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5 Foreigner-Friendly Nail Salons in Tokyo

Many people say everything is either cooler or cuter in Japan and that is no exception when it comes to manicures and pedicures. Nail art in Tokyo can range from simple and elegant to bold and flashy. There are many styles to choose from including the sought after gel sets and nail art that Japan is known for. After a long day, a popular way for many women to relax is getting their nails done at a nail salon. Finding foreigner-friendly salons may be a challenge for those who can’t speak much Japanese. Here are five foreigner-friendly nail salons in Tokyo.

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SOLMANI offers every customer the chance to experience the essence of what Japanese luxury feels like. SOLMANI offers manicures and pedicures using top of the line products by OPI including MANICURE, PEDICURE, and the ultraviolet manicure system Gelcolor that promotes beautiful, healthy, and strong nails. This gel color is applied like nail polish and it cures in 30 seconds. It’s easy breezy. SOLMANI also offers soak off gels which is a breathable gel nail system that is great for brittle or weak nails. This nail salon is all about maintaining healthy nails and having a luxurious experience perfected to Japanese standard.


【Basic Information】
Salon Name: SOLMANI
Address: DearEbisu 9F 1-32-14, Ebisu-nishi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0021
Business Hours: Mon. – Fri. 11:00 am (11:00) to 10:00 pm (22:00), Sat. & Sun. 11:00 am (11:00) to 8:00 pm (20:00)
Phone Number: (+81)3-6431-8123
English Available: Yes
Official Website: https://solmani.shopinfo.jp/


2. Nail Quick


 Nail Quick 2

Nail quick is one of the most well-known nail salons in Japan and a favorite among many due to its mission of providing quality service and hospitality along with it. Services include gel manicure featuring special nail art, clear gel, and color gel courses, cuticle care treatments, extensions, amino moist gloves, removal, and many others. Nail Quick uses three kinds of gels, Gelcolor by OPI, Calgel, and an in-house creation called Nailparfeit, which caters to those who are allergic to normal gels. Being in the business for so long comes one downside, having too many amazing nail options to choose from.

【Basic Information】
Salon Name: Nail Quick
Address: 4F, 25-4 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Business Hours: Mon.−Fri. 11:00-21:00 (Last appointment at 20:00)
Phone Number: (+81)3-5784-5861
English Available: Yes
Official Website: https://www.nailquick.co.jp


3. Espoir


Espoir offers a great environment for relaxing with the salon’s full reclining chairs, free mobile charging, and tablets for watching movies while getting a beautiful manicure or pedicure set. Along with acrylics, the menu is broken up into gel courses by the minute. Courses include 60 minutes, 75 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes-worth of gels for hands and the same for feet. With its abundant selection of designs and amazing acrylic sculptures, Espoir is a great choice for the preparation of any formal event that you have planned or if you just want to pamper yourself or a friend.


【Basic Information】
Salon Name: Espoir
Address: S:vort Shibuya Jinnan 6F, 3-12 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours: Mon to Fri 11:00 to 23:00
Phone Number: (+81)3-6452-5030
English Available: Yes
Official Website: http://en.espoir-nail.com/


4. Nail Salon Log

Nail Salon Log is another nail salon that caters to the relaxation and comfort of the customers which is expressed in the name. This nail salon places customers in private rooms equipped with a recliner and movies to watch for entertainment while getting a nail set done. This salon uses high-quality soft gels from the Calgel brand. Gel options include clear, color, and gradient gels, as well as French, crystal stone, paintings, marble, and glitter gradient nail art. The only downside is staff do not speak English so communication may be a little difficult; however, staff will do their best.

【Basic Information】
Salon Name: Nail Salon Log
Address: 4-7-13 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (3 minutes by foot from the East exit of Ebisu station)
Business Hours: Weekdays and Weekends 9:30 am (9:30) to 9:00 pm (21:00)
Phone Number: (+81)3-5422-7017
English Available: No, but staff will try their best to fulfill your request
Official Website:http://www.log-nail.com/english.html


5. Nail Salon Pinky



Nail Salon Pinky

Nail Salon Pinky is a private hidden gem of a nail salon that will probably give you one of the best nail art experiences ever. This ladies-only nail salon is a girl’s dream as the nail art features various character designs like Hello Kitty, Disney princesses, Pokemon, and Sailor Moon completed with long-lasting Calgel. Customers can choose from clear gels, French, color and glitter gradient and full-color sets. Nail art includes dot/marble, paint, dry flower, Swarovski, and 3D art. If gel is not something you’re in the mood for, this salon also offers regular nail polish and acrylic sets.


【Basic Information】
Salon Name: Nail Salon Pinky
Address: 1 Jinan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Exact address given after making an appointment)
Business Hours: Everyday from 11:00 am (11:00) to 9:00 pm (20:00)
Phone Number: From Japan: (+81)3-6427-4003
English Available: Yes
Official Website: http://www.nailsalonpinky.com/


Since the start of nail salons in Japan, the nail industry revolving around them has evolved providing many options to suit foreign and non-foreigner customer needs. Experiencing Japanese style gel nails is a must for any nail enthusiast visiting Japan. Whether you are getting a set done for an office, bridal, or special event, or just spending a luxurious day being pampered, going to a nail salon in Japan will be a fun, relaxing, and interesting experience unlike any in your home country thanks to Japanese hospitality and creative nail innovations. Even if it’s just once, you will not regret it.