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5 Foreigner-friendly Nail Salons in Osaka

Osaka is known for three things specifically; its dialect (Osaka-ben), its delicious food, and its art and creative innovations. This extends to the art that many glamour girls love to wear on their hands–nail art. Of course, it can be difficult to partake in some journeys alone because of language barriers or uncertainty in cultural differences or how you think you are viewed, but no fear. If you are in Osaka and you aspire to try the glamorous, highly dramatic nail art of Japan, here are 5 foreigner-friendly nail salons that you can visit after grabbing a bite of Takoyaki.


1.Cindi Bendi

Cindi Bendi is one of many Shinsaibashi nail salons that deliver phenomenally beautiful nail art. This shop specializes in the highly decorative style (deco for short) of nail art and it’s a glamourous girly girl’s wonderland. Nail art styles include 2D and 3D art styles, gel sets and acrylics. Initial prices range from about 3,685 yen to 8,240 yen. The nails are very well done and are of great quality as the 3D parts can stay on and last for as long as a month for some customers. But fair warning, they are difficult to remove, so have patience if you decide to get Crea-ted.


【Basic Information】
Name: Cindi Bendi
Address: Higasiyama Bld.5F, 1-19-6, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0083
Business Hours: 11 am (11:00) to 8 pm (20:00), Closed on holidays
Phone Number: (+81)6-6251-4111
Official Website:http://cindibendi.com/index.html
English:No, but doable


2.es Nails

es, standing for “elegant” and “satisfaction” promises just that with their services. Their services include clear, one color, simple art, monthly specials, es Special for manicures and pedicures (all except monthly specials for pedicures). They offer fills, gel and acrylic removal and other nail care services. The art includes air gradients, glitter, stones, matte top Coats, and French manicures and pedicures. If you are looking for an elegant touch up with a bit of satisfaction, this nail salon is a great place to start with. es has shops all around Japan, so it is not necessarily a unique shop, but you’re sure to finish with a good project.


【Basic Information】
Name: es Nails
Address: 2-10-21 supazio Bld. 6F601 , Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 542-0086
Business Hours: Reception hours: 10 am (10:00) to 8:30 pm (20:30), Opening hours: 12:30 pm (12:30) to 10 pm (22:00)
Phone Number: +81 06-6214-8003
Official Website: https://es-nail.jp/
English: Yes


3.Syi Syu Nail Salon



Syi Syu is a nice salon to visit. The staff is nice and the area is kept clean and simple which creates a warm and aesthetically beautiful environment. This salon offers nail services between the price range of 2000 yen to 10,000 yen. Like nail salons in Tokyo, Syi Syu offers hand care service complete with a hand massage. Syi Syu also includes foot care services ranging from courses worth 30, 60 and 90 minutes. Syi Syu also offers eyelash services, so it will not be difficult to have just a single place to get your beauty needs fulfilled.


【Basic Information】
Name: Syi Syu Nail Salon
Address: Arima Bld.6F, 2-2-12, Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 556-0011
Business Hours: 11 am (11:00) to 9:30 pm (21:30)
Phone Number: (+81)6-6630-8850
Official Website: http://syisyu.com/
English: Possibly


4.Rose Nail Salon

Pretty, pastel, and princess-like, Rose Nail is a great place to stop for your fabulous frilly needs–frilly, as in, the nail art that customers can get at the Rose Nail Salon will go great with their frilly gyaru style of fashion. The Rose Nail Salon offers services such as gel and acrylic nails, and nail courses starting at 5,900 yen, pedicures, $7900 yen and the super kawaii deco nail art. The Rose Nail Salon also offers the removal of nails as well. The nail courses, in terms of nail art, are divided into three; 2 nail art pieces, 5 nail art pieces, and 10 nail art pieces. These nails are quite beautiful and if you want to impress or have Instagram-ready hands, Rose Nail Salon is the place for you.


【Basic Information】
Name: Rose Nail Salon
Address: 17-11 Yoneyama Bld.2F, Doyamacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0027
Business Hours: 11 am (11:00) to 10:30 pm (22:30)
Phone Number: (+81)6-6362-0620
Official Website:http://beauty-rose.com/
English: Yes


5.Ally’s Hair Salon x Juno Quartz


Ally’s is a hair salon that offers nail salon services in addition to the hair salon services–a great two in one spot. It’s located in Shinsaibashi. The nail section of this salon is called Juno Quartz. Juno Quartz offers hand care services, foot care services, and gel with color polish starting at 1,500 yen.  Juno Quartz also offers a spa treatment which uses all natural products to provide care and relaxation for your nails, hands, and feet. This a favorite because it has a flat rate menu starting at 4,500 yen for a clear 30-minute course and 1,500 yen for gel removal.


【Basic Information】
Name: Juno Quartz x Ally’s Hair Salon OPA
Address: Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Nishi-Shinsaibashi 1 – chome 4-3 Shinsaibashi OPA 10F
Business Hours: 11 am (11:00) to 9 pm (21:00)
Phone Number: (+81)6-6244-0551
Official Website: https://www.juno-quartz-nail.com/allys/index.html


Getting nails done may not be a priority for some, but it is definitely a unique experience for all especially if it’s done in Japan. The flashy, bold, dramatic and creative designs that Japanese nail techs create are truly a testament to the amount of skill that they have. Even if it’s just once and you’ll never do it again, try getting a full set of nails done during your tip to Osaka. Surely, you will be stylish with an extra kick for the time that your nails last. You will definitely turn heads and it will be something to always remember and never regret.