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Top Japanese Cosmetics Brands

If you’ve been interested in Japan for a while then you will understand just how much traditional Japanese culture influences modern Japanese culture. When you visit Japan, you can feel a pleasant blend of tradition and modernity in the atmosphere, from the buildings and infrastructure to the ways of doing things, to the art, fashion, and beauty. Even makeup and cosmetic brands reflect the rich traditional way of thinking and doing in Japan including these six brands that you can use to get a real feel of modernly traditional Japan.


1. SK-II



If you’ve ever turned on the TV in Japan or watched a Japanese show, then you probably have already seen commercials of SK-II. Pitera is the reason SK-II’s moisturizers can successfully moisturize skin. SK-II scientists discovered the breakthrough yeast strain when they questioned why Sake brewers faces were so wrinkly, yet their hands remained fresh and youthful. When people wear SK-II, they are technically wearing the ancient tradition of Sake. Well, if you add a few vowels, SK-II sounds a bit like Sake. Very clever indeed, but it’s no surprise. Cleverness seems to also be in the tradition.


2. Three


Three cosmetics happens to be the second brand listed. It is a brand that prides itself on providing all natural cosmetics. Living harmoniously with nature is one of the biggest traditional ways of thinking. Three believes that living in a natural body is the nature of life and it is a precious honor, to live and respect yourself in such a way is beautiful, and that beauty is achieved by the oneness of the mind, body, and skin–oneness to achieve a higher state of being, like the values introduced to Japan by Buddhists and Shinto long ago. Very traditional indeed.




SUQQU is the third brand on the list and the company explicitly states how their cosmetics are modern with a traditional feel. SUQQU believes in achieving beauty from the inside out and maintaining inner composure and serenity. You may have just thought about of the most famous entertainment figures of beauty in old Japan–Geishas. These gals had to maintain an elegant physique and this is what SUQQU aims to help women do with their beauty products. The name SUQQU derived from the Japanese word すっくと (sukkuto) which means “posture with attitude.” No wonder why SUQQU women are so fiercely radiant.


4. Addiction


Addiction is a cosmetic brand made by the makeup artist AYAKO. AYAKO individually matches Addiction cosmetics with the beauty in every woman all while letting their flaws naturally add to their beauty. By taking this route, Addiction is able to bring out a person’s beauty with even the most simple way. Enhancing the natural beauty in a simplistic way and embracing flaws by adding another element sounds a lot like fixing a broken ceramic bowl with gold. That’s following the belief of Wabi Sabi. Beauty is always in imperfection, and Addiction’s Wabi Sabi センス (sense) aims to bring it out.


5. Cosume Kitchen

Cosume Kitchen

Cosume Kitchen is another natural cosmetic company in Japan and anyone who uses their products can feel the Japanese’s traditional desire to live naturally and with simplicity. Cosume Kitchen is very adamant about going and staying green with their products which shows clear evidence that the traditional idea of harmonious nature living is a must with this organic brand.


6. DHC


DHC is another widely popular cosmetic brand in Japan. Like Cosume Kitchen, DHC cosmetics is a natural product enthusiast following the tradition of loving one’s self by loving the environment and the luxuries that it gives. DHC specializes in cleansing oils to treat skin, especially skin that has been under makeup all day. Unlike western brands, DHC shows off their products with models who wear very natural and simple styles of makeup. The key to this tradition is nature and simplicity.


If you are looking for makeup in Japan, you can try these Japanese cosmetic brands that are backed by thousands of years of tradition. Perhaps it will add something unique special to your journey as you experience Japan.