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Best Makeup Salons in Shinjuku

Whether you need to look extra fancy for a special event while in Japan, or you just want to experience the different products and makeup techniques that are popular in Japan on your own skin, this article is for you. Today, we introduce you to 5 foreigner-friendly beauty and makeup salons in Shinjuku. All of these places have English speaking staff, so you won’t have any trouble communicating your needs to the artist. Besides, they’re located in the very heart of Tokyo, so you won’t even have to go off the beaten path to get your makeup done. Without further ado, let’s get into them:


1. Beauty Bar Shinjuku

 Beauty Bar Shinjuku Salon@beautybarjapan
 Beauty Bar Shinjuku Treatment@beautybarjapan
 Beauty Bar Shinjuku Makeup Salon@beautybarjapan

Beauty Bar is a nail and makeup chain that has branches all throughout Tokyo. Their Shinjuku branch is one of the most popular ones, with both foreigners and locals. They offer full makeup services done by their specialists, and lessons in self-makeup, in case you’re just interested in learning Japanese techniques. Beauty Bar also does nails and nail care, as well as a few different facial courses. A full face of makeup at Beauty Bar Shinjuku will cost you only ¥3000.

【Basic information】
Name: Beauty Bar Shinjuku
Address: 3-36-10, Mirazza Shinjuku 2F, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022, Japan
Business hour: Mon-Sun 11:00-21:00
Phone number: +81 03-6457-7836
Official website: http://beautybarjapan.com/en/


2. Seci Luna

Seci Luna Hair and Makeup@seciluna
Seci Luna Staff@seciluna
Seci Luna Halloween Makeup@seciluna

Seci Luna is a hair and makeup salon located in the Kabukicho area of Shinjuku. They offer hair styling services and specialize in Japanese style makeup and products. Their make-up courses start from ¥5000, depending on the complexity and products used. They also do costume and Halloween makeup, in case you want to hit up the club in full Halloween gear next year. You will need to make a reservation in advance if you want to get your makeup done at Seci Luna.

【Basic information】
Name: Seci Luna
Address:Tokyo K’s 3F, 1-9-10 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business hour: Mon-Sun 12:00-21:00
Phone number: +81 03-6273-9223


3. Atelier Haruka

Atelier Haruka Makeup@atelierharuka_official
Atelier Haruka Makeup@atelierharuka_official
Atelier Haruka Makeup Salon@atelierharuka_official

Atelier Haruka has multiple branches in many big cities in Japan. They even have multiple stores in Shinjuku – but the one with the best service menu is the one inside the Keio Mall Annex. If you’re thinking of hitting up the department store for shopping, could be a good idea to get your makeup done at Atelier Haruka. Besides makeup, they also do Halloween and kids’ makeup, eyelash extensions, hair styling, nails, and even self-makeup lessons. They can either do a full face of makeup for you (including foundation) or just ‘point’ makeup, meaning just the eyes and lips on top of your regular foundation.

【Basic information】
Name: Atelier Haruka
Address: Shinjuku Keio Mall Annex, 1-19, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan
Business hour: Mon-Sat 11:00-21:00, Sundays and Holidays 11:00-20:00
Official Website: http://www.haruka.co.jp/
Phone number: +81 03-6273-9223
Instagram / Twitter / Facebook


4. Laplace

Laplace hair and makeup@naoto.raftel
Laplace Makeup Salon@naoto.raftel
Laplace Shinjuku Salon@takako7767

Although it is mainly a hair salon, Laplace in Kabukicho also offers makeup services for their clients. They require you to make a reservation by phone in advance if you want to get your makeup done, but you can ask the receptionist at your hotel to do that for you if you’re not comfortable enough speaking Japanese. They do full face makeup and point makeup, and the full face course will set you back ¥5000.

【Basic information】
Name: Laplace
Address: GEST 3, 2-10-2, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo, 160-0021, Japan
Business hour: Mon-Sun 11:00-21:00
Phone number: + 81 3-3202-1680


5. Chupa Chups Hair and Makeup

Chupa Tokyo Staff@tsubame.y
Chupa Tokyo Hair and Makeup@chupa_hairmakesalon
Chupa Tokyo Halloween makeup@chupa_hairmakesalon

Yes, this salon is actually named after the famous American lollipop. And what you’ll get is pretty much the equivalent of a Chupa Chups in terms of hair and makeup – affordable, yet satisfying. They can do both over-the-top gyaru or visual-kei style makeup, and regular natural makeup. They also have hair styling and cutting services on their menu, in case your locks need a bit of pampering as well. You can also make a reservation using the online form, so no need to call if you’re uncomfortable using Japanese on the phone.

【Basic information】
Name: Chupa Chups Hair and Makeup
Address: Lee Building 5F, 2-27-12, Kabukicho, Tokyo, 160-0021, Japan
Business hour: Mon-Sun 14:00-00:00
Phone number: + 81 3-3203-1922
Official website: http://www.hairmake-chupa.com/

They say you can find anything in Shinjuku – and that’s definitely true when it comes to beauty and makeup salons as well. Some of them specialize in skincare and subtle day makeup, while others like to experiment with all sorts of subculture influences, face painting, and other wacky trends. Whichever of these you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a salon that can do it for you in Shinjuku!