undeniable as shown by an impressive 50 million view count for her videos.

YUN channel1yuntaaam_s2YUN channel2yuntaaam_s2

【Basic information】
Name: YUN channel
Official website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWvHd19P7d1hy0Qx5O-P2Dg/featured

5.Kizuna AI

If you are into anime and artificial intelligence, Kizuna AI or the A.I. Channel might just be the perfect fit for you. Kizuna Ai is a virtual Youtuber who uploads a wide range of content from playing games to taking on challenges such as an English quiz. Millions of viewers are drawn to her videos as the concept is a breath of fresh air especially to the international community. She uploads vlogs and plays games like a real person would. At present, her cumulative views have reached 126 million since she started in 2016.
Until now, people still speculate whether Kizuna Ai is a real artificial intelligence or just a voiced animation. Most viewers believe that Kizuna Ai is made from a 3D animation program with motion tracker. This means that the program captures movements and even facial expressions of a real woman behind a camera. This makes everything about Kizuna Ai realistic. Whatever the case is, this mystery surely adds to the charm of Kizuna Ai!

Kizuna AI1a.i.channel_officialKizuna AI2a.i.channel_official

【Basic information】
Name: Kizuna AI
Official website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4YaOt1yT-ZeyB0OmxHgolA


The field of entertainment is nothing but competitive. With everyone working hard to get noticed, sometimes the traditional media (television) has not enough space for all. Fortunately, Youtube has become a home for individuals who have talents and skills to share. From beauty to animation, there is surely a place for everyone on this platform. For most of the famous Youtube personalities though, vlogging started out as a hobby. Over time, as they gained followers and increased views, they saw an opportunity to make money out of it.
These Japanese Youtubers surely are the epitome of hard work and grit. They consistently share their content to millions of viewers on top of their day jobs. They work hard in bringing timely information and pure entertainment. Needless to say, if you are hardworking just enough, you can also be your own star on Youtube.