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Best Japanese Facial Steamers

I have said this once before, and I will say it again. The Japanese have almost flawlessly perfect skin. They pride themselves on their beauty and wellness treatments. In fact, the way the Japanese take care of their skin is nothing short of amazing. Most Japanese cosmetic products use only natural ingredients, instead of harsh chemicals, in order to keep the skin soft and gentle.

Salons all across Japan use lotions, moisturisers and creams that nourish and hydrate the skin, keeping it soft and gentle. In addition to using the right lotions and creams, the Japanese also avoid excessive bad habits, such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol and even poor dietary habits. Avoiding these habits also plays a crucial role in keeping their skin soft and glowing.

One of the most popular ways in Japan of keeping the skin soft and glowing, especially the face, is the use of a facial steamer. In most other countries, a facial steamer is something which is primarily available only in salons across the globe. A facial steamer in a salon is one of the most effective tool to open the pores of your skin, cleanse the skin and give it a healthy glow. Using a facial steamer twice a week regularly can even clear up blackheads and acne and reduce skin irritation. The only drawback of conventional facial steamers was that it involved regular trips to the salons, which cost a lot of money and time in the process.

There are several smartly adapted facial steamers developed for in-home, personal use that give salon-quality facials, in the comfort of their own home. Not only does the use of these home facial steamers boost blood circulation and removes the toxins from the skin, but also saves the users a lot of time and money. So, here is my pick of the 5 best Japanese Facial Steamers that you should not miss on picking up, when you are in Japan.

1.Belulu MoisMist Nano Handy Mist Spray Facial

The Belulu MoisMist Nano Handy Face Steamer moisturises and refreshes your skin and hair, and makes the skin soft and supple. The Nano Steam relaxes and relieves facial fatigue in moments. This truly portable device can be used almost anywhere. It gets charged by connecting it to a computer or a phone adapter. It easily fits in your handbag, and assures you the benefits of a facial sauna no matter where you are – office, gym, the dressing room or even on a train.

2. Panasonic EH-TSA3F-P

Another popular facial steamer from Panasonic, this compact and easy-to-operate steamer releases nano-sized steam particles that cause moisture to penetrate deep into the skin, giving the skin a moist and firm feeling. It also effectively helps to clear your skin, and reduces problems such as blackhead, acne and dry skin. It has two operation modes – Simple Moisture Maintenance and Thorough Moisture Maintenance. The Simple mode is a 6 minute program that releases ultra-fine nano sized particle steam that penetrates the skin, leaving the skin moisturised. The Thorough mode facilitates deep pore cleaning and leaves the skin feeling more firm and tighter. It is very silent and is best used for short, quick steam sessions, but it can deliver great results even when used for longer sessions. It also has an aroma tablet, which can be added to the steamer, to induce a fragrant aroma , while using.

3.Nanomix H Steamer


This product is one of my girlfriend’s favourite. She loves it so much, she is ready to swear by it. The Nanomix H Facial Steamer is a pneumatic sprayer that transforms lotion essence or make-up water into a soft mist. The skin absorbs mist much faster and easier than lotion or oil. The mist also enables whitening of the skin, controls the oil levels on the face and helps rejuvenate the skin. It is the world’s first mist sprayer that can even nano atomize lotions with high viscosity.  This means that in addition to water, you can also add lotion, essence oils or toners to the sprayer, and you will still get the pleasant feeling of a gentle mist soothing your skin. This easy to use steamer is also easy to clean and is portable, so that ladies can keep it with them at all times. The Nanomix H Steamer is also quite affordable, and you won’t feel too guilty about buying it later.

4.Twin Bird Face Steamer



This unique square shaped box from TwinBird is an ion steamer that releases finely ionized particles of warm steam that moisturise your skin in no time. The ionised steam reaches parts of your skin that ordinary wipes and cleaners won’t reach. This ensures that you get a complete facial cleansing. It helps remove your make-up easily with a cleansing agent, while you steam your face. For a thorough post make-up cleansing, apply steam again for two to three minutes. The steamer is shaped like a make-up box, and even has its own handle making it easier to carry around. It weighs less than 1.5 kgs, making it light and perfect for use while travelling. The TwinBird Face Steamer even as a mirror behind its lid. So, if you want to see your face during your treatment, you can do that. 

Many people are turning to facial steamers as part of their beauty routine. Unlike lotions and creams, they do not dry your skin. Also, they are compatible with all skin types, and give your face a refreshing glow. There are many options for facial steamers out there, with different features, that suit every budget. When choosing any product, consider your budget, and also how critical is steaming in your daily routine. Also check whether you need a steamer for occasional or daily use. Whichever product you choose, remember to read the instructions carefully, and use the steamer as instructed. I am sure you will be happy with benefits offered by these steamers. We are sure that if you use them, you will notice a substantial difference in the quality of your skin.