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Japanese Health Techniques: 3 Tips for Health Revival

You know about health ‘fads’ but do you know about Japanese health techniques? There are so called ‘’sworn by’’ health rituals, remedies, techniques ETC from all over the world in countries right from Argentina, to Canada, to Russia and New Zealand. But, how do we know which really work? Or, do any of them work? We’re here to tell you today about 3 that are brilliant from the wonderful country of Japan. If you want some health remedies from the far east, then this is the place for you.


Why Japan?

Why Japan? Isn’t it obvious, it’s one of the leading countries in the world for health and fitness. It has an extensive range of things to try and things to drink and eat that have health, therapeutic or medicinal value. There are millions of things to chose from but today we’re looking at what can add to your health and well-being. This is, in my own opinion, the best country in the world for this type of mind, body and soul health mind frame and if you try out some of these and visit yourself you may find that your opinion could possibly match mine.




 Ganban’yoku 2

Ah… Ganban’yoku. You may or may not have seen a previous article dedicated to this brilliant health treatment on the site. Please check it out if this is something you feel like trying.

Ganban’yoku at its most basic explanation is a hot stone spa of a certain kind. These stones are heated to a hot temperature and you lay on them. There are many people that say that Ganban’yoku has healing qualities and is good for sports injuries as well. The spas that they are in are usually multi-functional ones with steam rooms, massage, baths and other such things you’d expect to see in a good spa. This specific health treatment is something that many travellers and locals alike flock too.


2.Radio Calisthenics

Radio Calisthenics

Radio Calisthenics or Rajio taisō as it is more commonly known to Japanese speaking people is a type of early morning exercise. In fact, it literally translates to ‘radio exercise’. Pretty simple when you think about it. It is broadcast on NHK radio as simple music to do the exercise too. This is not strenuous muscle building exercise; not at all. It is, actually, quite relaxed and has a lot of similar techniques to some yoga. If yoga is something you like to do, then this would be your cup of tea.

3.Hanshin Yoku

Hanshin Yoku

Hanshin Yoku is possibly one health treatment most people will have never heard of before. It is my favourite personally and here’s why. The Japanese Hanshin Yoku is literally a half bath. Yes, I know that may sound weird at first but bear with me. The half bath contains your bathtub in HOT water as hot as you can go without hurting yourself. Then you sit in it up to the bottom of your chest and rest there for 30 minutes to an hour depending on your personal requirements. DO NOT put any of your upper body (including your arms and hands) in the water for the whole time.

This treatment is said to be very therapeutic and very good for flushing your body of toxins as your top half will sweat away all those toxins.

After you have finished simply rinse yourself with cool water and dry off. Simple right? Believe me, though, this is special and makes you feel amazing.



So, there you have it, 3 Japanese health techniques that are guaranteed to make you feel better and help your body and soul while you do it. If you go on to try Ganban’yoku, Radio Calisthenics or Hanshin’yoku then please fully immerse your-self to the experience – obviously don’t fully immerse yourself physically in the water in the Hanshin’yoku. It may depend on your personal need with health, so I urge you to try them all and see if any or all work for you, but I can almost guarantee that at least one of them will work. I personally know that Hanshin’yoku works for me best.