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Top 9 Health and Diet Japanese YouTubers

YouTube has become one of the main online platforms where content creators could post various videos that cater to various topics which range from cat videos to online sensations. A lot of these videos are hilarious and entertaining, but many of them are also educational. If you are seeking for educational videos that could allow you to learn more about health and diet tips from experts, you could find them on YouTube.

Japanese health and diet are distinct because they are anchored on the culture and traditions of the locals. From the manner you prepare food to the ways on how to lose weight, these Japanese YouTubers really are knowledgeable about their content. If you are an avid fan of the health and diet practices of Japan, you should subscribe to the following channels. On this article, we are going to identify nine of the best Japanese YouTubers who talk about health and diet tricks, tips, and practices.


Our first YouTube channel on our list is ochikeron. This channel aims to show its viewers how to cook healthy and delicious Japanese meals at home. For health buffs, she has enough vegan recipes to cater to your needs.

The person behind this YouTube channel ensures her audience that each of the food recipes prepared is easy to make since most of them only require a few ingredients. She also creates Japanese cooking hacks which everyone should know.

She hopes that her recipes would inspire others to try out new things. Since 2007, she has been uploading videos every Tuesday and Friday.

Asagi’s Life

Asagi’s Life is the YouTube channel of Asagi, A Japanese who happens to be working in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. She is very passionate about various things such as lifestyle, relationships, and language. She is also into the distinct differences of various cultural nations. However, she is most passionate about dancing. As a matter of fact, dancing – specifically ballet – has long been one of her lifelong passions.

Many of Asagi’s videos cater to healthy eating and living. She discusses different exercises and workout routines that could help burn fat. She also prepares healthy meals as part of her diet. Additionally, she posts vlogs about her day and some dance tutorials as well.


If you are looking for healthy Japanese treats that you could add to your diet, you could always visit the YouTube channel named runnyrunny999. Handled by a guy named Taro, this channel is composed of videos showing Japanese recipes that are equally scrumptious and healthy. Thus, many of the videos that are posted on this channel are perfect for those who are conscious of their diet.

The videos posted on his channel are noted for having no background music and voiceover at all. You could only hear the raw sound during the preparation of the dishes. Watching his uploads will make you hungry in no time.

Japanese Everyday Food :Kitchen Princess Bamboo

What started off as a small pastry shop in Nara in 2004 has transitioned to become one of the most viewed Japanese channels on YouTube in terms of cooking and diet. Akino Ogata started giving baking classes and blogging healthy yet scrumptious recipes. However, she thought that blogging alone is not enough in order to make the best food. Hence, she started this channel named Japanese Everyday Food: Kitchen Princess Bamboo to show her audience how to make all the beloved Japanese food out there. Each of the food prepared will surely benefit those who are on a strict diet since these are authentic Japanese cuisines done in the most trusted way.

cook kafemaru

Our next YouTube channel is named cook kafemaru. Similar to runnyrunny999, this YouTube channel uploads videos showing how to create dishes that may be good for the health in a rather distinct manner – without any background music or voiceover. The YouTuber behind this channel posts healthy treats such as vegetable cakes and bento lunch boxes. However, at other times, this cook also prepares other kinds of Japanese cuisines such as Tonijiru, Daifuku, and Matcha Dorayaki. It is indeed interesting to watch all the videos uploaded on this channel.

justmeet ataru

His name is Justmute Ataru. With over 22 million views, he is regarded as one of the most watched Japanese YouTubers due to his delicious uploads. He runs the YouTube channel called, “justmeet ataru” where he uploads videos about his life in Japan. Specifically, he shares videos on how to prepare Oriental cuisine. Many of his healthy dishes are bento lunch boxes using a variety of ingredients. With his meticulous way of making a bento lunch box, you will surely be craving one right now.

Japanese superfood cooking

On this YouTube channel, Yoshiko shares her knowledge and skills in creating Japanese cuisines which could help you live a healthier lifestyle. It is worth noting that many of the Japanese cuisines served are healthy, but most people do not know this one. Hence, Yoshiko prepares dishes which are not made as much as the others like konnyaku, miso, okara, and others. Named Japanese superfood cooking, this YouTube channel aims to show its audience how to choose the healthiest and best foods. Not only that, but you will get to know how to cook these dishes also.

Melodee Morita

Melodee Morita is a bilingual YouTuber with over 18 million views. She posts videos which tackle ways on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle and other tips relating to beauty and health. Additionally, she also talks about other topics in her videos including the Japanese culture and language, traveling, and much more. All of her videos are filmed, edited, and directed by her. Her videos are available in English and Japanese, with subtitles in over ten other languages. Watching her videos is truly educational.


Our final YouTuber on this list is komori841. She specializes in everything Japanese: from cultures and traditions to current trends and news. Additionally, she also specializes in healthy Japanese treats which you could try. In terms of health and diet, she discusses ways on how the Japanese are able to keep their body slim, the actual meals of the locals, and easy yet healthy recipes, among others. You would really enjoy watching her educational videos a lot.

Indeed, it would really be educational to learn more about the practices and some tricks and tips on how to do about with health and diet of the Japanese. In our present age, there is no better medium to get to know them online than watching videos of Japanese YouTubers who discuss healthy ways on how to go about with your diet and health.