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Foreigner-Friendly Nail Salons in Hiroshima


Hiroshima is known the world over as one of Japan’s primary cities to visit. Hiroshima is steeped in history dating back to the Sengoku period. Ever since the catastrophe that ended the second world war (I’m talking of course about the nuclear weapon used by the United States of America on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) the city has gone from strength to strength. Rebuilding itself as one of the best places for tourists to visit in Japan it also has lots and lots of spots for tourists to frequent whilst there. Along with restaurants and bars there is also some of the best nail salons in the whole of Japan here. So, here today we have five of the very best foreigner-friendly nail salons in Hiroshima. You can give yourself a little treat whilst on your travels around this amazing city.

1.tn nail

First up we have tn nail. tn nail are somewhat specialists in the higher end acrylic nails. They use a variety of amazing colour mixes and bright almost metalic nail paint. There is also a wide variety of implants and sequins to chose from to make your own unique designs. A wide variety of acrylic nails exist at tn nail from the shorter and wider toe nail acrylics to the longer and thinner finger nail acrylics. The awesome beauty of glitter is prominent in a lot of the nails available from tn nails bringing that extra bit of sparkle and hsine to your finger and toe nails.





【Basic information】
Name : tn nail
Address : 2F Bumbi Building, 1-2 Hondori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima
Business hour : 10:30~19:00
Phone number : +81 82-241-1066
Official website : http://www.tn-nail.net/
Instagram/ Facebook


Next up we have tete BEAUTY BAR. This truly is an extraordinary place. There is no place better for truly unique, fashion forward and delicate nail work in the whole of Hiroshima. As you can see from the image below the red, black and white contrasting animal painted nails that not only wow you but are each slightly different than the last one. This is down to their amazing skills at hand painting nails. Do not think that this place is not for everyone though because it is foreigner-friendly after all. And truly the most amazing nail art I have ever seen in my life is in the second image below. This truly does have the wow factor about it. As you can see from that image the amazing work gone into contrasting the brilliant natural pink color with big bold black nail painings that must leave most people wanting to try it. This design is perfect for those wanting a little gothic chic to their nail artas a little treat whilst travelling around Hiroshima.





【Basic information】
Name : tete BEAUTY BAR
Address : 2F Agari Building, 6-2 Fukuro-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima
Business hour : 10:00~19:00
Phone number : +81 82-247-3688
Official website : http://tete-beautybar.com/salon

3.kelly lino

Next up we have kelly lino. Kelly lino, like tete beuty bar, has some truly amazing intricate design work. The difference here is that they pair the beautiful design work with contrasing bold solid color nails in between the fancy designs. As you can see from the first image below three very different bold colors mixed beautifully with exquisitely painted floral pieces. It doesn’t stop there as you may be able to tell from the second image. It pairs awesome rainbow colored nail art with yet more solid bold colors. If you get the chance whilst visiting Hiroshima then please don’t hesitate to pop into this spot. You can check out their amazing range of nail implants that vary rapidly compared to most.





【Basic information】
Name : kelly lino
Address : 302 Sanko Building, 4-17 Mikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima
Business hour : Monday – Saturday 9:00~20:00 / Sunday & Holidays 9:00~18:00
Phone number : +81 82-244-5328


Second to last up we have the brilliant HOURGLASS. HOURGLASS is very artistic and cool amongst the younger women of Hiroshima so it stands to reason that it would be perfect for travellers also. As you can see in the second image below they have a brilliant way of showcasing a specific colour. In this case it being a natural pink colour. This makes them really pop when they have their clear varnish painted over the top. Another thing that is truly amazing is the deep use of dark purple that you can see in the first image below. If you can imagine this exquisite nail set on your hands with the contrast of clear and dark purple I’m sure a lot of you would love to try it out. There is a lot of focus on specific colors which allow them to shine bright in an understated and elegant way.





【Basic information】
Address : 2F Inaba Building, 14-3 Inarimachi, Kaita-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima
Business hour : 10:00~21:00
Phone number : +81 82-847-3998

5.Mon cheri

Last but by no means least is Mon cheri. Mon cheri is an amazing place. It has some of the finest detail work in that of flower based nail painting mixed with various shapes. These brilliant pieces you can see examples of in the first image below. The use of the more natural colors such as the whites and light browns and soft pinks allow for an understated yet elegant look. There is also their amazing toe nail work that amazingly showcases their ability to pair together drastically different colors. You can see a brilliant example of this in the second image below. Mon cheri has that little touch of class that is now often synonymous with the whole culture of the Japanese nail salon experience.





【Basic information】
Name : Mon cheri
Address : 3-3-14 Minamimachi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima
Business hour : 9:00~18:00
Phone number : +81 82-254-5510
Official website : http://m-cheri.com/
Instagram/ Facebook


So, there you have it, five of the very best foreigner-friendly nail salons in the magnificent city of Hiroshima. Whether you are looking for something unique and interesting or just looking to get your nails touched up a little bit you will find what you are looking for in this brilliant place. Hiroshima is the largest city in western Honshu which in turn is the largest of Japans islands. The word Hiroshima literally means “broad island” and a broad spectrum of things to see and do here you will most definitely find with a great deal of ease.

Whilst you are looking around the city at the world famous Hiroshima castle or taking in a museum or two or simply just sight seeing your way around this magnificent place, why not stop by one of these awesome places and get yourself a nice treat in the form of new painted nails or acrylics.