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Foreigner-Friendly Nail Salons in Sapporo

Nail Salons. Everyone likes to feel great and now, people all over Japan are raving about doing this by keeping their nails pretty, elegant and stylish. There are some of the most incredible designs and patterns online – on Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest but how about getting yourself to a top nail salon?

How do you go about getting your nails done when you go visiting somewhere like Sapporo? Also, where is best and why? Don’t fret! The list below has your back which really will make your choice easier. Take a look at our friendly guide to the best salons in the area! You’ll be running to them in no time when you’re visiting and travelling. Plus, having your nails done in Japan is a MUST!

1. Salon de nail Sapporo



Salon de nail Sapporo located in north Daichi is heaven. A place where you can sit back and have some ‘you time.’ With numerous high-quality products and extensive selection on the ‘menu’, their speciality comes in the form of Cal gel. A product that’s been used all over the world for the last twenty years or so. Their caring approach ensures that the ground nail is not destroyed, you don’t have to get high from any crazy nail pain fumes and your nails stay great for a long time.

Plus, they even have an amazing 3D technology that makes your nails stand out in the crowd with flowers, bridal patterns or if you want a little bit of a quirky edge to your hands.

Name: Salon de nail Sapporo
Address: 2F Sapporo Grand Hotel, 4 Kitaichijonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Business hour : 10:00~20:00
Phone number : +81 11-206-4536
Official website: http://salon-de-nail-sapporo.com.e.aaif.hpf.transer.com/

2. Nail Salon MARIART





MARIART. Founded in 1985. This salon is a lush place for you to chill out and relax. The menu is vast, with extra services being available as well as getting your nails done. You can have a bit of reflexology or a beeswax massage to keep the skin soft and luxurious. This place is a haven to help you feel and look healthy. Only the best products, treatment for your hands and nails and

In addition to their nail art, this fantastic salon helps restore and reinforce the ground nails keeping your hands looking extra well maintained! If this isn’t tempting enough, the salon also offers online deals to make your trip all the more unique and helps you to save as many pennies as possible. Why not try getting your eyelashes done or get a bit of a pedicure as well. Saving money where you can is a winner all around, right? Plus, Mariart will make you feel great!

Name : Nail Salon MARIART
Address: Aurora-Town, 2 Odori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Business hour : 10:00~20:00
Phone number : +81 11-251-0404
Official website: https://www.mari-art.com/

3.ZIZI nail

nail,Foreigner-Friendly,sapporo,neil salon

nail,Foreigner-Friendly,sapporo,neil salon

ZIZI nail group. One of the most popular and friendly salons in Japan. Based in Sapporo and Sendai, their two shops run from strong and passionate principals to keep their customers happy and everyone’s nails healthy. With their friendly staff and standard priced ‘menu’, this salon is a winner on the list and a must-see place. If their talent and nail art isn’t enough to get you convinced, then you should go to their store and check out the amazing interior! Rich in colour and with some beautiful wall art, you’ll be dying to have your nails done by this creative bunch! They aim to keep your nails as healthy as possible and get your hands looking as beautiful as they can.

Like a lot of salons, ZIZI knows how to look after it’s customers with lots of deals and coupons on their website. All the more reason to get booking! Who knew that creativity was transferable to anyone and you could look this cool as well without having to do anything yourself?

Name : ZIZI nail
Address : 4F Sanesu2bangai Building, 2 Ichijonishi, Chuo-ku Minami, Sapporo
Business hour : 10:00~21:00
Phone number : +81 11-221-6639
Official website : http://zizi-nail.com/shop/

4.Nail & Eyelash Chaton





Nail and Eyelash Chaton. They have nails to die for. Their intricate patterns and complex handpainted flowers and designs are enough to make love hearts jump from your eyeballs. You can be booked in easily, either by going to pay them a visit in person or picking up the phone and speaking to one of their lovely staff.

Why not take a look at their amazing Instagram gallery? From ‘fairy nails’ that come with stick-on gems, diamonds and tiny little objects really do give these nails a quirky edge that will leave you wanting to go back more and more. You’ll be amazed and also the coolest lady on the block. Fashion does not get much better than this and even better – you can accessorise your nails in any way you like!

Name : Nail & Eyelash Chaton
Address : 5F Honda Building, 2 Sanjonishi, Chuo-ku Kita, Sapporo
Business hour : Monday – Saturday 11:00~21:00 / Sunday & Holidays 10:00~20:00
Phone number : +81 11-210-7227
Instagram/ Facebook

5. NAIL RICCA nail salon





Covering colour, nail sculpture, bridal, gel and all the way to your toes. Nail Ricca goes by its tagline ‘beauty like a dignified flower’ and is situated in Sapporo. With its luxurious designs and intricate details, it’s no wonder that it is so popular with its customers. As well as making you feel beautiful with their range of top quality products, Nail Ricca also makes you look amazing as well.

There are so many different designs that are elegant, classy and perfect for any occasion. Popular favourites are the watercolour flowers that you can see in the image and the mix of pastel shades and grading styles. Who would have known that you could have some nails with Monet’s painting on them or possibly feel like you’ve got a modern type of Picasso present on the ends of your fingers? The artwork fro this salon really is stunning and you will feel like a sophisticated princess after going for your pamper session.

Address: 2F ITM Building, 5-5-9 Nanajonishi, Kita-Ku Kita, Sapporo
Business hour : 10:00~20:00
Phone number : +81 011-790-6647
Official website: http://nail-ricca.com/

These are just five of the top nail salons in Sapporo but there are SO many more. Why not start making yourself feel amazingly loved by visiting them one by one? It could be a new adventure full of self-care and top quality time for you. You could easily fit a visit in between lunch and your shopping or maybe you can have a girly day out with friends or that special daughter or sister.

Everyone deserves to feel special so why not start with yourself? Go on…we dare you to treat yourself!