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4 Awesome Japanese Nail Art YouTubers

Most people can agree that nail art in Japan is simply amazing. There are a lot of different styles and designs of nail art that people can get in Japan, so much so that it can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing which style or design you want.

Perhaps it may help if you knew more about nail art in Japan including the current trending designs and the process of getting nail art. A good way to learn about nail art is through Japanese nail art YouTubers. Here are four must-see Japanese nail art YouTubers.


1. Tokyo Nail Style

Tokyo Nail Style1

Tokyo Nail Style 1: Channel art.

Tokyo Nail Style2

Tokyo Style 2: Holiday nail art.

Tokyo Nail Style3

Tokyo Nail Art 3: Finished design.

Tokyo Nail Style joined YouTube in 2014 and has since created a strong following of 3.7k subscribers. This channel features some of the hottest nail artists in Tokyo based on their skillful designs. This channel shares videos in Japanese, but are not difficult to follow.

The nail designs are related to events and well known holidays. These videos give nail ideas to anyone who watches them, so if you are stumped about what design you should get for any special occasion or holiday and if you are already in or planning to be in Tokyo, this is the channel for you.

2. Neiru


Neiru 2: Gradient nail art tutorial.


Neiru 2: Floral nail art.


Neiru 3: Nail art design by Neiru student.

Neiru is another popular YouTube channel specializing in Japanese nail art and nail art tutorials. This channel was created in 2014 and has built a subscriber base of 6.8 thousand subscribers. This channel is also linked with the founder of Neiru, Jasmine Oshima’s original channel, The Nail Room channel.

Both channels share informational videos about the latest trends in Japanese nail art as well as nail tutorials, such as impressionism floral art, bubble drip art, and geometric art designs. This channel is also in Japanese with English descriptions, but the English subtitles in the videos make it easy to follow the videos.


3. Kirakiranails


Kirakiranails 1: channel art.


Kirakiranails 2: Pink and white nail art recycle tutorial.


Kirakiranails 3: minimal design.

Kirakiranails channel was created in 2011 by Sarah, who is from Switzerland, but she is half Japanese thus her nail art is Japan-inspired. Sarah’s channel is in English so it is very easy for foreigners to follow. She does nail tutorials and with her Minimalistic Monday video series, she shares nail art featuring minimal designs and techniques.

Sarah also does many recreations of designs, designs inspired by celebrities and fashion-inspired designs. Her channel is mostly about nail art; however, there are times when she uploads videos that are not about nail art, such as outfit of the day and makeup tutorials.


4. Neirisuto Mika no Serufu Neiru

Neirisuto Mika no Serufu Neiru

Nalist Mika 1: Japanese sushi nail art.

Neirisuto Mika no Serufu Neiru

Nailist Mika 2: Shell nail art.

Neirisuto Mika no Serufu Neiru

Nailist Mika 3: Using aurora nail powder.

Neirisuto Mika no Serufu Neiru or Nailist Mika’s Self Nail is a channel that Mika created in in 2016, so it is the newest of all the Japanese nail art channels on this list. Nailist Mika’s Self Nail has generated a following of 74 thousand subscribers.

Her channel specializes in easy “do it yourself” nail designs and tutorials that anyone can copy be it a professional or someone who does nails as a hobby. One of her most popular videos is her Japanese sushi nail art video. It’s quite interesting. Mika’s channel is in all Japanese, so if you are looking to improve your Japanese, this may be the channel for you.

YouTube is a way that people gain information on a topic or spend their free time being entertained. There are a bunch of YouTube videos that share information about nail art or show tutorials about nail art. If you are interested in Japanese nail art, getting your nails done or just curious about how it’s done, YouTube is a great source.

These videos may inspire you to explore Japanese nail art or even try making the designs yourself. So check out these YouTubers and learn about beautiful Japanese nail art. It is something that you definitely will not regret.