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Japanese Beauty Electronics – Our Top Picks

Ah, Japan. The land of weird inventions and devices that may or may not have taken over the world. We’ve already witnessed the rise of electronic dictionaries, rice cookers, and emotion-controlled cat ear headbands, but the Japanese beauty industry isn’t far behind in terms of innovativeness. Face razors, eyelash curlers, heating and cooling pads, and the infamous face rollers – all of these are beauty electronics that you can only find in Japan. And while some of them might look or feel weird or unusual, you should definitely give these products a try – at least to our seven recommendations.


1.ReFa Carat Face Roller

This beauty device has been all over the internet lately, and it’s not just your average ¥100 face roller. The ReFa Carat is a deluxe version of a face roller, which creates a weak electric impulse when you roll it on your face and skin – that’s supposed to help keep your skin young and firm. It also comes with a stand that you can use to warm up the roller and make the experience even more pleasant. It does have a pretty questionable shape though – but once you get over keeping that on your nightstand, you’ll surely enjoy the ReFa Carat.


2. Panasonic Micro-Foaming Facial Cleansing Device

Ever thought about how troublesome it can get to go through your daily skincare routine with just your fingers and a cotton ball? Fear no more, for the Japanese have come up with the almighty facial cleansing device. Equipped with soft bristles and a vibrating mechanism, this device will work up a lather for you and give your face a much-needed massage after a long day. Some of these facial cleansers also come with interchangeable brushes, some of which are great for exfoliating or removing dead skin cells. These certainly make great souvenirs for the women in your life, and they aren’t that expensive either, so why not give electronic facial cleansers a chance?


3. Exideal EX-280

Here’s another treat for your skin, but this time, it doesn’t even have to touch your face in order to release its magic powers. This device resembles a hand mirror, but instead of a reflective surface, it has 24 LED lights. These lights are supposed to emit different wavelengths, which, when combined, have a beneficial effect on your skin, helping it preserve a youthful aspect. You can choose from seven different illumination patterns with this device too, and it only takes five minutes of sitting in front of it to feel like a true Japanese beauty.


4.Panasonic Eyelash Curler

While you might be pretty happy with that new eyelash curler you snagged at Sephora last week, you still might want to try the Japanese electronic eyelash curlers. These devices are pretty much tiny versions of your hair curling wand – they do actually heat up and are supposed to give your lashes a complete makeover. However, you might find the sensation of holding a hot wand next to your eyeball a bit bizarre, and they might not work as well if you have very thick, yet straight eyelashes. Just a thought, but if you see one on display at Don Quixote, give it a try.


5.Dreamin Head

You’ve seen massage chairs, and now get ready for Dreamin Head – the newest Japanese invention in terms of beauty and relaxation technologies. Dreamin Head looks somewhat like a futuristic biker helmet – huge, and, dare we say, pretty uncomfortable – but you will be surprised at how amazing it actually feels. The device has massaging mechanism along your neck and scalp, a heating pad at the back of your head, and pulsating airbags across your forehead. Aside from helping with headaches and stress, Dreamin Head will also do wonders for your hair.


6.Lourdes Meme Steamer

Here’s an interesting one – the Meme Steamer is not something to keep your memes steamin’ hot until you post them on your Facebook page – it’s actually a device to help your eyes relax and rehydrate after a long day. In this day and age when we spend so much time in front of screens, our eyes get seriously damaged – mostly due to losing moisture. This steamer device looks like a VR headset – it secures around your head and releases a gentle steam towards your eye area. Bonus point: it also plays relaxing music.


7.Ya-Man Hot and Cold Face Plates

Last but not least, this device is a small double sided plate meant to, once again, rejuvenate the skin of your face. One side of it gets up to 42 degrees Celsius, and the other one goes down to approximately 12 degrees Celsius. You can supposedly give your skin a bit of a shock by alternating the cold and the hot plate, thus keeping it healthy and firm.

As a little conclusion to all above said – yes, the Japanese beauty electronics may seem weird and even pointless sometimes, but you definitely should give these a try if you come across them. You might be in for a pleasant surprise!