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Top 5 Japanese Hair Color Products

Changing your hair color can be quite an experience. Sometimes, you wonder if you’d look different with a hair color different to your own, and you decide to give it a whirl. You can choose either a natural hair color, or an alternative hair color such as green or pink. Other people use hair coloring to hide any gray hairs they may have. Whatever the reason you want to color your hair, Japan has some hair coloring products that will keep your hair colorful and will last a good while.

1.Palty Hair Color



Palty Hair Color is a product from DARIYA, a cosmetic company. DARIYA has a long history, first established in 1950 by Daisuke Nonogawa, who began his career after leaving the trading company Kozuka Shoten. Originally, the company called itself Dariya Shoji Co., but in 1958, it became Dariya Industrial Corporation. The company since then expanded, and for obvious reasons.

Palty Hair Color comes in a few varieties. First, there is the original, which has seven colors available. The product has eight components to keep the hair shiny and able to survive the treatment process. The dye is designed to evenly cover your hair, thanks to its brush nozzle, which is quite convenient.

Most hair coloring doesn’t smell good, but Palty comes in fruit scents. It has ingredients from apricots, oranges, grapes, apples, peaches, and lemon, as well as seaweed. If you’re looking for a new hair dye, you can’t go wrong.

Palty has a foam version has well, which comes in 10 colors. There is the turn color version as well, which is designed to dye your hair a darker color.

2.Salon de Pro

salon de pro

This is another hair coloring product from DARIYA, and this one is designed for gray hair. It comes in 16 colors, and it uses a cream. It’s gentler than the original product, and it includes a push bottle for easy use. There are two types of Salon de Pro, scented and unscented. The unscented is good if the smell of the original is just too strong for you.

3.Kao Liese

kao lise
kao lise
This hair dye comes from the Kao Corporation, which is a cosmetic and chemical company. This company has a rich history as well, going back to 1887. Tomiro Nagase founded the company for toiletry soap, with the name Nihon Yuki originally, until changing it to Kao Soap in 1940 and then to its modern name in 1985.

So, how did a soap company end up selling cosmetics? In the 1960s and 1970s, they expanded their business to include other household products such as detergent and cleaners. In the 1980s, the company added more products, including their cosmetics. They even made floppy disks. In the 1990s and 2000s, the company launched food products and continued to expand.

They sell a lot, in other words. With that said, let’s talk about their Kao Liese. It’s a foam hair coloring product that comes in 19 shades. There are natural colors, but they also have pinkish and mint colors too. The alternative colors are subtle, and they’re of excellent quality.

4.Shu Uemura

shu umeria

Shu Uemura is an expensive cosmetic brand, but the price has its reasoning. The company’s name originates from the founder. Shu is a makeup artist, and a very talented one with his own rich history in both makeup and beauty. His love for cosmetics came shortly after he survived an illness as a teenager, and he became a student at the Tokyo Beauty Academy. In his class, he was the sole guy, and the rest were women. The class totaled 130 students.

After beauty school, he did makeup for some movies, but his break happened during the film My Geisha, where he filled in when the previous makeup artist became sick. He managed to transform the lead actress, Shirley MacLaine, a white woman, into looking like a Japanese woman. While racial transformations would be controversial in today’s society, back in the early 1960s, many praised him for this type of makeup.

His own makeup line came in 1960, with his first product an oil that cleaned better than soap, and also a moisturizer. His makeup enchances the beauty you already have, and not fake it.

He founded many more businesses, such as his own school. In 2004, he sold his company to a company you should be familiar with, a French company known as L’Oreal. They own the brand currently. Three years after he sold it, he passed away at 79 years old.

His hair color products aren’t dyes, but instead creams and conditioners to help bring the color out. If your hair color is fading, apply the conditioner. For example, the Color Lustre Cool Blonde is good for when your blonde hair is fading. It restores your hair back to its rightful color, and then some.

5.Root Vanish by Kazumi

root varnish
root varnish

Kazumi Morton is a hair colorist who originated from Japan, but moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. She joined the Vidal Sassoon Academy, which is a prestigious school for beauty, and she had Stuart Gavert as a mentor, another famous colorist during this time period. She traveled around the world, and worked with many clients, some of them celebrities. In 2016, she opened her own salon in Beverly Hills, along line of hair products.

One of her best products is Root Vanish. Root Vanish derives from Japanese botanicals, and it comes in brush form for an easy fix, or a stronger hair treatment product. The product isn’t pungent strong fragrance and can last weeks.

When having gray hair, the roots can be the most frustrating part. No matter how much you color them, they will return to gray after a while. Root Vanish is designed to fix this problem. Her clients wanted a product that could last them until the next hair treatment appointment. Kazumi managed to create just a product, and you don’t have to be in Beverly Hills to get it.

These are just a few hair coloring products from Japan, or with a Japanese origin. Like any country, Japan loves hair that is vibrant and colorful. Their hair care products are high quality and should meet any hair needs.

When treating your hair, also remember to follow the instructions, and don’t overdo it. It’s possible to damage your hair if you misuse these products. It may be worth it to get your hair treated by a professional, if you’re not feeling confident yourself.
Otherwise, check out these products. You can find them online for a good price. Hair coloring is a fun, great way to change your style, and if you’ve ever wanted to, try out these products and see if they work for you.