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Budget Made-In-Japan Cosmetics – Our Top Picks

Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast traveling to Japan and looking to get some authentic Japanese beauty products for yourself, or you’re just looking for souvenirs for your friends and family back home, this article is for you. Here’s to ten made-in-Japan beauty products that you can get for under $15 – because let’s face it, not everyone has hundreds to drop on high-end makeup. These products should work well for just about anyone – as long as they wear any makeup at all – regardless of skin tone and type. Without further ado, let’s get started!


1.Daiso Collagen Face Masks/ Under Eye Pads

Daiso Collagen Face Masks/ Under Eye Pads

Daiso is a goldmine for anyone looking for cheap cosmetics, and the collagen masks and under eye pads are a great neutral product you can try out. Collagen-enriched masks are not that widespread in the west, so you’ll definitely be trying something new. Anyone can use them, as they’re basically just skincare, and they’ll certainly leave your skin feeling extremely soft and hydrated. The best part? They’re under ¥300 for a pack of three!


2.Creer Beaute Chara Chan Face Masks

Speaking of face masks – if the simple Daiso ones are just not cute enough for you, you can give the Chara Chan line from Creer Beaute a chance. What exactly is so special about these, you might ask? Well, the Chara in the line name comes from ‘character,’ meaning that each mask is actually printed with the face of a popular anime character. Who could resist transforming into Cutie Moon or Luna the cat from Sailor Moon? We’ll let you decide if that’s awesome or plain creepy – but if you decide on getting a pair, they retail for around ¥1000.


3.Canmake Cream Cheek

Canmake Cream Cheek

The Canmake Cream Cheek is a line of cream blushes available in 7 different colors. Canmake blushes are not extremely pigmented, but they do have a nice texture that blends in easily. They also cost just under ¥600 and can be used by virtually anyone – from high school students to women in their 70s. This is the perfect product to get for your girlfriends back home, as the packaging is cute, and the colors will work on about any skin tone and complexion.


4.Canmake Clear Mascara

Canmake Clear Mascara

This is a bit of a weird one that is not as popular overseas as it is in Japan. Clear mascara has the same formula as a regular black mascara, but it only helps perk up your lashes and fix them in place – kind of like an eyelash glue, although that sounds kind of scary. It’s very popular with Japanese girls as it preserves the look of natural lashes while still adding volume and curl. Do give it a try – it retails for around ¥1000.


5.Canmake Lip Tint Jams

Canmake Lip Tint Jams

Much like the name sounds, the Canmake Lip Tint Jams have a texture similar to jam – as in they go on extremely thick and gooey, and you have to peel them off after you’ve let it dry for a few minutes. They will leave a subtle tint on your lips, that you can then top off with a clear gloss or even a lip balm to keep them soft and hydrated. Bonus points for the adorable packaging, creative names (Mango Jam and Plum Jam) and the lovely fruity smell. And the price, of course – these usually sell for around ¥1200.


6.KATE Designing Eyebrow

Here’s one that will definitely become a staple in your makeup bag – the KATE Designing Eyebrow set. It comes in several different shades, and each kit contains three different colors for creating the perfect natural eyebrows. If you’re not one for Instagram-tier ‘on fleek’ eyebrows but would rather prefer an airbrushed and soft effect, this kit will do the trick for you. It comes with a small applicator too, and can be purchased at virtually any drugstore for around ¥1200.


7. Heroine Make: Long & Curl Mascara Super Water Proof

天まで届け!ヒロインメイク スーパーウォータープルーフマスカラ ロング&カールマスカラ スーパーWP | 株式会社伊勢半
Now this one is a bit tricky if you’re buying it as a gift – if you don’t know if the person you’re shopping for wears mascara, you’d be better off choosing a more neutral product, like the face masks. However, if you like your lashes long like those of a manga heroine and the clear mascara just doesn’t do the trick for you, this one from Heroine Make sure will. It comes with a slightly curved brush with huge fibers and has a waterproof formula – all that for only ¥100.


8.Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Dolly Wink | アイライナー
Again, this product might not be for everyone – but if you like playing with the shape and expression of your eyes by using liquid eyeliner, the Dolly Wink one is the best made-in-Japan budget option. The brand itself was co-started by a Japanese gyaru (gal) model, and those girls know a thing or two about eyeliner. The formula is super pigmented (but not waterproof!), the applicator is very comfortable to use, and you can buy it at pretty much any drugstore for around ¥900.


9.Creer Beaute Yum Yums Strawberry Hand Cream

Yum Yums Strawberry Hand Cream in Bulk

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This hand cream from Creer Beaute is the perfect souvenir for anyone who’s into the whole kawaii fever – the packaging is beyond adorable, the cream itself is super softening, and it smells like a strawberry shortcake – can you get any more kawaii than that? It is also extremely cheap – you can find it for under ¥600 at some drugstores.


10.Shiseido Oil Blotting Papers

Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper | SHISEIDO
Oil blotting papers are a Japanese beauty invention – the very thin washi paper can absorb the oil on your face without rubbing off your makeup. Why not get some from one of the most reputable Japanese makeup brands, Shiseido? Retailing for around ¥500, these papers can literally save your life in the hot and humid summer weather – and they work well for just about anyone!


As you can see, it’s not hard to find affordable, or even cheap cosmetics in Japan. As a rule of thumb, Japanese skincare, mascara, and eyeliner are hard to miss with – even the cheapest products are usually pretty decent quality. However, you might find that eyeshadows and lip colors aren’t as pigmented as you might like – Japan is more about the sheer and shiny look, rather than the matte and vibrant. All in all, the products mentioned in this list are great quality basics that anyone who wears makeup can enjoy.