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5 Foreigner-friendly Nail Salons in Kyoto

Whether you are spending a day, a week, or a month in Kyoto, there will always be tons of things to do. From visiting famous shrines and temples like Kinkakuji, to indulging yourself in the goodness of matcha-flavored drinks and snacks or experiencing traditional festivals and tea ceremonies, you will find something fascinating to devote your time to. What better way to show your love and appreciation for traditional culture all while keeping it fresh modern and trendy than to get a traditional design in a modern form–nail art. Here are 5 foreigner-friendly places to get your nails done in Kyoto.

1. PureNail Petite

PureNail Petite



PureNail Petite Kyoto Porta, conveniently located in Kyoto Station’s underground shopping center, is a great option to get a beautiful nailset done. PureNail Petite offers soft gel nails with filling and dry care and courses starting at 5,500 yen. There are also hard gel extension courses also including filling and dry care with courses starting at 7,500 yen. PureNail Petite also offers nail removals, hand care, and foot care which includes a pedicure. The nail art that PureNail Petite offer includes clear nails, color nails, and French designs. The designs are beautiful and fun.

【Basic Information】
Salon Name: PureNail Petite Kyoto Porta
Address: Kyoto station underground district Porta 902, Higashi-Shiokoji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Business Hours: 10 am (10:00) to 9 pm (21:00)
Phone Number: N/A
English: Yes
Official Website: http://www.f-z.jp/pp/shop/poruta_en.html

2. Prendre Kyoto Nails

Prendre Kyoto Nails



Prendre Kyoto Nails is an interesting place to stop and get your nails done as it also offers an eyelash extension service and a room where Yoga classes are actively held. Prendre Kyoto Nails is all about relaxation and making customers feel comfortable while getting their nails or eyelashes done. There are comfortable reclined body chairs for customers to lay back on as the technicians work. You can get a gel or regular nail polish sets. The staff are friendly and will hold conversations with the customers as they work diligently and professionally. Once you’ve finished your set, why not enjoy some Yoga?

【Basic Information】
Salon Name: Prendre
Address: Nawato Shinbashi Oishi Building 3F, Nishinosu-machi 216-2, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Business Hours: 10 am (10:00) to 7 pm (19:00)
Phone Number: +81 075-533-0088
Official Website: http://www.prendrekyoto.com/


3. Heriade

Heriade Nails 1

Heriade Nails 2

Heriade Nails 3

All from official HP
Heriade (エリアーデ) is another great foreigner-friendly nail salon that is located 3 minutes by foot from JR Yuchocho station. With a focus on nail care, Heriade offers a nursing program where they clean your nails then, in another week, check and treat your nails. Heriade also offers care to recover the nails of customers who tend to bite their nails with their chewed nail, deep nail, and hook nail correction service. The salon also offers gel nail sets and will recommend a design for the month. They also will recommend a power color that will bring you good luck. The staff is very warm and friendly and the services are professional and precise.

【Basic Information】
Salon Name: Heriade (エリアーデ)
Address: Ishino Building 1F, Nishinokyo Midorigami-cho 106, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, 604-8471, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Business Hours: 11 am (11:00) to 7 pm (19:00)
Phone Number: +81 075-812-6116
Official Website: http://heriade8.wixsite.com/heriade

4. cils&vernis




cils&vernis, located in the front of Kyoto station, offers a homey kind of antique french environment that is relaxing and comfortable. This nail salon is located inside a hair salon, but the nail salon offers a variety of services. One of the services includes a gel course for your hand including care. Customers can get clear gel, one color gel, gradient gel, french gel, and flat priced nail art. Other services also include gel removal and a gel course for feet with care. cils&vernis nail art is hip and fresh and features designs of favorites like starbucks and Hide. You will be sure to get compliments on your nails.

【Basic Information】
Salon Name: cils&vernis
Address: Seven Building 4F, Zaimoku-cho 499, Shichijyo-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, 600-8146, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Business Hours: 10 am (10:00) to 7 pm (19:00)
Phone Number: +81 075-344-3646
Official Website: http://gekko-kyoto.jp/kyoto/


5. unpetit




unpetit is another nail salon located just a minute away from Yamashina station. unpetit takes pride in finding happiness in the little things including seeing a perfectly cleaned and a well cared for set of nails and believes in passing such happiness on to their customers. unpetit offers services including color care, sculptures, soft gels, foot courses and nail chip orders. unpetit will recommend a monthly design to customers but also allow customers to chose a design that reflects their personality. Customers can choose from clear, color, gradient, and French designs. It is a great shop to get the care and design you need.

【Basic Information】
Salon Name: unpetit Nail Salon
Address: Esutashionde-Yamashina 307, Anshukitayashiki-cho 12, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan


There are many nail salons around Kyoto that may offer different designs and styles of nails, but choosing one that fits your style is what’s important. Getting your nails done is a nice way to experience a blend of traditional and modern culture in Japan as well. You can get little sushi details or big kimono patterned nail designs with sculptures by going to these or other foreigner-friendly nail salons. If you want to try others, a good rule of thumb is if there is English on the front of the store, it’s likely that the shop is foreigner friendly. So, choose your design and get pampered in the beautiful city of Kyoto.