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Tokyo’s Top 5 Facial Esthetic Salons

Nowadays, our skin is more exposed to damage because of the harsh environment that we move in. This is why a lot of us, women, are always on the lookout for the best clinics we can entrust our skin to. Japan, specifically Tokyo, has always been considered as one of the hottest hubs when it comes to beauty services and products. As pioneers of esthetics, you can possibly spot a beauty salon in almost every corner of Japan. With an overwhelming number of advertisements on trains, malls, magazines and TV, you’d really find your feet making its own way to a salon for some self-care and pampering.

While salons offer various services from head to toe, you might want to be more specific on where to get your facial fix as the skin on our face is the most sensitive. Fret not, listed below are the best esthetic salons with topnotch facial services in Tokyo.

 1.Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic

Facial Esthetic, Salon, Tokyo

With over 100 branches, Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic believes in helping women enhance their natural beauty while rediscovering their inner beauty. Carrying this philosophy, this salon customizes each treatment so that it meets the individual needs of each client. First-timers can try them out at 3,000 to 5,000 yen depending on the chosen procedure. They offer a wide array of facial services, starting from the basic deep cleansing. You can tailor your treatment by choosing to add some serum/vitamin and stem-cell derived ingredients. From hand facial to machine-assisted services, Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic makes sure that the clients have a lot of treatments to choose from. They also have innovative procedures like “magnetism” with “miracle apple” facial and newly developed scraping techniques. This salon is best for their anti-aging regimen which even uses human stem cell solution extract which highly makes the skin firm and invigorated.

Note that one-time services are priced higher so if you are planning to avail of continuous services, it’s better to get membership for discounts.

【Basic information】
Name: Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic
Address: 5-1-2 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact: +81 120-00-1107
Site: https://www.takanoyuri.com/esthetic/

2.Miss Paris


Photo from: @missparisgroup

Miss Paris is also a strong household name when referring to the best esthetics salon in Tokyo. Their “Beautiful Face Course” has 3 main options: Face Slimming, Aging Care and Acne Scar Treatment. Their Face Slimming package comes with a massage that works deep in your skin. It helps in improving the vitality of your skin and gives you a firmer face line. For Aging Care, they offer different types of facial from rejuvenation to toning using mechanical stimulation. They also have a treatment where they use pure gold to give you a more youthful skin. Lastly, for Acne Scar Treatments, they offer services for deep cleansing to clear your pores out of sebum and dirt. They also have peeling treatments for scars and dull marks. These services start at 15,000 yen up to 22,000 yen. Membership fee is at 30,000 yen, valid for two years.

【Basic information】
Name: Miss Paris
Address: 6F 5-10-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Contact: +81 3-6757-6510
Site: https://www.miss-paris.com/


Facial Esthetic, Salon, Tokyo

For Socie, facial care comes down to 4 things: moisturizing, lightening, energizing and lifting. They also focus more on all-hand treatments so that each procedure is done to naturally cater to specific needs of clients based on skin condition and expectations.

Their deep cleansing facial is infused with different moisturizing ingredients such as collagen and silk gel. Oxy Therapy stimulates the skin with an activated carbonated gel that leads to a bright and transparent skin. They also use different tools such as crystal ball and Qi Gong ball. These are believed to stimulate a good blood circulation through the lymph nodes. Good blood flow definitely helps in achieving a firm and elastic skin. For initial experience, facial services start at 6,840 yen up to 8,640 yen. After that, each service is offered at a range of 13,000 to 33,000 yen. Discounts are available if membership is availed. After each treatment, they also suggest their trusted skin care brands which you can purchase and use to maintain your healthy skin.

【Basic information】
Name: Socie Ginza Core
Address: 5F Ginza Core BLD., 5-8-20 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Contact: +81 3-3569-1136
Site: https://www.socie.jp/shop/tokyo/

4.Ci:z Labo

Facial Esthetic, Salon, Tokyo

This salon combines facial care with medical care. Their dermatologists will guide you on the course you should take not only for your skin but for your overall health. This includes diet and lifestyle. They are not only after skin treatments but also its maintenance. If you are looking for a clinic that caters to even the most sensitive skin, this is the right place. They even have procedures for atopy and other skin problems. With their advanced technology, they promise to improve your skin quality with acne treatments, facial lifts, peeling and anti-aging procedures. They also have a course specifically for those who experience skin sagging which uses radio waves to promote a firmer skin. Beauty acupuncture is also available at its Ebisu branch.

【Basic information】
Name: Ci:z Labo Ginza 5choume
Address: 2F BINO Ginza, 5-8-9 Ginza Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Contact: +81 3-3575-4070
Site: http://www.ci-z.com/


Facial Esthetic, Salon, Tokyo

Eruse-nu promises clients facial esthetic courses which suit even the most mundane worries of women. It offers numerous treatments – even for swelling/bloated face. A lot of us blame bloating on fats but digging deeper, it’s also caused by the retention of waste products on our face. Eruse-nu’s facials focus not only on deep cleansing but also massaging lymph nodes to promote good blood flow. Acupuncture is also available to tighten the skin. They also have services for acne treatment and slimming of the face. Among the listed salons, Eruse-nu probably offers the cheapest price for first timers. At 2,000 yen, you can already experience anti-aging facials twice. They also offer various services for epilation, including the face. This is perfect for women who have unwanted hair especially on the philtrum area due to high levels of androgen.

【Basic information】
Name: elleseine Aoyama
Address: 4F Maruhachi Aoyama BLD., 2-27-27 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact: +81 3-3404-9190
Site: https://www.elleseine.co.jp/

Before trying out any salon’s service, it is best that you do a full consultation about your skin condition and overall health. This will help the dermatologists to assess which kind of facial course is right for you. They will ask about your medical history, diet and general lifestyle. It’s very important to note that in achieving great skin, it always starts from within. You have to understand which foods cause acne and oil buildup, which habits you need to ditch, and which lifestyle is best to maintain a glowing skin. While these salons won’t fail you with their amazing results, their treatments are just a supplement to your effort. The ultimate outcome is yours to work on.

*Note that these clinics have over a hundred branches and the addresses listed above are just a sample store locator. To see the complete list of their branches and which one is nearest you, please refer to their website.