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Japanese Beauty and Diet Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

The West has always looked up to the longevity and healthy lifestyle of the Japanese people. There are multiple factors that contribute to that – including a healthy diet, frequent, if not daily, hot baths, and a fairly active lifestyle. Moreover, Japanese women use a lot of unique products and techniques to preserve their natural beauty – from essential oils to hot steam and collagen treatments. In this article, we introduce you to the most effective Japanese beauty and diet tips that will help you look and feel healthier.


1. Stick to a balanced diet

Stick to a balanced diet

Japanese food is world renown for being nutritious and good for the body and mind. The typical Japanese meal, known as ichiju sansai, or one-soup-three-dishes, traditionally includes a bowl of steamed rice, some kind of protein dish (usually fish), vegetable side dishes, and miso soup. This provides you with the necessary amount of carbs, protein, vitamins, and fiber without too many saturated fats. Although it can be hard to stick to such a diet overseas, you could try to incorporate a Japanese-style meal in your diet, at least once or twice a week. Better than nothing!


2. Replace coffee with green tea

Replace coffee with green tea

Most Westerners love their creamy coffee drinks, but they are nothing but empty calories that slow down the digestive process, and actually makes us crave more food. The Japanese prefer green tea instead – and not necessarily matcha – regular unsweetened green tea is actually much more common. Bottles Japanese green tea can be found in most Asian supermarkets, but you can also get a pack of loose leaf and brew it yourself, at home. Green tea is a great source of antioxidants, and it also helps reduce the sensation of hunger.


3. Hot baths are great!

Hot baths are great!

Westerners tend to prefer showers over baths, as they are an easier way to clean yourself. However, the Japanese don’t see the bath, or furo, as a way of cleaning oneself. They take a shower before getting into the bath and use very hot water to help relieve muscle pain, physical and mental stress, open the pores, and improve the condition of their skin. There are countless benefits to taking hot baths every single day – but you can start slow, by taking two or three days a week for soaking up in a hot tub.


4. Use collagen products

Use collagen products

The Japanese beauty industry is obsessed with collagen. The substance is supposed to help your skin keep its elasticity and retain a youthful appearance. You’ll find creams, face masks, lotions, and even snacks and drinks that contain collagen in Japan. And while not all of them are the definition of healthy (some contain more sweeteners and artificial flavors than things that are actually useful for you), it might be worth investing in some high-end skincare enriched with collagen.


5. Use Tsubaki oil

Tsubaki is the Japanese word for camellia flowers, and their oil has been highly appreciated in Japan for centuries. Japanese women use it to make their hair stronger and shinier and to preserve a youthful appearance of the skin. Much like coconut oil, which is more popular here in the West, camellia oil does not clog your pores and lets your skin breathe instead.


6. Avoid overexposing to the sun



In the West, we like the look of tan skin. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV rays is not very beneficial for the skin, and the Japanese prefer to avoid it by using parasols and lots of sunscreen. That is not to say you should sacrifice that healthy sun-kissed look, but it might be a good idea to use sunscreen with a higher SPF to preserve the elasticity and healthy look of your skin.

As you can see, the Japanese lifestyle is not that different from the Western one – but the combination of a balanced diet, high-quality skincare, and avoiding exposure to UV rays ensure longevity and youthfulness.