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Last Minute Gift Shopping in Japan – Cool Things You Can Buy in Any Drug Store

Living in a prolific culture filled with dates, schedules and all around information coming from various sources it’s easy to get lost at times and forget stuff. Dates like birthdays, memoirs simply slip from our mind while we are focusing on what’s important at the moment. But sometimes it’s good to have a backup plan. So imagine you just realized you are late for someone’s birthday party and you need to pick up a gift, something neat and quick. Well, today we took the time instead of you to pick out some reasonably nice gifts which are considerate and aptly available in almost any drug store in Japan.

1.Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Liquid Eyeliner


No matter where you grew up in the world the probability that the 90s cartoon hit show Sailor Moon aired is painstakingly high. Well, it’s quite possible that your friend in need of a gift is quite possible a long time fan so a Sailor Moon Liquid eyeliner might cordially surprise her. And we should also mention that the eyeliner is of excellent quality even compared to other large brands of eyeliner out there and it’s waterproof! The black felt-tip eyeliner certainly captures that eye dashing magical appearance of the show’s favorite cats Luna and Artemis. Also, it’s applied very smoothly and it’s smudge proof.

2.Hepalyse GX: Hangover Cure

Hepalyse GX

People who work hard tend to party hard, visiting a couple of bars and trying a plethora of various drinks usually takes its toll in the morning Most of us have been involved in these type of situations but what happens when you have an early morning business schedule, a Hangover remedy is just what the doctor ordered. This great restorative has been popularly used by Japanese businessman who know how to tie business and pleasure into a bundle. The main component is liver hydrolyzate which is known for giving your body a boost by preventing hangover or worn out the next day, but you can use it after your night out with great results

3.Japanese Bath Salts


There is nothing like a fine bath in the afternoon to get you all relaxed and smelling nice for the evening. Although this is a universally shared opinion Japanese certainly know how to add some much-needed flavor to their relaxing regular schedule. Try out Japanese bath salts readily available at every drug store with a plethora of options when it comes to choosing scents and textures. These make the ideal gifts to take home. Try out the Tabino Yado hot springs if you want to go for Japanese onsen, or maybe the Babb forest Omotenshi for that mighty forest flavor. A package includes four kinds of bath tablets, with scents of camphor tree, Japanese cypress, Nadeshiko flowers and green bamboo.

4.Tsubaki Oil

Tsubaki oil
Japanese natural camellia oil has been a must-have Japanese household item for centuries! Its benefits for skin and hair has been scientifically proven time and time again. Camelia oil has large amounts of oleic acid known as Omega 9 which is ideal for its moisturizing properties. An essential beauty product, Camelia oil should be applied right after showering on your body or on your hair. If you ever wonder why Japanese people have such smooth and silky hair this is the trick. So head down to your local drugstore and get some Tsubaki oil and treat yourself with a nice and lavishing good look.

There are many more interesting products but we couldn’t possibly name them in all in one go, We hope that we at least gave you some creative way of picking gifts or treating yourself. Japan is simply full of these magnificent remedies which are unknown to the rest of the world.