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Top 5 Foot Massage Chains in Tokyo

After a long day of exploring Tokyo, your feet may hurt. Or, you may feel tired all around. Before you call it a day, why not consider getting a foot massage? Tokyo has many places where you can have a foot massage that will make your feet feel refreshed and ready to explore some more. In this post, we’ll talk about the foot massage and show a few places that are worth checking out.


History of the Foot Massage

The foot massage has been a source of therapy for thousands of years, with books found in China around 4,000 years ago. Other ancient societies, including Ancient Egypt, also have a history with foot massages. It has spread to Japan, and even Western societies. In 1913, it made its way to the US thanks to an ENT known as William Fitzgerald.

This practice is known as reflexology, where pressure points on your feet are connected to parts of your body. The theory is that by having a masseuse manipulate the points on your feet, it can send energy to parts of your body and improve your overall health.

One theme you’ll find in reflexology is the belief in qi. In ancient Chinese culutre, qi is the life force that flows through your body. Qi is the theme of many Chinese practice. Qigong is when you balance the energy in your body for health. Acupuncture also involves the balance of qi. Martial arts tend to involve putting all your qi into your hand or foot. Feng shui also involves qi. It’s a mysterious energy that has little scientific evidence, but many swear that it exists.

What makes reflexology interesting is that many reflexologists have different theories as to how the practice works. The theme of your foot having different zones,k which correspond to different parts of your body, is unifying throughout all reflexologists, but how exactly it works is still unknown.
Reflexology is alternative medicine, and as such, the scientific evidence for the claims of reflexology are not strong. However, many have claimed to have felt better because of a good foot massage. Even if you don’t believe in it, sometimes your feet are just tired and you want a massage. Or you want to try it for the experience. However, do not use a foot massage as the only treatment for a serious illness. Talk to your doctor and seek medical health if you are suffering from anything debilitating. With that said, here are some foot massage chains in Tokyo worth checking out.


Foot Massage,tokyo

Natura is a popular massage chain in Tokyo that offers foot massages as well, and many reviewers have praised the location for how well they massage your feet. The site itself has a page dedicated to how many tourists have enjoyed their services.

Their reflexology services are divided into how long you want the session, and they range from 45 minutes to two hours. A 45 minute session will cost you 5,400 yen, which is about $50 USD. If you want the full session, it costs 14,400 yen, or about $130 USD.

Natura website

2.Le Temps


This is another foot massage chain that you can find in different places throughout Tokyo. Le Temps offers reflexology, as well as general foot care. If you want a foot bath, Le Temps offers them. If your feet are rough and horned, they will help smooth them for you. Prices can vary by store so consult the store you are visiting for more information about the prices.

Le Temps website

3.Foot Balance

Foot Massage,tokyo

This foot place is located on the sixth floor of Depaco, and it’s a salon for foot care in general. It combines different techniques, including the technology of the modern age with some ancient traditions. It incorporates different cultures from Europe as well, such as Germany and France. If you are interested in that, check it out. Foot Balance may be the place that restores balance to your body.

Foot Balance website

4.Dr. Foot


There are five Dr. Foot stores in Tokyo, and the name of it may sound a little funny. You may imagine a doctor with a foot for a head when you walk into the business. If you go to the website, you may even have a laugh with the logo, which consists of a cartoon doctor showing off his feet.

However, Dr. Foot is a long-running foot massage business, first established in 1994. It’s a great business for when you want a quick, affordable foot massage. They offer a 30 minute foot massage for 3,500 yen, or about $32 USD. They have more services as well that are worth checking out.

Dr. Foot website

5.Ariran Relaxation

Foot Massage,tokyo
This foot massage chain offers some incredible deals and variety when it comes to foot massages. Currently, all foot massages are half off. You can pay only 1,500 yen, or about $14 USD, for a 30 minute foot massage, or pay 3,000 yen, or about $27, for a full hour. If you’re new to the foot massage world, and you’re unsure if it’s for you, this is a good starting place, as you can pay less.
Ariran offers a variety of foot massages, and they will massage you from your toes to your knees, making sure your legs and feet are well restored.

Ariran Relaxation website

The first foot massage style they offer is the British style, which is a gentle form of foot massage. You can adjust the intensity by talking to the masseuse, but it’s great for beginners. Then, there is the Taiwanese foot massage style. This style is good for relieving stress and claims to improve circulation. Finally, we have the Chinese style. This is a rough, painful foot massage that’s good if you want the full experience. However, it’s not recommended for beginners. You can’t adjust the style’s intensity. The translated website has a blunt, funny quote about the Chinese style. “It hurts, but it works.”

Tokyo has no shortage of foot massage parlors, and this article is just the tip. If you walk around the city, you will find a place. With that said, you should do some research into the foot massage parlor you’re considering. It’s a competitive market, so you might find a better deal somewhere else. But in many cases, you get what you pay for, and cheaper may not be better. Some of the more expensive places offer package deals too.

The world of foot massages, whether you believe in reflexology or not, can be quite fun, and a great way to end a fun day. Find the parlor that best suits your needs, and then get ready to relax.Try out a Japanese foot massage place today, and let them take care of your sore feet after a long day.