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Kyoto Hair Salons with English-Speaking Staff

Kyoto has got to be one of the most visited places in Japan. It is a city filled with eye-catching attractions and exciting destinations where tourists could go to. But aside from its historic tourist spots, Kyoto is also a haven of fashion and beauty. The city caters to the needs of locals and tourists through its fashion centers, cosmetics stores, and beauty salons. So if you happen to like getting your hair cut while you are in Kyoto, you do not have to worry. You can avail of an excellent hair treatment while being accommodated by hairdressers and stylists who speak English fluently.
On this article, we are going to be acquainted with four of the best hair salons in Kyoto with English-speaking staff. The services they render will likewise be featured.

1.Maison Hiro

Maison Hiro


HAircut from Maison Hiro

from official HP

The first on this list is the Maison Hiro. This hair salon is owned by Hiro who spend more than 20 years doing hair in some places across the world including New York City and Tokyo. The hair salon takes into consideration the lifestyle, body features, and fashion of the client in the hopes of drawing out the attractiveness of the person even more. It is a salon for both men and women who wish to have their hair look amazing.

Maison Hiro offers various amenities which you could avail off. These amenities include a haircut, blow-dry, a perm, Japanese straight, highlights, hair colors, and moist heat wave perm, among others.

The prices of these amenities range from ¥4,000 to ¥50,000 depending on which type will you avail off.


【Basic Information】
Name: Maison Hiro
Address: 598-3 Takabatake, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0017, Japan
Business Hours: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Phone Number:+81 75-205-4974
Official Website:http://www.maisonhiro-ny.com/


2.Uwanosora Hair Salon


The Uwanosora Hair Salon is another salon in Kyoto where you will get to encounter English-speaking employees. All services are offered by one stylist, one client at a time. They provide gentle treatments for your hair using naturally produced products such as acid permanent weave and plant-based hair dyes. They also provide tips and methods on how to style and treat the hair even at home to prevent hair loss and other issues regarding the hair.

Their hair dyes use various plant-based powders and henna. Gray hair is dyed while keeping the hair and scalp protected using natural and safe ingredients. They also offer haircuts where they consider the head frame, hair condition, and lifestyle of the clients to create a style that would suit them the best.


【Basic Information】
Name: Uwanosora Hair Salon
Address: 109-1 Koyama Shimouchikawaracho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 603-8132, Japan
Business Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Phone Number:+81 75-411-2345
Official Website:uwanosorahair.net/English/


3.Nobol Hair

The Nobol Hair Salon provides various treatments to make your hair rejuvenated and styled. They have four stylists, two of which could speak fluent English including the owner. This way, even tourists could avail of their amenities.

Primarily, you could avail of a haircut by any of their stylists. You could also get your hair colored using different materials including regular hair color, organic hair color, and Wakansaisen hair color. Furthermore, you could avail of permanent styles which range from spiral perm to Japanese straightening.

The hair salon also offers hair treatments to make your hair silky and smooth. One of the treatments is the head spa, a Japanese treatment where nutrients are gently applied to your hair to make it firm and soft.


【Basic Information】
Name: Nobol Hair
Address: 484-6 Higashiikesu-cyou Nijyo-kiyamachi Nakagyouku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-0922, Japan
Business Hours: 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM
Phone Number:+81 75-212-6252
Official Website:http://nobol-hair.com/


4.Hoshi Coupe Kyoto

Hoshi Coupe


The last on the list is the Hoshi Coupe Kyoto. Set in a traditional wooden townhouse, the salon offers a distinct way of providing you with excellent services. Minimalist and focused, the spaces of the salon are created like galleries. The hairstylists provide the basic services including wet and dry haircuts, straightening, colors, relaxers, and perms.

In addition to this, conditioners and all-natural shampoos are provided are applied on the hair to ensure that you will have a silky and strong hair after a visit to the salon. Owned by Masako Hoshi, the salon has other branches in various cities across the world including Berlin, Paris, Upper West, East Village, and Chelsea.

With international experiences at hand, their English-speaking staff has something special to offer you.


【Basic Information】
Name: Hoshi Coupe Kyoto
Address: 601-3 Toro-cho, Matsubara-dori, Higashinotoin-higashi-iru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8401, Japan
Business Hours: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Phone Number:+81 75-351-2093
Official Website:hoshicoupe.com/hoshicoupekyoto/hoshicoupekyoto.html


If you ever feel that you are having a bad hair day, there are various hair salons in Kyoto which can solve your dilemma. These salons do not only provide you with a good haircut, they are guaranteed to offer only the best services. All you have to do is to ask their English-speaking personnel, and you are already good to go!