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Foreigner-Friendly Nail Salons in Fukuoka


Whilst you have been travelling around the ancient city of Fukuoka have you ever wondered where their best fashion spots were? If you have then you are in for a real treat here today. Because, we are going to share with you five of the very best nail salons that are both foreigner friendly and cool in this amazing and historic city. Whether you are looking for a touch up on your nails or a complete new look and set you will be covered with these spots.

So without furth delay here are our five nail salons for you to check out in Fukuoka that are both popular and amazingly cool.


We are starting things off in this list with a real eye opener. TRU NAIL & EYELASH is a spot that really stands out amongst the others. They have some of the most ambitious nails in all of Fukuoka and are willing to proudly showcase that. In the first image below it is almost impossible to count all the different elements and colours on the nails. Yet, with all this complexity it really works. There is something unique and beautiful about this set of nails. And, as you should be able to see in this second image there is whacky character based nails you can have. This one in particular is that of Mickey Mouse. Now tell me, how many people do you know who would love those nails? I can certainly name lots. These types of nails are a real popular trend at the moment in the fashion world.





【Basic information】
Address : 801 Hakata Ekimae Building, 2-2-13 Hakataeki-higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Business hour : 11:00~21:00
Phone number : +81 92-292-1112
Official website : http://trunail.jp/n-hakata/
Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook

2.Salon Henri

Second up we have the marvolous Salon Henri. Salon Henri is for all you young folks out there that want a taste of something a little more grown up and classier. Their nails shout out elegance for all to hear. You can see in this first image down below that they have amazing natural and beautiful colours that really do shine out and almost sing to your eyes. On the slightly posher side you have the second image down below that shows some deeper colors mixed with a marble effect design that leaves nothing to be desired. Whilst traveling to Salon Henri and getting your nails a nice makeover you can also get your eyelashses done too. Whether you want yours colored or you want fake ones put in you can get all of that under one roof in this brilliant spot.





【Basic information】
Name : Salon Henri
Address : 4F-A Eagle7, 1-14-20 Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Business hour : Monday – Saturday 11:00~21:00 / Sunday & Holidays 11:00~19:00
Phone number : +81 92-731-8560


Next up in our list we have &nail. &nail doesn’t give everything away in its name that is for sure. This salon has managed to create complex nail art and perfectly combine it with simple elegent nails. The first image you and see below is a perefect example of this. Two of the five nails on each hand are covered in a marble like effect that uses lots of colours and gold glitter. These are intersected with three of the five fingers being simly painted a faded white to naturl pink just simply tipped with complimenting glitter.

Not only do they do finger nails at &nail but they also do toe nails too. As you can see from the second image below. There is more of a trend to be a little bit braver with toe nail art then finger and you can definitely tell that here. They use very contrasting designs on each nail. So if that is your thing then you are in for a treat here.





【Basic information】
Name : &nail
Address : 8-7 Shimokawabata-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Business hour : 10:00~21:00
Phone number : +81 92-260-9288
Official website : https://www.nail414.jp/


Second to last we have the salon named CRYSTAL NAIL. CRYSTAL NAIL is a salon that produces nails on both ends of the spectrum. They have the beauty and elegance of the first image you can see below. These nails have some small sequins and painted on flowers that are set in an amazing natural yet shiny toned nail polish. The fashion forward nails in this image will work for high end balls and dinners and for strutting your stuff whilst out shopping with your friends.

The second image is vastly different. A truly out there piece of artwork on these nails that works for only those who can handle this amount of ”bling” on their fingers. What is more amazing that the nails themselves is the salons ability to make all those elements work together. It is like a complex soup of things that come together to make something truly outstanding.





【Basic information】
Address : 2-8-30 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Business hour : 11:00〜21:00
Phone number : +81 92-713-9555
Official website : http://www.crystalnail.jp/sp/shop/tenjin/
Instagram/ Twitter/Facebook

5.Nails Ray

Lat up but by no means least is Nails Ray. Nails Ray is spectacular. Just from the images below you can see how good their quality of work is. The first image below showcases a beautiful set of nails that not only looks good but would make you feel good. They have gone with soft blue and purple colours with small sequins and lines painted on. This gives these set of nails a look that almost makes them look like they are gifts for someone. The second image uses bright natural colours paired with painted on flowers and added on bows and pearls with little sequins. This might seem a little on the posh side for some but you cannot deny their beauty in any way shape or form. Amazing.





【Basic information】
Name : Nails Ray
Address : 2F Renaissance Muromi, 3-1-1 Atago, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka
Business hour : 11:00~21:00
Phone number : +81 92-885-0026
Official website : http://nailsray.com/


So there you have it, five of the very best foreigner friendly nail salons in the historic city of Fukuoka. Fukuoka is truly one of the most amazing destinations to travel to in the whole of Japan. There is a huge history that dates back as far as the 12th century. The city today as we know and love it started being changed around the yeat eighteen eighty nine for modernisation. Now the city is rich in culture and people. Whilst you are visiting this wonderful place and checking out all the sights such as the shrines, temples, museums, shopping and dining why not stop off at one of these magnificent spots and give yourself a much deserved manicure after a long travel.

Fukuoka is truly magnificent so whilst you are around the city and taking some photographs with your new nails don’t forget to experience the city to its fullest. Not only will you be going home with a beautiful set of new nails but an experience that will leave you wanting more and more from Fukuoka. You will be back again that’s for sure. Visiting again for more nails possibly too.