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Japanese Head Spa: What is it?

There is no doubt that things are different in the lovely country of Japan and that one of the biggest reasons why foreigners love Japan is because it is so different. Not only is it different, it is efficient. The innovative ideas and techniques that the Japanese have either created or recreated contribute to the uniqueness and the efficiency that draws people into Japan. These ideas and techniques apply to many aspects that people may not think about right away like hair. One specific innovative technique developed in Japan is the Japanese head spa, but what exactly is a Japanese head spa?

1. What is a Head Spa?

The Japanese are very well known to pay attention to every part of something in an effort to make the “whole” of something be in its best state of existence. At the salon, this also includes the usually hardly ever seen part of your head that no one really thinks about–the scalp. Japanese head spas are therapeutic scalp massages that ensure relaxation, ensure stimulation, and is backed by some form of technique like everything else in Japan. Many people love it for the benefits, which will be discussed a bit later. Foreigners can agree that once they’ve tried it, they sort of became hooked. Here’s how it works.

2. Therapy


The head spa includes practices that originated from the traditional medicinal practices of the Ayurveda system in India.  It uses massaging techniques developed to cleanse the scalp and repair damaged hair. Not only does the scalp receive a massage, but the neck and shoulders also get a massage during most parts of the therapeutic treatment. It releases tension that may have built up in the scalp, neck, and shoulders allowing the person receiving the treatment to become very relaxed. This relaxation is one of the greatest benefits and also one of the reasons why people are in love with this technique in Japan.

3. Applying Nutrients

The head spa treatment is done by a professional in the hair washing station at a salon or at a head spa specialty facility. To begin the head spa, the head spa professional will ask if you would prefer a cool treatment or warm treatment. They will comb out your hair to make it smooth and examine your scalp to figure out what product would be best for your hair. The professional will choose a product–a cooling cleanser–and apply it to every layer of your hair and scalp. Once the cleanser is applied, it will leave a pleasant cool sensation on the scalp. Then the relaxing part begins.

4. Massaging



The professional will begin to massage your scalp in order to work the product well into your hair. If anyone has had a younger sibling or friend play in their hair, they may know how relaxing it is for someone to gently touch your scalp. The massaging techniques that head spas use not only work the product into the hair but it also gently presses pressure points which stimulates blood flow and encourages lymphatic drainage. So while the cleanser is cleansing your scalp, the massaging stimulates and encourages a healthy scalp. Just try not to fall asleep which many people find to be difficult.

5. The Next Step

After the massage, the professional will detangle your hair with a detangling brush. In a sense, it will wake you up from the relaxed trance provided by the massage just enough for the professional to take you to a nearby sink. The professional will wash the cleanser oils from your hair and scalp. This step also includes a bit of massaging but this time, with slippery soap suds and water. Many senses are stimulated in this step thanks to the massage and wash, the scent of the shampoo and conditioner, and the tranquil music that many salons tend to play.

6. The Final Massage

With the sensation of the warm water, the comfort of the warm neck cushion, the sweet smell of soap and conditioner, and the massaging, customers usually don’t want the step two to end; however, there is more to look forward to before the head spa treatment comes to a close. The professional will take the customer to a styling chair where the final massage will take place. The professional will massage the scalp once again along with the neck and shoulders to stimulate the blood flow. The massaging along with the stimulation from the cool cleanser and warm water act together to promote a healthy scalp.

7. Final steps


After the last massage of the scalp neck and shoulders, the professional will dry the customer’s hair, apply a leave-in conditioner to protect the hair and scalp after the head spa treatment, and style the hair. Many people who experience the head spa say that they feel as if they had taken the best afternoon nap every. They notice softer shinier hair and even improved posture and shoulder comfort right away. Customers feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the next task in their busy lives. The Japanese head spas are highly recommended among those who have busy schedules stating it’s necessary to break away for just 30 minutes to enjoy the head spa treatment.

8. Benefits of the Japanese Head Spa

There are many benefits that people can reap by getting the Japanese head spa treatment. Aside from relaxing and taking a break from a stressful life, the blood flow and lymphatic draining that the Japanese head spa treatment promotes helps with hair growth, hair loss, and thinning of the hair. It improves the overall health of the scalp and controls dandruff, dry scalp, dry hair, and oiliness. The Japanese head spa also conditions the hair leaving it luscious with a healthy shine. It also provides physical balance support as well as a natural facelift.

9. Additional Information


As the Japanese head spa treatment grows more popular among people outside of Japan, a lot of people desire to try it. There are many sites and articles that provide instructions on how to do a head spa massage at home or on yourself and they give a list of products that one can use in order to try it at home; however, it is recommended to get the Japanese head spa treatment done by professionals. By getting it done by professionals, you will avoid causing damage to your hair and scalp. Getting it done by professions who have done intensive research on the technique will also allow you to experience the benefits of the technique in full.


The Japanese head spa usually does not cost a lot of money. At some places, a session that lasts about 30 minutes may cost around $35 US dollars. It’s a sure way to let out some steam and enhance your cosmetological beauty. So try it out, but don’t get too addicted to it. Enjoy the relaxing, therapeutic, and beneficial experience of the Japanese head spa during your stay in Japan.