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Recommended Way to Polish up Beauty in Japan

If there’s one thing everyone knows about Japanese women, is that they take great care of their appearance. From the clothes they wear to the makeup they apply on their face, Japanese women’s looks are always down to a T. However, something not many people know about is that most of these women spend a lot of time taking care of their bodies too – be it in the hair or nail salons, or SPA treatment clinics. If you want to experience a true Japanese beauty routine, you definitely have to add a visit to a beauty salon on your trip to-do list. Here are six ways to polish your beauty the Japanese way:


1. Hair salons

Most Japanese hair salons are great – but they might be a bit expensive, and you might feel a little bit nervous about the language barrier. Sometimes it’s hard enough to get the point across to your trusted hairdresser back home, let alone explaining it to someone who doesn’t speak the language. However, there are a few hair treatments you can only get in Japanese salons – such as the ‘straight perm,’ a keratin treatment that leaves your fizzy hair straight and shiny for at least a couple of months, or various masks or scalp massages. And you can just request those by pointing at their name on the hair salon menu (some even have English translations available.)


2.Nail salons

If you’re not ready to leave your locks to a stylist you know nothing about, and you’re a bit self-conscious about stripping down for a full-body massage, nail salons are an effortless and stress-free way of experiencing Japanese beauty treatments. They will usually start by giving your hands a massage with essentials oils, followed by a nail trim and polish application. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can opt for a kawaii gel manicure too – you’ll be surprised at how many trinkets the artist can fit on one single nail.


3. Facials

Facials are great budget options for anyone who doesn’t want to drop a few hundred bucks on a full-body treatment. The best part about facials I that you can get them pretty much anywhere – and they claim to be very beneficial for the aspect and health of your skin. Opt for a facial massage if your skin tends to be sensitive to cosmetics, or opt for an exfoliation and face mask for a deep cleansing. As for the price of these treatments, you can expect to pay around ¥4000 to ¥7000 per procedure – not expensive at all by Japanese standards.


4. Slimming treatments

Slimming treatments are all the rage in Japan right now – and if you’ve always wanted to reduce the appearance of cellulite or stretch marks of your body, this trip to Japan is the perfect opportunity. They use the latest equipment and machines, including ones with infrared light or ultrasound waves that claim to help melt the fat under the skin without leaving any marks. Granted these procedures are not available at just any beauty salon, they can be expensive, and you will have to do your research depending on what kind of slimming treatment you need, but the result will be worth every penny.


5.Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are extremely popular with Japanese girls, as most of them have rather short and straight natural ones. If you’re a fan of getting eyelash extensions, you can try Japanese salons – they’re known for incredibly detailed consultation and a wide variety of choices. You can customize the number of eyelashes you get, their thickness and length, and the curl shape. Japanese technicians are also known for their quick work – you can get your extensions done in as little as 30 minutes in some salons.


6. Hair removal procedures

6. Hair removal procedures are another very specific Japanese procedure. Of course, you can also get all the standards plans, like leg or armpit hair removal, but you can also opt for something like a facial hair removal, which is a common beauty practice among Japanese girls. What they do is basically use lasers to remove the tiny hairs you have all over your face – they claim it helps makeup go on smoother. Some salons even offer hairline correction treatments, in case you’ve always wanted to get rid of your widow’s peak or whatnot. Whether you find these weird or not is up to you – but they’re certainly only available to try in Japan.


Of course, there’s a lot more to discover when it comes to Japanese beauty procedures – some notable ones include 24K gold face masks and snail face massages – however, for this list, we decided to leave the weird and super-expensive stuff to the side. These six treatments in the list above will help you experience a real Japanese beauty polishing – without the bells and whistles. And without the big bucks either – you should be able to find any of these procedures for under $100 pretty much anywhere in Japan.